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Jealous Little Devil

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Rose breaks Gerard and Shay up

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Shay :
Iam dating Gerard. Frank is going to find this awkward because his best friend is dating his twin sister. ah well. Gerard smiled at me and took my hand and we walked back into the hospital room. Ray was looking out the window then turned around when we came in.
"Sorry, thought you were Bob" he laughed then carried on looking out the window. Mikey had fallen asleep and Frank was listeing to his iPod.
"So he is coming up then?" I ask trying to start a conversation.
"yeah, he wants to see for himself if Mikey is okay" Ray said still looking out the window.
"that is something he would do" Gerard laughed. i yawn
"i wanna go home and get some sleep" I stretch
"remember youre staying with me" Gerard said a little protectively but i just siged. Gerard walked over to Frank and took his earphone out. "FRANK" he screamed into his ear. Frank jumped because i dont think he was expecting Gerard to scream into his ear.
"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Frank screamed back and stood up. Me, Ray and Gerard laughed only Gerard was on the floor with laughter.
"awww poor Frankie" i say through my laughter. He just gave me one of his looks and sat back down but didnt put his iPod in again in case Gerard did that again to him.
"MIKEYYY" Bob came running in a half hour later of pure silence making everyone jump and waking up Mikey. He went over and hugged him
"Bob!" Mikey smiled
"Your alive!" Bob smiled again
"Yeah" Mikey smiled.
"I got Starbucks!" Bob smiled and handed the guys a Starbucks cup. "sorry Shay i didnt know you would be here" Bob apologized. I didnt mind though.
"Its okay she can share mine" Gerard smiled. Everyone looked at Gerard as if he said that the band was breaking up because everyone knows Gerard does NOT share his coffee with anyone
"dude, are you okay?" Frank asked standing up and putting his hand on Gerard's forehead
"im fine" Gerard siged then handed me the cup. I took a sip and gave it back
"im not really in the coffee mood anyway" i shrug my shoulders.
"Come on lets go and have our sleepover and let Mikey rest" Ray suggested we all agreed and said goodbye to Mikey and went back to Gerard's.
"Guys" Frank said looking at his phone.
"What is it?" Ray asked getting out of the car
"Look" Frank showed us his phone

From : Rose

Heeey frank umm im kinda bored so can i come along 2 ur little movie nite sleepover thingy 2nite ?

I was shocked. How did she know we were having a movie night while Mikey was in hospital ?
"Should we let her come?" Frank asked
"I dont mind" Ray and Bob said together
"It will be sort of awkward" Gerard said. I completly forgot that we were dating and we hadnt told the guys even though its been like 5 hours (yeah we spent alot of time in the hospital)
"how?" frank asked a little confused
"well" Gerard scratched his head then turned to me
"Me and Shay are sort of dating" He said in an awkward voice. Bob and ray looked at us
"Can i invite Krysta over then ??" Ray smiled. Gerard nodded then ray texted Krysta at least i wasnt going to be the only girl.
"Awkward moment when your twin sister is dating your best friend" Frank stated. I laughed. "but i need to actually confess something" Frank said
"What?" Gerard said
"I sort of like Rose" Frank muttered but we were able to make him out. I froze, Gerards hand went through his hair and Bob was stunned. Ray was first to break the silence
"wow" he said
"dude" Gerard, Bob and me said
"what???" Frank was actually a little shocked at our reaction
"Rose, you like Rose?" I asked. He nodded his head
"So can i invite her over?" a smile appeared on his face. Me, Gerard, Ray and Bob looked at each other
"Fine" Gerard said. I have not seen Frank this happy because he phoned her and went to pick her up. Me and the others went into Gerards house and went down to his basement room and Ray and Bob decided to go and make popcorn leaving me and Gerard alone. He closed the door and came down the stairs then came over and kissed me, i kissed him back and he put his hands around my waist and i put my arms around his neck deeping the kiss. We then made out for about 10 minutes before we heard Bob trying to open the door
"GUYS" he shouted. Gerard laughed then let Bob in
"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?? we were knocking for like 10 minutes" he angrily complained. Krysta then arrived a few minutes later
"Krysta i want you to meet Shay" Ray introduced me to her
"hey we already met though" She waved and laughed
"hello, my real name is Shannon... but i get called Shay.." I say (hee hee shay i say)
"awesome" she smiled
"im alos Franks twin" i add. Her face was shocked
"no way!" She seemed a little shocked "thats awesome!" i laugh then me and her sit down i completly ignore Gerard when he tried to kiss me Krysta did the same with Ray then about a half hour later Frank arrived with the devils daughter Rose and I spent the next 30 seconds trying to work out why Krysta could not remember me but the thought soon left me.
"Oh, hi Shannon" she seemed a little upset that I was here clearly Frank didnt tell her me and Gerard is dating "I wasnt expecting you here because of the little TALK we had... remember?" she seemed also annoyed. Gerard and Frank looked at me confused
"Im going now anyways" I say Gerard got more confused
"wait, im confused why are you leaving?" he stood up
"Oh, she didnt tell you?" Rose then had a evil grin on her face. Gerard seemed even more confused and Krysta, Ray, Bob and frank were trying not to get involved.
"Tell me what?" Gerard had the courage to say
"She is just using you Gerard, your better off having me instead of this ‘use em and dump em’ she does not love you she’s only trying to get attention and plus she likes Dave"
"WHAT" I feel a tear going down my cheek
"Come on you know im telling the truth sister" She came up to my face "You told me yourself" she flipped her hair and Gerard was frozen so was Krysta, Ray, Bob and Frank
"I didn’t know you were that type of person Shay- i mean Shannon" Gerard croaked he seemed annoyed i knew i was crying when i just ran out of the house and went home i threw open the door, locked my bedroom door and cried myself to sleep
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