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Frank and Shannon is in trouble

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Gerard :
We decided to go home about 1am because Frank began to yawn alot and Shay almost fell asleep. Mikey was hyper and i was my normal depressed self, my life hasnt been the same since my grandmother passed away i think Shay knows how i feel because her dad passed away and she had to move to a family she doesnt know. When i got through the front door Mikey went straight upstairs and i never heard him move so i guessed that he went to bed to try and get a good night sleep he hasnt had 1 since mum and dad left which was about a week ago he needs his sleep. But i went down to my basement room and took off my jacket and basically jumped onto my bed on my back and looked up at my ceiling all i could think about was tonight and Frank had a twin... whats next Mikey not being my brother? well that was impossible but one thing that stayed in my mind was Shay

Shannon :
I felt abit strange inside when i seen Gerard staring at me was there something on my face or could he tell my hair was greasy, but his eyes facinated me they looked so calm and begging for love. We talked about random stuff like drawing, Misfits, Iron Maiden and basically everything that came to our mind. Me and Frank left at about 1
"Okay lets go Shay mum is going to kill us because i said i would be home at 10" Frank said standing up and pulling me to my feet.
"Is it 1 already" Gerard said looking at his phone "6 hours flew by fast" he said getting up and he handed me a piece of paper
"Come on Mikey" he poked Mikey's stomach and walked away "See ya later Frank, Bye Shay" he called then Mikey ran up and caught up with him. I put the piece of paper into my pocket i decided to read it later. Me and Frank walked over and got into the van.
"So" He said getting in
"Soo" i repeated only dragging the 'o' a bit
"Do you like Mikey and Gerard?" he asked putting the key into the ignition
"Yes, theyre awesome especially Gerard because he talked to me the most" i laughed at the last part Frank just smiled at me and i knew we were dead when we got home. Frank parked the van then we got out trying to be as quiet as we could.
"be quiet" he whispered then opened the door. The hall was dark and there was no noise. i stepped into the house and so did Frank. He locked the door and we went upstairs and went into our rooms. Mum and Mitchel were asleep but we will be dead tomorrow i know we will.
"Night Shay" Frank whispered then hugged me then went into his room. I went into my room and turned on my light so that i could read the piece of paper and it was 2 am.

Phone me ;)

then it gave me Gerards phone number. I smiled then texted him.

Heeeeeey, its Shay XD

i got a reply within seconds

so u decided 2 txt me den :]

i laughed

yes, but im tired so im goin 2 bed ill txt u 2mora Gerard -_- zzzzzz

then i turned my phone off and went to bed.
My mum came into my room it was 10 am
"Down stairs now Shay" My mum was angry but i slid past her and went into the front room and sat beside a tired Frank who was wearing just his pajama bottoms which was black with mini skulls around it. I was in my short sleeved Queen top and my pink pajama bottoms with black spots around it.
"Mornin Shay" Frank smiled
"Mornin" i reply. them mum entered her face fuming
"WHAT TIME DID YOU COME IN AT I WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU TWO" She shouted not caring if she woke Mitchel or not. Frank looked at me then mum
"We came in at about 1" Frank whispered but mum made him out.
"YOU ARE BOTH GROUNDED FOR THE REST OF HIS WEEKEND AND NEXT WEEKEND" My mum shouted then left slamming the door behind her.
"dammit" Frank siged
"you have plans?" i laugh
"yes actually, i was supposed to meet up with Mikayla later tonight" he said a little pissed off and annoyed
"whos Mikayla?" i asked. He got up
"you will meet her on monday".
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