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Have You Ever?

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Name's Gerard. I spend all my time on Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, and fanfiction sites. I have no life. Sound familiar?

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Have you ever fallen in love with someone you don't know? Smiling wide to yourself, sighing in awe as they say 'Hello' to you. You may say it's not possible... But it is. A weird kind of love. The kind where you don't know if the other is a pedophile. Or some teen just looking for sex. No siree, this is a odd type of love. You text the other, you had gotten their number off of a website. You may have met on Tumblr. Or Facebook. Maybe even Myspace. Whoever it is, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. You know you love the other no matter what. That's pretty much the life story of me. Oh, and by the way, I'm Gerard. I'm a social outcast and spend all my time on the computer. Either writing stories and fantisizing about slashes, or chatting with my so called 'friends' on Facebook and Myspace. Possibley even updating my blog once in a while on Tumblr. Ah, yes, this is my life. Sad, isn't it?

Because... It's actually not.

There's other out there, just like me. Sit on the computer all day, sipping coffee and forgetting to eat every few hours. It's quite funny, thinking others have the same lifestyle. Of course I feel like I'm the only one. I mean, why wouldn't I? Others in my school do no such thing. They actually have lives. Well, not exactly, by that I mean they just have friends and family who actually pay attention to them. Once this one guy asked me for my phone number. I hesitated and responded, "I dunno. I don't feel comfortable giving that info out. Y'know? You might loose it and some preppy loser might fucking take the liberty to call me. No way, man. But you can give me yours." and I smiled like a polite boy. At the moment I thought that was pretty normal, y'know? but he replyed with "Uh, no. Freak." and just walked away as if we had never talked. It made me feel kinda shattered inside. But for some reason, after I had made an account on Tumblr, it started to loose all emotion. It's kinda awesome.

Look at me, rambling on like an old man... Anyways, I'm wasteing my life on here again, waiting for them to get online. Please... Just get on... I sigh to myself, frowning. Then, a familiar 'ping' appears at the bottom of my screen.

Frankeh Iero: Hey GeeGee. :3

Oh god. There he is.

Gerard TheAwesome Way: ohai Frank! ^-^

I stay there, stareing intensely at the screen. Yesterday I've learned a bunch of new things about the adorable little Frank.
1. We only live 2 hours away. Two fucking hours.
2. He's two years younger than me.
3. He's bisexual. SCORE!
4. Poor me, little Frankie is taken by some bitch.
5. His voice is so. Fucking. Deep.
6. ^ Well.. compaired to my nazely one. If you ask how I know, we kinda talked on the phone once.

Frankeh: I think I should break up with my gf.. ._. she's getting reeeeaaalllyyyy annoying. -le sigh-
Gerard: About damn time -.- jk. XD
Frankeh: oh shut up!! I know you hate her but comeonnnn she's not that bad.... loljk. she sucks. c:
Gerard: Nice. xD
Frankeh: So anyways, sup? .-.

Thinking about you. It's all I ever do. You and me Frank. Please, lets at least try? We could meet one day and maybe even kiss... Hell, just to get a hug from you would satisfy me. If I just got one, ohsolittle kiss on the cheek, I would litterally melt and-

Frankeh: dude? yew thuurrr? o.o
Gerard: Ah shit sorry! And uhm.. nothing much I guess... Just listening to music.

The fuck did I say that for? I'm not even listening to music. I'm too fucking lazy to get my ass up to fetch my mp3 anyways, it's on my desk. Ohhh nooooo. A few meters away? HOLY SHIT! TOO FAR! ...Seriously Gerard... What is wrong with you. Frank wouldn't wanna meet you. You're too fucking lazy to even grab your mp3, I just find that hilarious. Shit, am I talking to myself? Hopefully not... I mean, it'd be terrible if I just happened to be-

Ah damn it. Well Mikey just answered my question.

Frankeh: Niceeee. I'm too lazy to grab my ipod. lulz. Dude, we should meet up sometime. It's not like we're across the nation or sumthin, right?
Gerard: Fuck yeah we should ^_^ I would attack you with endless hugs though just a warning. I loveeee hugs. Mwahahaha. >:D
Frankeh: XD Same! We're practically gonna be stuck to each other the whole time lmao.

That'd be nice... Maybe even more than hugs. Sexual preferences. Gettin' it innnn.

Gerard: Maybe even more then hugs ;3
Frankeh: oyusyus. And we can kiss too. xD jk
Gerard: I wish you weren't joking..

I really do. I want this to all be real. Y'know kinda like when HOLY SHIT WAIT I SENT WHAT?!

Frankeh: have no idea how much that made me fucking smile. ._.
Gerard: srs? o.o Cuz... I ment it. :/
Frankeh: K. I just squealed. Legit.
Gerard: why? o_o
Frankeh Because I'm kinda like... I dunno, I sorta like you. -crawls into a hole and dies-

...I can't even... What the fucking crap. You're kidding me, right? Is this some kind of sick dream? Oh god.. If it is, please don't let me wake up...

Gerard: I like you too but a little more than a freidn owo"
Gerard: *Friend ._.
Frankeh: frorly mah little fayul? ;3
Gerard: stfu! I do xD.. :]

Lalala, dreaming. Lalala, can do whatever I want. Lalala-- OUCH! FUCK WHY DID I PINCH MYSELF. Kay... Well... If I am awake then. Oh my god. I just squealed like a fucking teenage girl and put my hands over my heart, stareing at Franks DP in awe. He couldn't like me, I'm fucking ugly. He's like an angel sent from heaven down to tourture me with his sexiness.

Frankeh: Gerd? Maybe after I break up with Jeanna... We could try something together? o.\\
Gerard: Yeah... I'd like that... Alot.

Akward giggle. Yay.

Frankeh: Kay.. I'll text you my adress. Maybe you could come over ^_^
Gerard: yay! :D

Weird. From having no friends and such, I seem to be having a date.

A/N: I dunno. One shot? Maybe if I get like three reviews or more I'll carry on XD and sorry if the description seems a bit rude. ._. I kinda accepted the fact I has no lyf. -fistpump- x3
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