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1- Funerals

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This is the halloween mini-series that I promised. :) MCR just seemed to fit better. Hope someone enjoys it!

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Tears steadily trailed down my cheeks, staining my porcelain skin. I felt nausea take hold of my body and as I bent down next to the casket I expected something to come out but as my sobs filled the air all I could do was cough.

Voices spoke over me. Grief filled the air. What could I do? Couldn't they all see that this was all wrong? "Please, this doesn't make sense." I attempted to reason with the fools that looked right through me as if I were nothing more than air.

I fought the urge to scream at the bystanders, knowing it would do me no good. My knees shook but I stepped slowly, one foot in front of the other. I needed to see. Again. I would need to see a million times before the truth sunk in.

The speeches started but everyone's words blurred together in my mind, meaning nothing. I was so close to the coffin when a hand came down roughly on my shoulder. I heard coughing and turned to see a dark haired man standing behind me with a startled expression covering his beautiful face. He took a moment to compose himself, his hand holding me in place. "Don't look." He instructed me, a torn expression covering his face.

"I can't just walk away from this." I told him. The speech continued, uninterrupted by our conversation.

We both went silent as a woman screamed. She sounded as if she were in physical pain. I closed my eyes, not wanting to look. I didn't want her to feel the pain that she was feeling. I wanted to shield her from the pain. I couldn't. She was my mother and she wouldn't even look at me anymore.

"Staying hurts." The stranger said softly, brushing hair out of his face.

"Leaving doesn't?" I asked him, baffled by his logic.

He crumbled under my question, knowing that there was no easy way to answer it. Slowly he extended a hand to me. "Trust me... It just gets worse."

I turned back to the coffin, taking in a shaky breath. Another step and I could clearly see the person lying within. I could feel the stranger standing next to me and as tears fell down my face once again I felt his hand grab for mine, squeezing tightly as I attempted to hold back sobs.

"Death looks so peaceful." I whispered, wiping my fallen tears with my free hand. I didn't understand the logic of me being here.

"Death is a lie." The man muttered, sounding bitter. "I don't think we are dead."

"Explain my funeral then." I told him, feeling as if I were on the edge of a break down.

"I just did." He responded. "Death is a lie. Our deaths are nothing more than lies for we are still amongst the living. Do you see any others?" He asked, gesturing around as I searched the crowd for any other person that seemed to be able to see us.

"You're right." I whispered, not sure as to why I felt the need to be quiet. We couldn't be heard. "Why aren't there more people that have passed on? Why are we the only ones here?" I felt panic start to rise through my body. It figured that I couldn't even die right...

"I think that maybe we got stuck." The man said, still searching the small crowd for something. "On another plane maybe?" He suggested.

"Planes?" I had no idea as to what he was talking about. My eyes turned back to the lifeless body in front of me. This time I did not cry. I was starting to get more frustrated by the second.

"Yes." He said. "Just as there are different colors of the rainbow and different tones to a musical scale... There are different planes of existence." Yeah, okay. He made it sound so normal to be having this conversation while at my funeral. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I thought of death.

"... She was an extraordinarily gifted girl. She would have had an impressive future had she been given the chance. Her mind was one that truly surpassed most. The intelligence she portrayed was..." I blushed as the stranger turned to look at the man giving the current speech. He was my history teacher. I sighed, it figured that most of the people who appeared at my funeral were those that had taught me at school.

"Impressive." The man said, turning to me. "The only person who had anything good to say about me at my funeral was my younger brother..."

My eyes softened and I immediately felt horrible. Here I was... openly mourning my own death when I had completely ignored the fact that this man had been through the same thing that I had been through. There was just one thing that continued to trouble me... "Do you remember how you died?" God, I sounded so rude. I saw the startled expression that covered his face.

"I-I'm sorry... I just..." I started rambling nervously but the man pressed his cold fingers against my lips to silence me.

"I killed myself." He said, eyes filled with regret. "Had I known I would be condemned to walking the earth unseen then I wouldn't have been so foolish."

"Did-did..." I stuttered. Had I killed myself? Is that why we were here? Stuck in between 'planes'? "Did I... Do you know if I killed myself?" I blurted out, feeling even more pained by the idea. I didn't think I had been that stupid. I always found suicide seflish and as I looked around at my mourning family I felt guilt start to settle in. Why couldn't I remember?

The man's eyes widened. "You don't remember dying?" He asked, surprised. "I remember every detail."

"So forgetting isn't normal?" I asked, feeling small. I hated feeling stupid.

"Do you generally forget important details? Because dying is something pretty big. It's not like losing your car keys." He said, scratching the back of his head as he looked around, trying to see if there was a cause of death stated anywhere.

"I wasn't a forgetful person." I replied. "But as hard as I try... I just don't remember dying."

"What's the last thing you remember?" The man asked me.

I took a few minutes to think about it, finding my mind was quite blank. Suddenly something flashed to mind though. "Studying for my math test. September 19th." I said, remembering the date since it had flashed across my phone many times that night. I had been texting my math teacher for help. Total nerd, I know.

"Of what year?" The stranger asked slowly, staring down at a piece of paper.

"2008."I replied timidly, unsure if I wanted to hear what he had to say in response to that. His face portrayed utter confusion as he read what was on the piece of paper in front of him.

"Spencer Mai Torean, 1992-2011." He read off in a flat emotionless voice. "That was awhile ago." Yeah, because I couldn't figure that out.

My bottom lip trembled and I felt my knees buckle. "I-how? What is wrong with me?" I asked, horrified. What had happened to me? I didn't hear the strangers response because as soon as he turned to face me once again I felt my entire body tremble before I hit the ground, hard.


Gerard rushed to the girl's side, shaking her immediately. Was she gone? He didn't know. Her physical body was still in the coffin but he could still see her, passed out. He felt something cold pass over his body as he brushed his fingertips across her face. "Gerard Way." A cold voice said, causing him to shiver in fear.
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