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12 years later

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Thank chu for the reviews here is a virtual cupcake XD (keep it away from Ray he will put his hand into it XDD)nd sorry for the big time lapse i really wanted to skip on to when Shay actually properly returns so here it is !!!

12 Years Later

Shannon :
My life has been better since i left Jersey. I have had a fresh start and im not regretting the decision but my mum asked me to come over and see them which i agreed because i wanted to see her and i knew she missed me and my grandmother had passed away a few autumns ago and John moved to Ohio and i was alone in San Francisco because my grandfather was in a nursing home. No one calls me Shay anymore and it kind of feels a little different not hearing my nickname being used. I was on my way to get the plane when i said goodbye to my Aunt Kathryn (the only one really left in San Francisco) and got on my plane the next thing i knew i was back in jersey for the first time in 12 years. It still seemed the same only with a few new buildings and some new faces and i had completly forgot about Frank and the guys. I got a taxi and pulled up outside the door They still lived in the same house and i knocked. My mum answered the door
"Shannon!!" my mum cheered hugging me
"mum!!" i cheer. She let go and wiped away a tear
"12 years" she sighed and led me into the front room where Frank and a girl who i have never seen before stood.
"Shay!!" Franks eyes was shocked my guess is that my mum didnt tell him that i was coming but i was confused as too why he was so happy to see me. he hugged me and picked me up and twirled me
"okay im confused why are you so fucking happy to see me?" I say my mum sighed
"your not still holding the grudge are you?" she asked
"oh yes i am!" i reply then turn my attention towards Frank
"so your Shannon, im Jamia" the girl introduced her self
"hi" i reply
"Shay, Im so so so so so sorry" Frank cried then hugged me again
"wait what" i then grabbed his arm and dragged him into the kitchen where he explained everything to me from Rose confessing that was a lie to Gerard still being in love with me
"yeah but no you didnt believe me, i tried for 3 weeks to get you to believe me but no Rose is the angel and Shay is the devil" it felt weird hearing my nickname
"i apologize and Gerard has been like depressed ever since you left and Mikey has died in a car crash about 3 years ago" He began to cry at the mention of Mikeys death a part of me was stunned
"oh my god" i covered my mouth and Frank hugged me
"you have to see Gerard" Frank said into my shoulder
"oh yes i do" I said then we joined my mum and Jamia in the front room
"we are okay again" Frank smiled. My mum was really happy
"oh thank goodness!!" She smiled. Jamia was quiet because she had no idea what was going on
"so how did you and Frank meet Jamia?" i decided to start a conversation with her
"through Krysta, i was Krysta's friend and she decided to introduce me to the boys" she smiled then kissed Frank
"we are also engaged" Frank added Jamia showed me the ring
"congratulations!" I smile and hug Frank so hard he fell to the floor i heard Jamia bust out laughing
"Come on you have to see Gerard" Frank pulled my arm out the door and we drove to Gerards apartment. On the way there i started another conversation
"So, you guys are famous now??" i smile
"yeah, the band worked out well..... what’s your favourite song???" Frank asked looking back at me because Jamia was driving
"my favourite song is definitely Im Not Okay" i smile then frank smiled then we pulled up at Gerards apartment
"are you ready??" Frank asked i nod my head as we made our way up to Gerard's apartment i could smell caffeen and cigarettes then Frank knocked. Ray answered
"hey Frank, keep quiet Gerard is asleep i managed to get him to sleep" Ray smiled he hadnt noticed me
"Better wake him up" Frank whispered Ray looked confused
"why" he asked. Then i stepped infront of Frank and waved
"OH MY GOD" Ray shouted
"Ray, shut the fuck up" I heard Gerard’s voice faintly. Ray hugged me
"We are all so sorry Shay" he smiled
"i know, im here to sort a few things out but can you guys leave me alone with Gerard?" i ask and Ray and Frank nod then i enter the dirty room. I walk through a open door to find Gerard sitting on his bed i knock the door
"Ray, you don’t have to fucking knock" i hear him moan
"But maybe i do" i say then enter. His eyes widened
"Shay?" He whispered
"its me" I reply then smile and sit down beside him
"Shay, im so sorry, i should have believed you, i should have known you were not that type of person please forgive me" he said in one breath when he pulled me into a hug then he kept repeating im sorry
"Gerard relax i do forgive you" i smile and he smiled then he hugged me
"I feel alot better now" a tear escaped his eye "I have missed you so fucking much"
"i know Frank told me everything" i smile and he just smiled back
"but why did you come back? even though i have wished for you to come back so i could apologize and hopefully set my life straight again" he choked
" my mum asked me to" I smile i was sort of getting sick of smiling, Gerard just smirked and laughed
"This is the first time i have laughed in like 3 years Shay" he said with a happy grin. i stood up and headed for the door "where are you going?" his grin disappeared
"To let Frank, Jamia and Ray in, they are waiting outside dummy" I laugh at the last part he smiled again and lit up a cigarette
"No" i say then take it off him then head and let them in.
"So did you talk to him?" Frank asked his eyes filled with hope and fear at the same time
"Yes, hes okay" i smile and Frank cheered then hugged Gerard
"YAY RAVEN!!" He smiled. I tilt my head with confusion "when we had a fight with you Shay over all this i nick named everyone Ray is Afro-man, Mikey is Spectacles, Jamia is Jamie, Gerard is Raven, Bob is Drummy McDrummer Drum and you are just Shay" he explained to me i laughed
"No one will ever change my nick name, some one tried to and it wasnt fucking pretty" a tear fell down my cheek remember about 6 years ago

"John, im away to Jacksons, bye!" I call as i leave the room and head to my boyfriend Jackson's house. Its 7 at night. I knock the door and he answered. The way his hair sat reminded me of Gerards hair but his eyes reminded me of myself.
"Hey" i say as i enter
"Hey Shaz" Jackson smiled. I turn around
"What did you call me?" I say as if i was called an emo or slut or something like that
"oh, i thought of a new nickname for you Shaz" he leaned in but i pulled away
"My nickname is Shay" i snap
"Well, Shay is getting a little old so now your Shaz" He slapped me across the face and i landed on the bed as i had walked into the bedroom mindlessl. I put my hand on my stinging cheek. I gave him a glare and he just smirks
"Fuck you" I say then i attempt to leave but he just grabs my arm
"Where are you going" He says a little fiercly
"Home, im breaking up with you" I say seriously
"No your not" he pulled me down onto the bed and attempts to rape me but i stabbed him with a pair scissors into his wrist then run out of the room never to return again
"SHAY" Gerard shook me i woke up, i must have been crying because my cheeks are wet and im sniffling
"i-i" I studder and bust out crying again Gerard sat me down on a chair and Frank grabbed me a tissue. I took it off him and wiped my eyes. Gerard hugged me then we formed a group hug because frank, ray and Jamia joined in.
"Wow, something bad must have happened when someone changed your nickname" Frank said. I nod my head
"Shit, come on Jamia we have to pick up Kasey" Frank grabbed Jamias arm
"Who is Kasey?" I ask
"Your niece" Frank smiled. I smile
"Im a aunt?!" I smile wider
"Yeah, she is only 4" Jamia smiled then they left. Ray got a phone call from Krysta
"Guys i have to go i have to bring Krysta to Chicago, remember?" Ray reminded Gerard
"okay bye" Gerard seen Ray out then we had a silence for about 5 minutes
"Shay, you dont know how much i have missed you" He hugged me again
"apart of me wanted to stay but i couldnt i had to go" i whispered
"i know why you had to go" Gerard said. I just nodded my head. Then he looked at me then he kissed me, i kissed him back i missed him aswell secretly i did miss him. We then made out for about 10 minutes then we looked at eachother
"Shay" he said my nickname
"yes" i reply
"can we pick up from where we left off?" he asked smiling
"Fuck yeah" I reply
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