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Hospitals & Confessions

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Mikey in hospital and Gerard tries to talk to Shannon

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Hey heres the next chapter tell me if its good !

Gerard :
Shay and I basically talked for about half the class until i got a text from Frank

From : Frank
Gee, keep Shay away from rose she is apparently planning 2 get her expelled from the skool, make sure she does not do anyfin stupid and mikey has been beaten up really badly he is goin 2 b sent away 2 the hospital and the nurse asked me 2 txt u,she will get u out of class reply soon mikey is in a critical state
i knew my face went pure white when i looked over at Shay she had a worried face
"Gerard, what the fuck is going on?" she was so annoyed and pissed off
"Mikey" i whispered she looked at me with confused eyes "he is in hospital". Then as if on cue the teacher got an email from the nurse and i ran to the nurses office. Mikey was passed out and Frank was speechless when i came into the room. Shannon was allowed to come wif me
"Mikey" i whispered and i knew a tear came to my eye and the nurse sent me to the hospital with Mikey and Shannon and Frank had to go back to class but I had to go with Mikey.


Shannon :
I was worrying about Mikey and me and Frank told mum that he was in hospital and we were going to stay in Gerard's house that night, she gladly let us and to be honest i have not seen Frank this so upset. Mitchel was driving us to the hospital
"are you okay Frank?" i finally brought up the courage to ask. He turned around from where he was looking out the window and shook his head. I leaned over and hugged him, he hugged me back
"what if Mikey dies Shay?" he sobbed into my shoulder
"shh, hes not going to die Frank" i said in a calming voice. Mitchel still hadn’t spoke to me
"are we close to the hospital" Frank asked still hugging me
"almost" he muttered. We didn’t say anything else the way there and me and Frank literally bolted up to Mikey's ward where we found Ray on the phone to Bob and Gerard sitting in a chair his face in his hands.
"Gerard" Frank said running over to him, Gerard looked up and hugged Frank
"is he okay?" Frank asked looking directly in Gerards face
"he is still unconcious and he was been really beaten bad" I’m surprised he managed to say them words. I decided to go over and when i did Gerard automatically pulled me into a hug before i reached my arms out
"you okay?" i whispered into his ear
"no" he whispered into mine
"he is going to make it, don’t worry okay?" i whispered. I just felt his head nod then i sat in between Frank and Gerard then we just stared at Ray pacing while on the phone
"No...... i don’t give a shit!....... I’m not doing your homework Bob" we laughed because even though Mikey was in hospital Bob was trying to get Ray to do his homework. Then the doctor and Mikey and Gerard’s parents came into the room
"hes alive and awake" the doctor smiled. Gerard smiled and stood up
"HES OKAY !!! MY MIKEY IS OKAY!" Frank screamed while jumping off his chair and jumping all over the place and hugged me and Gerard he was so happy.
"Can we see him ?" Gerard asked. His mum smiled and nodded her head stepping out of the way of the door and Frank ran into Mikey's room and i just walked with Gerard not noticing that he was holding my hand.

Frank :
Im so happy Mikey is alive the first thing i did was go up to him and hugged him
"Frank" he laughed
"YOUR ALIVE" i shouted
"yeah but i don’t want to be deaf" Mikey complained i laughed and sat down on the chair, Mikey looked at me.
"What is it ?" i ask a little curious
"im tired" Mikey said scratching his head. I laughed then Gerard and Shay came in
"Mikey!" Gerard cheered as he hugged Mikey
"Gee!" Mikey cheered back
"Hey, Mikes!" Shay smiled also hugging Mikey "I thought you were going to die" she said into his shoulder. Mikey laughed and i noticed Gerard looking at Shay in a different way, but i knew Shay was not Gerard’s type
maybe she is
no that would weird having your best friend date your TWIN sister. But i knew that they were good friends.
"Shay can i talk to you a minute?" Gerard called over to Shay who was on her phone. She nodded her head and put her phone in her pocket and left the room with Gerard. I was now curious but I’m not going to listen to my best friend talk to my twin sister.

Gerard :
I. Love. Shay. i admit that I’m in love with Shay, i just want to know if she likes me too but im scared if she doesn't and i noticed Frank really looking at me maybe he was thinking and just happened to be looking in my direction. Oh stuff it im going to ask Shay to be my girlfriend and Frank is going to find this a bit weird because im his best friend and Shay is his twin.
"Shay can i talk to you a minute?" i call over to her she looks so pretty. She stood up and i walked out with her
"So what’s up?" She asked
"the sky" i laugh but its true the sky is up she laughed
“Then-“ I cut her off and kiss her soft lips that I have been dying to kiss. She must have been shocked but I was shocked when she kissed me back.
“I'm sorry” I say after we break up
“Don’t be” She smiled
“What do you mean” I was now confused
“I have been secretly waiting on you to do that for a while” She winked.
“So your saying that you like me” I smile and her face went a little shade of red
“You could say that” She smiled then placed another kiss on my lips
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