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My Memory Will Not Carry On

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Shay makes a big decision

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4 Weeks later

Gerard :
Okay, so Shannon the girl i fell completley in love with has being using me all that has been going through my head is "flithy little whore" and i think we have broken up i dont like dating people who use people and Shannon I didnt expect her to be that type of a girl because she seemed so nice at first and now it just blew up in my face. Anyway i have managed to get over it (i think) and i have started dating Rose about 2 weeks ago. We have ignored Shannon and Shannon does not come over to us anymore apparently Frank has been ignoring her too probably because his twin sister has been using his best friend he said that Shannon said that Rose was lying and is just a 'Jealous Little Devil' but im like i think i would belive Rose.
"Gerard" I woke up from my daydream im only realizing im in maths
"What" i say Rose was then relieved
"You zoned out" She said pecking me on the lips i look over and see Shannon looking at us but she quickly turned away and im surprised i paid attention in the rest of that class well im glad its the last class of the day

Frank :
"FRANK!" I hear Ray and Mikey calling me thank god its the end of the day
"Afro-man!!!! Spectacles!!" yes i made up nicknames for Ray and Mikey im still trying to figure out Gerards.
"Thank god its Friday!" Mikey loved Fridays
"yep!" I smile then sit down. I then only realize that Krysta was sitting there too
"oh hey Kris!" yes i even made up one for Krysta.
"hey Frank!" we then begin to talk about other shit and then Gerard and Rose decided to join us.
"Gerard!" I scream and jump him pinning him to the ground i hear Ray and Mikey laugh. Things have been different without Bob who moved away last week but its really awkward at home due to Shay, she never comes out of her room unless she is seeing some of her new friends who im surprised she hasnt used yet. I have been tring to avoid her and she is trying to convince me that Rose has been lying but she gave up about 2 days ago. Sitting under the oak tree until it was about 4 oclock then we decided to go home we then passed Shay and her friend Kelly we just looked at her and continued to walk. I went home and went upstairs then i heard Shay come home about an hour later
"Mum!" She shouts
"What is it Shannon" mum sighed yes im eavesdropping
"I cant Take It Anymore!" Shay is shouting at mum now do i decide to sit on the top of the stairs
"calm down Shannon!" My mum shouts back
"IM GOING HOME!" Shay screamed
"but. you are home!" my mum said. It goes quiet and i can hear a few tears
"no i mean home home back to San Fransisco" Shay said through her tears
"why" my mum asked.
"Because, my new friends dont like me, Frank ignores me and does not even talk to me unless he really has to, my old friends hate me but most importantly Gerard hates my fucking guts!" she screamed the last word.
"If you want to go ill let you go because you and your brother clearly dont get along" my mum said. I heard Shay leaving so i quickly made my way to my room and closed the door
"SHAY!" my mum shouts up
"WHAT" Shay shouts down the stairs
"your going to have to wait at least a week okay!" my mum shouts up
"OKAY" Shay shouts down. Im actually shocked Shay is leaving

Shannon :
Thank you im finally getting out of here i dont have to see the people who i cared so much for who dislike me. Especially Gerard. But i did plan to tell Frank and im going to do that now. I open his door and he looked up from his guitar
"What" He says with a sigh
"Happy?" I ask a little angry and annoyed. he just gave me a confused face
"Im leaving im going back home so you dont have to fucking ignore anyone anymore okay?!" I wait to see his reaction his eyes just widened and i left the room. I went into my own and begin to pack while listening to Iron Maiden

Frank :
Shannon is actually leaving the first thing i do is text the guys to meet me in the park and i told Gerard to bring Rose and Ray to bring Krysta. We were meeting in an hour because we still had to get dinner and i dont like leaving without a little food in my stomach. i got a straight reply from Gerard :

From : The Unnicknamed (Gerard)

okay, has sumfin happened ????

But i ignore the text and head down for dinner. Shay just completely ignored me
"mum" i spoke up. Shay automatically looked up from her plate curious of what i was going to say
"yes frank" mum replied
"Im going out" i say then stand up and begin to put on my jacket
"Okay" mum replied lifting the plates and leaving them into the kitchen. I left without saying a word when i reached the park everyone was already there and they all came running up to me
"whats going on!!" Mikey said
"has something happened??" Gerard asked
"Is it to do with Shay - i mean Shannon?" Ray asked
"Bingo" then i point to Ray
"WHAT HAPPENED TO SHANNON" they all said together except Rose
"Shes leaving, shes going back to San Francisco next week" I answer. They all have shocked faces especially Gerard
"oh my god" Krysta said putting her hand over her mouth. Rose’s eyes widened.
"Fuck" Mikey said
"Wow" Ray said puffing his afro
"I know" I say
"Shes actually leaving?" Rose asked
"yeah i heard her say to my mum she said that she can’t stick the people that she cared so much for ignoring her" I say scratching my head i feel a little guilty
"fuck" Gerard managed to say. We spent about a half hour in silence and then Ray said
"i cant believe this is happening, first Bob now Shannon"
"Why do we suddenly care about Shannon? Its been 4 weeks" Gerard asked
"dont know" Krysta asked. But what i noticed was that Rose was extremely quiet.

- 1 Week Later -

Shay :
I was in the taxi with my mum and Frank. Frank looked out the window not saying anything and me and my mum was having a conversation
"will you come and visit Shannon?" she asked me in my head i was saying i will never fucking return here but i have to obviously say
"yes". When i seen the plane i felt so relieved but a part of me was itching to stay and sort things out but i know things are not better if i stay. I just hoped for one thing that Frank and his band My Chemical Romance will fail if they fail ill be happy.
"This is it" my mum wept then hugged me
"yeah, i just cant stay" I whisper into her ear
"Frank, say goodbye to Shay, i know you dont get along but please" my mum begged Frank to hug me Frank hasnt hugged me in 5 weeks i doubt he will but he approached me and hugged me
"bye" he muttered into my ear
"have a wonderful fucking life" i mutter back then hug my mum again i seen her mouth thank you to Frank then i boarded my plane and smiled
"good bye Jersey"

Frank :
This is it. The beginning of my life without Shay. Its going to be different really different. When i got home i went into Shays old room the room looked exactley the way it was before Shay even arrived it felt weird and a part of me was saying
would would life be liked if you believed her
the other part was saying
be thankfully she is gone she used your best friend !
well i went into my room and had a message from the un nicknamed Gerard

From ; un nicknamed (Gerard)

dude, need u like now come 2 ma house in bout an hour k ??

the message was sent 10 minutes ago so i had 50 minutes to kill i decided that i would play my guitar and practise my part of the song ' Early Sunsets Over Monroeville ' which was an awesome part. I then left for Gerard’s. I knocked the door and Mikey answered
"hey Spectacles!" i exclaimed and hug him
"hey!" Mikey replied and let me in I went down to Gerards basement room
"hey Unnicknamed!" i laugh but he remained quiet "Gerard?" i couldnt see because the lights were broke so i went over to his bed and seen a lump i think it was him so i poked it and it was i lifted the covers to reveal a Gerard with puffy red eyes and wet cheeks "Dude, are you okay?"

Gerard :
Rose explained everything to me including about Shay she told me she lied about Shay she didnt use me but Rose did tell her to stay away because she admitted she was jealous of Shay and wanted to be her. So i broke up with Rose and i feel awful i should have known Shay wouldn’t do something like that and now she is gone but now i have to tell Frank, Frank would feel as bad as me only worse because Shay tried to get Frank to believe her and he ignored her
"no im not okay" i managed to say in response. But i sit up and move my black hair out of my face. Frank seemed concerned "I broke up with Rose" i added
"why??" Frank said getting all shocked and confused.
"because she lied" I say and light up a cigarette when i met Shay i didnt smoke and now im back on them
"Dude no" Frank said taking the cigarette off me
"1 draw" i say trying to grab it but he shook his head and put it out
"no" he said "why did you and Rose break up?"
"Shay didnt use me Rose said that to get Shay out of the picture because she told me she was jealous of her" I begin to cry again
"Fuck, i should have believed her" Frank shouted then started knocking all my comic books to the floor
"NOT THE COMIC BOOKS!" I shout, im sorry but i love my comic books too much
"sorry im just so annoyed now" Frank began to cry but we knew we couldnt fix things this was the end no more Shay and we will have the guilt for the rest of our miserable little lives and the worst part is

I still love her
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