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Who Are You?

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Not really that type of Category It's actually more of a romance story.

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Who are You?
Chapter 1
I saw her that day. I can't even believe after all these years she was there. I'm sorry am I moving too fast for you to keep up? Well, too bad for you just try to keep up. Anyways I'm Jake so there you happy now? Now can I get back to the story now? Anyways I saw her she was in my school for 7 years and I haven't notice all these years I should probably jump off a cliff now since I haven't notice now, but no I won't jump off a cliff maybe later. Anywho she came up towards me so I thought, all she did was wink at me. I think I just blush there yeah I blush what makes you think that guys can't blush, well I just did. Let see my classes it's class then class then class I don't have time to remember my classes. The best part was when she was in my 8th hour. I try to introduce myself, but I guess she had other things to do and by that I mean school stuff!! Well, after school we met for the first time.
I said,"Hey, What's your name?"
Girl said,"Tell your first."
I said,"I'm Jake."
Girl said,"I'm not telling who I am just yet."
I said,"Why not?"
Girl said,"Because that will spoil the fun now won't it?"
I said,"What fun and what are you talking about?"
Girl said,"You'll see later." "Bye"
I said,"Bye?"
The Next Day
Well, anyways it's Lunch yeah skip a couple hours NOW!!! I sat down at some random table when she sat down next to me. I haven't realize that we were alone yet til I saw her and around me. It was silent for awhile til she said,"....."
Find out what she said and who really is this mystery girl and what she really is like!
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