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First Day

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Shannon begins school and Gerard get's news

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I had to split chapter 3 in half so that it will make sense because i had to move to monday XD R&R :D

- Monday -

Shannon :
So first day at a new school. My mum woke me up at about half 6 because she now knows that im a lazy bitch. I walked down stairs in my pajamas and lied down on the couch.
"Shay, move your legs" Frank yawned pushing my legs away so he could sit down he was already in his uniform
"You change fast" I say a little shocked moving my legs away
"yeah, i woke up at 6" he smiled.
"Im going to get changed" i say standing up and heading out the door. Mitchel was coming down the stairs and didnt talk to me, I dont even think we have said one word to eachother not that i really cared. I grabbed my uniform, eyeliner, hairbrush and curlers. I felt like curling my hair today. On my blazer i had 2 Guns N' Roses badges, a Misfits badge, a smiley face badge and a Queen badge to add a little bit of me to it. when i got down stairs it was quarter to eight and Frank was holding my cup of coffee.
"Hurry up bus is arriving at 8" he laughed handing me the cup. I take it off him and sigh.
"does Gerard and Mikey get the bus" I ask as i put my red and black checked backpack on my back. Frank turned around as he was looking out the window.
"Yes.... Why ?" he said the 'why' with suspicion
"because theyre awesome" i reply putting my cup in the sink.
"Come on lets catch the bus" he laughed and pulled me out the door. When we got to the bus stop about 8 people looked at me and Frank and they were going to my school. They began whispering
"ignore them Shay" Frank said as the bus approached us. We got in and I seen Mikey sitting with a girl and Gerard sitting beside a boy with an afro and a girl.
"Hey guys" Frank said sitting down infront of Gerard. I sat beside Gerard because Frank put his feet up before i could sit down. the guy with the afro and the girl turned around.
"Hi, im Ray" the guy with the afro spoke to me smiling.
"Im Krysta" the girl said next
"Im Shannon but you can call me Shay im Franks twin" i reply theyre faces were abit shocked but i didnt care.
"So, hows you Shay?" Gerard finally spoke scratching his ear.
"Okay, you?" i reply with a smile.
"alright" he smiled then started humming a tune. I just talked to Krysta and Ray the whole bus journey as Frank was showing Gerard Charlie The Unicorn.
"Okay, why did they take his kidney?" Gerard was confused by it. Frank just laughed
"PUT A BANANA IN YOUR EAR" i began to sing. This confused Gerard even more and Frank was taking a laughing fit. Then the bus stopped and we got out. I followed the guys (and Krysta) over to a oak tree where they sat under it. I sat beside Gerard.
"So, whats your first class?" Gerard asked me lighting up a cigarette
"hang on lemme check" i reply opening my bag and looking for the timetable my mum gave me
"Okay I have English" I say looking at the timetable
"Sweet so do I" Gerard suddently beemed as if he won the lottery or something like that. When the bell rung Ray and Frank walked to French and Krysta met up with some of her friends who she said i have to meet later.
"Lets go" Gerard said standing up and putting out his hand to help me up. I grab it and we walk to English. The english teacher was a short 30 - 35 year old girl with shoulder length brown hair. When i walked into the room she put her attention over to me
"you must be Shannon Iero ?" she asked walking over to me
"Maguire, Shannon Maguire" i corrected her. She now seemed confused
"It says that your name is Shannon Iero" she looked at the sheet
"ill say to my mum" I reply. She nodded and handed me my text books then i turned around i was going to sit beside Gerard only a blonde haired girl sat down beside him so i sat beside a red haired girl.
"hi" i say to her as i sat down
"hello" she replied not taking her eyes off a book she was reading it was called Ash
"i read that book" i smiled. She turned around and faced me
"really ?" She smiled.
"yeah i read it last year its a good book" i nodded my head
"awesome, my name is Sherry" She smiled
"im Shannon, but you can just call me Shay" i reply with a laugh at the end. English dragged in but i kept looking over at Gerard he seemed pissed off becuase that blonde girl was sitting beside him, i dont think he wanted her to sit there. After english he came up to me but i was in I.T and he was in Science. But the blonde girl dragged me into the bathroom i seen Sherry looking for me but the blonde girl pulled me away before i could say anything
"Stay away from Gerards group" she shouted at me.
"excuse me" i reply a little shocked and confused
"Gerard is mine bitch" she replied pushing me abit
"hey i cant help that frank is my twin" i reply shrugging my shoulders
"no your not Franks twin" she replied laughing
"yes i am, why?" i reply a bit curious
"i have never seen you before" She replied with a smart voice
"i lived with my dad and he decided that its better if i move in with my mum" i reply looking down
"aww, your dad didnt want you then" she replied with sarcasm and fake sadness
"Fuck you" i reply and push her into the wall
"just stay away from Gerard" she replied then left the bathroom, it looks like i made a enemy. As soon as she left i got a text from Gerard and i had missed I.T she kept me threr for a whole 2 periods ???

From : Gerard :D
hey, can u meet me @ the skool gates later, need 2 talk 2 u

i sigh and reply

yep bcuz i needa talk 2 u 2 .....

within a flash he replied

what about ???

i wasnt going to tell him through texts

u will find out later i have to go 2 art

then as soon as i walked out the bathroom door i got another message

im in art 2

i decided not to reply and he was in my art class but the blonde girl wasnt so i think i was able to sit beside Gerard. As soon as i walked through the door Gerard smiled at me and i quickly went up and sat beside him.
"Ignore Rose, please, she has a giant crush on me, and she thinks i like her to and she tries to keep other girls away from me" he explained very quickly im surprised i even made him out but i did.
"okay" i smiled then we basically talked during the lesson because we were getting covered and the cover teacher told us to do whatever so we got a free period. Gerard got a text from Frank which made his face go pure white
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