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3- Stop There And Let Me Correct It

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What came first, love or tragedy?

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Gerard watched as Spencer's body began to dematerialize before his eyes. He clutched at the ground with his cold hands, grabbing on to absolutely nothing. "No! No... come back... No, I have to help her!" He yelled to the sky, enraged.

All he could hear was Fate's voice as he straightened up, "Find the next piece to this unsettling puzzle and she'll be yours again."

Gerard groaned and slammed his body in to an empty chair. Why did the after life have to be so damn complicated? Women... fortune cookie speaking ghost-like creatures... death... mysteries... All like being alive yet more complicated because he could speak to no one. Who would help him?

Soon enough people started standing as the funeral ended. Gerard watched as each person in the funeral made their way to a distraught looking woman. Mikey stayed away however, placing flowers on the grave that belonged to Spencer. "You should still be here." Mikey whispered. "Gerard should still be here. What went wrong?"

Gerard froze at the words, trying to think of what connected him and Spencer. He drew a blank however.


(Spencer's POV)

Just a little longer. Just sleep a little longer. I could feel the answer slipping right past my fingertips as my eyes blinked me awake, forcing the vivid dream I'd been having out of my mind.

"Gerard." The name forced itself from my lips as I looked around my dark surroundings, trying to figure out where I was. Who was Gerard?

I was alone. Where had the stranger gone? Where was my funeral? My funeral... Oh god. A sob bubbled in my throat as I searched the area. I seemed to be in a forest.

Each step I took felt slow, heavily weighed down... Why did I feel as if I were dragging behind me five or six bodies? Then came the head rush... Blurred vision... Whispered voices... "Stop it!" I screamed out loud to no one in general. What was happening to me? Was it possible to lose your sanity while dead?

The distinct smell of alcohol invaded my nose and I looked around, desperate for the cause of my insanity. Instead of seeing anything helpful I fell to my knees, shock hitting my body as small pieces of rocks dug in to my knees. Dead; Yet I could still feel pain? How unfair.

Once again I blacked out. Faintly I wondered if this was healthy... Then I realized I was dead so it didn't matter.


(Gerard's POV)

I was following Mikey when a jolt ran through my body, forcing me to my knees. It was as if Mikey felt it too because he stopped, staring around him in confusion.

The jolt hit my body harder, causing me to grunt. What was happening? As my vision got fuzzy it was as if I fell in to another world...

I couldn't see anything but I could hear voices. "So, this is awkward..." Mikey whispered. I noticed his voice immediately.

It was followed by another familiar voice laughing, "Yeah... just a little." Spencer whispered back, sounding nervous.

Suddenly the light flickered on and I saw that Mikey had pulled the string and that they were in what appeared to be a closet. Mikey had a hand around Spencer's waist and she nervously smiled at him...

As my vision cleared I found myself inside of my old home. What kind of help was that? I got a glimpse inside of Mikey's head... I think and what I saw meant absolutely nothing. Had Spencer and Mikey been dating?

"Who says the dead doesn't sleep?" Spencer joked from beside me.

I blinked multiple times before smiling widely, finding myself extremely happy to see her again. "You're here."

She nodded, sighing. "I don't know why but I ended up in a freaking forest for however long."

I tried to think of why a forest might be important and accidentally blurted out, "Maybe that's where you were killed."

She looked horrified, "Killed?" Oh yeah, she didn't know that yet.

I needed to be more careful with my words. "I think you were murdered but... I don't actually know yet. It's just something I overheard at the funeral."

Spencer nodded, biting her lip. "Who is this?" She asked, and I realized Mikey had walked in to the room.

"That's my little brother..." I whispered, yearning to speak to him. He was one of my biggest regrets. I regretted dying, causing him all of the pain that I did... That wasn't what an older brother was supposed to do. I was supposed to protect him, not be the cause of his pain.

Spencer smiled sadly, "He looks upset."

"He was at the funeral."

"So... at some point in time I knew him?" Spencer asked, confused.

"I think so."

"So, then I probably knew you too." Spencer whispered, not looking at me.

"Probably. And Spencer?"

"Yeah?" She asked, glancing at me which made me realize she had tears in her eyes.

"I think you meant that people say evil never sleeps." I joked, from her earlier comment of the dead not sleeping.

Spencer laughed softly, shooting me a smile. "Well, you're far from evil..."

Her laugh was like music to my ears. I realized sadly that I just wanted to see her happy and that would probably never happen. After all what does a dead guy have to offer to a dead girl that will make her happy? A lame joke can only last seconds...


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