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Don't Be Afraid of Ghosts

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The next day...

Reia's P.O.V.

We arrived back at the barn after getting lost several times. I unsaddled Mysti, and walked back to the house. It was only 4pm, so I crashed on the couch and fell asleep...

It was very dark outside, and I was standing in the forest by the oak tree. A figure stood with their back to me, under the tree. I quietly moved closer, trying to identify who it was. I was only a few feet away when the figure spun around to face me, revealing who it was. It was Gerard. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie, his black hair was no longer sticking up in all directions, and he held a small black box.

No one spoke, we just stared at each-other. His deep stare felt as if he could see into my soul! His hazel eyes glistened in the moonlight as he finally said something. "Why don't ya join me?" He said with a smile, as he held out his hand. "Come on, take my hand and I can take you away from the world...wouldn't you like that?" He said, as I made a run for it. I turned to look back, and he had opened the little box, and I could see a white light glow from inside of it.

I couldn't break my gaze from the light, it sort of had me paralyzed. A shock ran through my body, as everything went black. Then I woke up, sweating. I felt relieved it was only a dream, but did it mean anything? I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips and a can of soda, and then up to my room. I grabbed my ghost story book,flopped onto my bed and munched on the chips.

After getting 20 minutes into the book, I was so scared, that I kept looking behind me to make sure Bloody Mary wasn't behind me! I decided there was no way I was getting ANY sleep tonight, so I put down my horrific book and started playing Parking Mania on my iPhone. I played it for five minutes until it suddenly shut down, and my phone started powering off. I sat there for a minute wondering what the heck just happened...I could've sworn I had a full battery!

I felt a cold sensation around my shoulders as I scanned my room for my hoodie, and then I did something I shouldn't have. I glanced at the mirror. In the reflection, Gerard had his arm around me, and he had his head rested on my shoulder. He smiled into the reflection, and said "Don't be afraid of ghosts, sweetheart!" before disappearing into oblivion.

I sat on my bed, shocked, scared, confused... Was he seriously a GHOST?! Why won't he leave me alone? The questions kept reeling in my head. I couldn't get my mind off the situation, as much as I tried. I turned on my little TV and tried to pry the thoughts off my mind...
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