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Back On Track

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FINAL CHAPTER !!! Jamia and Frank's wedding

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-11-24 - Updated: 2011-11-24 - 797 words

unfortuanatly this is the final chapter to my story :D i have been really proud of it and hoped you enjoy it i promise to start on another story as soon as i can but probably make more chapters and stuff so this is the finale XDD

Shay :
I had arrived 2 weeks before Frank and Jamia's wedding which i was happy that i was able to attend i was even happier that me and Gee are back together and carrying on from where we left off. Gerard refused to leave me incase he lost me again so i stayed with him in his apartment until the wedding. We were staying in a hotel and i was one of Jamias bridesmaids along with 2 of her other friends Jordan and Leona.
"You look amazing Jamia" I say to her and hug her
"Thanks" She smiled
"no you cheater!!" Jordan and Leona was playing a quick game of jack-change-it
"are they always like this" i giggle to Jamia
"yeah" she siged "but i love them" she took a drink of wine then we were ready to start the wedding.

- Wedding Party-

Frank :
im glad Shay is here for my wedding because she has forgiven us and has given Gerared's life a bit of meaning and has patched it up they have been unseperable since the start of the wedding im not surpised, probably because Raven (yes i thought of his nickname XD) does not want to risk losing her again but the guilt is still with me after all the times she tried to convince me that Rose is lying and i didnt believe her i remember the first time like it was yesterday

Fuck, Shay used my best friend! she pretty much used all of us fuck i didnt think she was like that and especially because i thought i could trust her. Gerard was so damn quiet through out the movie and now im returning home but all we could think about was how Shay done that. I got home and opened the door and went to my room but i passed Shay's room and heard nothing so i just went into my room i think she heard me close my door because she came into my room. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were puffy and blood shot
"Fr-frank" She began to cry again i just looked at her and scratched my left ear
"what do you want" i said as if i was with my worst enemy
"R-rose is a li-liar" she paused and took a breath "i-i never u-used y-you d-do you believe me i sw-swear im n-not that type of per-person p-please b-believe me" She sounded as if she was pleading for her life and really wanted me to forgive her but i couldn’t she upset angered and confused me and Gerard
"Get out, i dont like flith like you in my room"
I was snapped to attention when Jamia began to shake my shoulder
"Are you okay???" she seemed concerened
"Yeah, im okay" I smile and kiss her
"want to dance??" she smiled then we got up and danced i noticed Gerard and Shay doing a shot challenge but ignored them as i danced with Jamia, i seen flashes go off as pictures were being taken to memorize the day. Then i heard cheers and Shay doing her victory dance obviously she won the shot contest then she just kissed Gerard then went over to Ray and Krysta she looked like she was enjoying herself. Im glad she’s enjoying herself i know i was

Shay :
"i beat your ass!" i kept saying to Gerard as i won the shot competition mostly because i was once a heavy drinker and could handle shots. Gerard just rolled his eyes and kissed me.
"come outside" he grabbed my hand and dragged me outside it looked like it would begin to snow soon and i shivered Gerard just hugged me
"what is it, its fucking cold out here" i complained and rubbed my bare arms
"aww" Gerard said then laughed. I rolled my eyes and turned away from him then when i turned back he was down on one knee my heart was doing backflips "Shannon Iero Maguire" he started and pulled out a velvet box and opened it "Will you marry me" he smiled i was speechless i just had a giant smile on my face
"hmm lemme think" his smile soon faded "YEA OF COURSE I WILL" he laughed and i pinned him to the ground kissing him. I stood up and slid the ring onto my finger and then we just kissed again.

My life has a brand new meaning and i have definitely begun my next chapter

The End
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