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~Storm's P.O.V~

"Hey, Mrs.Ross and Mrs.Biersack. Thanks for picking us up." I greeted the ladies who picked us up. I remember them, the mothers of my childhood friends, Mrs.Ross the mother of my childhood crush. There isnt a day I dont think of my childhood crush, Ryan, because I still have the ring he gave me. I stay true to my promise, think of him everyday and never forget him.

"Andy and Ryan will be so happy to see you. We have your house ready so we'll drop you off there, your mom had it ready in case something like this happened, and you'll be starting highschool with Andy and Ryan on Monday. You're lucky you moved here the first day of school here. Also, yourmother's funeral is this sunday. Today is Saturday." Mrs. Biersack informed.

The ladies dropped us off at the apartment me and Katari shared and left.

"So, were back." I said, trying to break the awkward silence that came over us when we came in.

So we just unpacked and made ourselves comfortable.

~Time Lapse, Monday~

My obnoxious alarm clock started beepn and I smashed my hand on top of the snooze button to shut it up. I looked at the ring Ryan gave me. After all these years, it still fit.

I forced myself to get up from my warm bed and I wandered over to Katari's room and shook her awake.

"Alright, alright, I'm up! Stop shaking me!" Katari complained and got up.

I Brushed my teeth, combed my hair, put on gray skinny jeans and a Misfits shirt, put on my Misfits hoodie, slipped on my red and black converse. All in 5 minutes. I ran downstairs and grabbed a Red Bull from the fridge, downing it in 30 seconds. Literally. I count.

Katari wore her Gir shirt, red skinny jeans, and her purple suspenders. She chugged it and we crushed the cans and threw it in the recycling.

We were all ready for school. We left the house locking it.

~Time lapse, at school~

We entered the school gates nervously glancing around. We were pretty much the only people dressed like we were. The guys wore baggy jeans and regular tee shirts and the girls wore really preppy clothes. There were only two people, both guys, that wore punk/scene clothes.

The two boys were laughing, at a joke one of them said. The really attractive one wore a Misfits tee and gray skinny jeans like me (lol coincidence)and had chestnut hair, pale skin, and honey brown eyes and the other one wore a Iron Maiden tee and black skinny jeans. He had black hair and pale skin. Both looked oddly familiar.

My train of thought was interrupted when some muscular kid, im guessing a jock, tripped attractive-boy and started laughing.

I walked into a room that was labeled 'FRONT OFFICE' with Katari trailing behind me.

"Hi, we—"

"Names please." the lady interrupted rudely, her nasally voice in a thick jersey accent (trust me, i know).

"Storm Gray and Katari Rose."

She typed a few things into the computer, the clicking loud.

She then handed us sheets of paper.

"There are your schedules and school map."

"Thanks." I said and we exited he office.

"Damn, only two classes together. Second and fifth period." I said, examining both our papers.

"Sucks, but better than no classes together at all." Katari said.

"Your right." I said, and then the bell rang.

"Shit. See ya later." I said.

"Kay." was all she said and we went in separate directions.

My first period class was right by the office so I didnt have too look hard.

I went inside and picked a seat at the back at the classroom. Half the classroom was already seated when HE came in. Mr atrractive-boy walked in and took a seat next to me.

Just then the bell ran and everybody went to their seat.

The teacher came in. She was thin and had old, pale and wrinkly skin, her white hair pulled up tightly into a neat bun.

"Hello, I am Ms. Honeycutt, and I will be your first period history teacher." she introduced. Then she called out attendance.

"Gray, Storm?" she called.

I raised my hand. "Here."

The whole class looked at me, even attractive-boy.

The teacher continued with attendance.

"Hey." Attractive-boy said to me.

"Hi." I said back.

"I notice you still have the ring." he smirked.

"Still?" I asked.

He held up his right hand and showed me his blue colored ring exactly like mine. I gasped.

"Ross, George?" Ms. Honeycutt called.

"Ryan. And here." he said.

I gasped again.

"I guess now I should tell you. I kept my promise. I never stopped thinking about you. NEVER. Katari also misses Andy." I said.

"So how was Jersey?"

"It was pretty good. We managed to get AWESOME friends there but they could never replace you."

The teacher started class now.

"Talk to you later. We'll all meet up at lunch."

"Actually, not to be a stalker or anything, but I kinda messed with he system. We have the same classes and Katari and Andy have the same classes too. They dont know i did that do dont tell them."

"Alright. I kinda appreciate it."

We then turned our attention to the teacher. I couldnt help but wonder how Katari is doing with Andy in HER first period class.

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