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Back Time

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~Katari's P.O.V~

-At teh airport-

Everyone was crying their eyeballs out. Even the guys were crying. We were crying so loud that we were the only ones we could hear.

"I am going to miss you guys so here is a gift for you Katari and Storm." Frank handed us a box and inside of the box was a whole bunch of voodoo dolls.

"Here is my gift." Said Gerard as he gave us a scrapbook with drawings of us and teh guys.

"Here's mine." Said Ray as he gave us a bunch of piercings.

"Here's mine, teh best." Mikey said as he gave us his whole collection of comic books.

"Thank you guys so much but our plane is calling us now." I said right before the plane call called us.

"WE WILL MISS YOU!" The guys said crying and waving bye at us.

"I jus wanna....UGH!" Storm said crying on to the plane.

"Man i will miss them." I said.

"Atleast we will be in our home town." Storm said trying to cheer teh mood up.

"Atleast...................."I said getting into my seat.

~Skipping plane ride~
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