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2- Buried A Lie

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Gerard discovers part of what happened to Spencer. How will he react to the full truth?

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Gerard straightened up, staring at an unusual male. He was tall and thin, with dark markings covering his pale face. Who the hell? "What have you done to her?" Gerard snapped, somehow knowing that this stranger was the cause of Spencer's unconsciousness.

The stranger smirked, "She's fainted you fool. Taking in her death and memory loss was quite a big thing for her... It overloaded her mind. That was not me."

"Oh." Gerard said, staring at the girl. Something jumped inside of his heart. What was happening to them? "Why are we here?"

"For two entirely different reasons yet you will both help each other figure out what each reason is and from there... It will be your decision as to what happens."

"My decision?" Gerard asked, confused.

"I am one of many Fates." The man said, tone cold. "But it has been decided that your and Ms. Torean's fate be decided by you. In time you will come to understand why this has to be."

"I don't want a fucking fortune cookie. Just tell me what is going on! Hasn't our fates already been sealed? We are both dead!" Gerard yelled, the funeral calmly progressing.

"Look a little closer." Fate whispered, gesturing to the crowd.

Gerard stepped away from Spencer, scanning the crowd. Mikey. He saw his younger brother sitting out in the crowd, tears spread over his face. Why? How? "Why is my brother here?" Gerard asked softly, staring at his brother.

"Had you not died then you would've been here as well." Fate stated, stepping closer to Spencers body without Gerard noticing.

"Am I missing something as well? Some memory of Spencer?" Gerard asked, apprehensively. He couldn't take his eyes off of Mikey.

"... the unfortunate and untimely death of S-" The person giving the speech up front was cut off by Spencer's mother who stood and shrieked, "Unfortunate? Untimely? My daughter was murdered!" Sobs were ripped from her throat as Gerard's blood turned cold.


Mikey flinched at the words, not wiping the tears from his face. "I'll catch the murderer and send him away..." Mikey whispered, still not believing the evidence that the police had gathered.

Spencer's body jerked and Gerard looked back, seeing Fate's hand on the girls cheek. "What are you doing to her?" Gerard yelled, coming closer. As he reached out he found that Fate was but a wisp of air.

"Who will save her soul?" Fate whispered, before disappearing in to the warm air.

"I will." Gerard mumbled, "I will save your soul Spencer." He promised, wishing he had more to go off of. Spencer would not be condemned to his after-life. He would be sure that her soul was set free. He just... had to figure out what had happened to her first.

And as he sat next to Spencer on the ground he felt her body trembling and realized that Fate had left her a gift which only she could see. Gerard hoped that it was helpful but as the tears started pouring down her face he figured it was more painful than helpful.


(No one really seems interested in this so I'm just gonna update on my own time. Not sure if I'll update it again though. If I do, I don't know when. Let me know if you're reading this and happen to like it though. :) I just need to know if anyone is reading. Thanks!)
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