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Chapter 2

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"SHUT THE FUCK UP. I COME HOME TO HEARING YOU FUCKING MOANING OUT THAT KIDS NAME!!" I suddenly open my eyes as I hear this, then blush as I notice I have my hand in my boxers.

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Frank and I decided to meet up this Saturday. I was seriously pumped. I felt like I was going to explode with happiness. For one, he said he liked me. Two, I'm actually going to meet him. Today was Friday. So that means I have to wait until tommorow to see him. Did i mention I'm excited?

"GERARD! SCHHHOOOOLLLLLUUUHHHHH" Mikey called out with derpness in his voice. I grinned and jumped up from my office chair, logged off of Facebook, and shut my laptop. "I'm comin' Mikes!" I chimed in a sing-songy voice, skipping to the front door.

As soon as I reached him, he was stareing at me. I hate it when people stare. Especially Mikey. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough for the world. Like I need to improve myself. Whenever someone stares, I always look down, nibbling my lip nervously. Why do they stare?

Apparently Mikey noticed my discomfort, and he giggled slightly. "Gerard, are you sers?" He actually said it as 'sers' (pronounced as sir-zz XD). It seemed to be the new thing around school. Sometimes I laughed at how stupid Mikey could be. I rolled my eyes. "Oh shut up ya chav." I grinned and shoved him playfully. "How manys times have I told you not to fucking touch me?!" He frowned and dusted himself off. I rolled my eyes again.

"Oh look, the bus is here." I shoved past him, laughing to myself as I raced twords the huge yellow limo. Well... At least I liked to think of it that way. Other times I would think that it was my own personal taxi to Hell. But not today.

I took my usual seat, right side, 5th seat down. Some kid with an afro sat in front of me, and another kid with a lippericing sat behind me. I was too afraid to talk to them. You see, if I don't know the charecteristics of another person, I become... Awkward. Not like "HEYYYY GGUUUUIIISEEEEE LETS GO HUMP THE FLAGPOLEEE" kinda awkward, but the "Um... Hi.. Yeah, I guess that's kinda cool... Oh. Wait, shit. I'm sorry, herpies aren't funny... No! Please don't walk away... I'm lonely..." kinda awkward.

Oh, and just to be clear?

I actually said that once.

I suck my earbuds into whatelse but my ears, and played one of my favorite songs. "Yesterdays Feelings" by The Used. I closed my eyes and mouthed the words to the song, smiling slightly as I think of the one boy I totally heart. Wow. I can't believe I just said 'heart.' And just for the record, the word 'love' has lost all meaning to itself after all the little children writing I love you on their hands and feet and god knows where else. Plus those stupid couples that go out for, eh, maybe a day? and they always say "I love you baby." to each other every five minutes. You ask the little fucktards how they know what love is, and they just say some shit like "It's what me and (Insert name here) have." and smile dreamily. After they break up, they still remain friends and honestly act as if nothing happened between them. I mean seriously, what the fuck?

I suddenly snap back into reality as I realize everyone had already left the bus, racing to school. I could skip today. Y'know, just fantisize about Frank the whole time I'm missing. Usually when I skip it's because I'm depressed or feeling the urge to text all day. But today it was a special occasion. I mean, I'm meeting Frank fucking Iero tommorow. I might as well be smart for him. Well... A days worth of knowledge. Seriously... what the fuck am I thinking about today?

First peroid. Science. Fall asleep and miss what the Hell our homework was. Second period. Math. Doez off and stare out the window the entire time. Third period. Art. Draw Frank a-hundred-fucking-million times. Fourth period. Lunch. Well...Eat. Fifth period. Social Studies. Sleep. Sixth period. Italian. Doez off. Seventh period. Gym. Skip. Eigth period. Language Arts. Skip of-fucking-course.

Only one word can describe how I'm feeling right now.
Or in a more simple way...

I groan as I take my seat back onto the bus. The way I described my day may seem short, but it actually felt like each and every passing minute was way longer than it should be. Please, someone kill me now. But seriously don't. 'cause if you do, I won't see my little princess Frankie-boo. Wait.

Wow Gerard.
You really are a little love sick puppy.

I stick in my earbuds and blast up Astro Zombies by The Misfits, an older band that I absolutely love. Need a reason why? Well. Frank likes 'em. That kinda explains everything. Sooo.

I glance down at my hands, fidgiting nervously as a few thoughts cross my mind while the bus takes off twords my house. God, I wish today would've been longer now that I think of it... Maybe I'm not ready to meet Frank? I really need to loose weight. I look down at my stomach and frown, running a hand over it, also pausing my mp3. "Fuck. maybe twenty or thirty." I mumble to myself, as a small giggle escapes from the seat behind me. I un-pause the song.

Puzzled, I glance behind me and meet a pair of peircing blue eyes, and... well, a peircing on that boy's lip. He grins at me, and starts jabbing on about something. Of course, since my music is playing, I can't hear him. So I mindlessly shrug him off and continue looking at my hands.

Ohmygod. My fingers are so interesting.

Almost in a split second, my earbuds rip from my.. well, whatelse but my ears, and I hear laughter from the lip-peirced boy. "Dude, listen to me! Don't try to block me out." He giggles, throwing my earbuds across the bus, my eyes following. Ah well. I can just get new ones. I sharply turn around, glareing at the boy. "What the fuck is it?" I say like a rude chihuaua. If you get what I mean. (-shrugs- ._.)

His expression softens, blue eyes containing a bit of confusion in them. "Oh... Uh, sorry man. Thought you were someone else." He shrugs, slouching back down into his seat so I can't see him. I take this opportunity to actually talk to someone, and get on my knees, spinning around to get a glance at him. "Ey, you cooould get to know me." I smile shyly. Seriously Gerard, grow some balls, not expand your vagina. Wait... What? I really can't think streight today.

"Ahaha, that'd be rad man. I'm Robbert." He grins. No trace of shy or uncomfortable-ness in his voice. Fuck. I stay quiet. "But... People call me Bob." His grin turns into a smile as he notices my discomfort. "Oh.. Cool. I'll just call you Bobbert." I stupidly state, cooly. Wow Gerard. Just wow. He bursts out into laughter. His laugh sounds a bit like.. "AHUHHUHUHUHHHUHUAHUAHUHUHUHUHUAHUH." (... ._.)

He stiffles his laughter. "Nice, I'll try to add that to my book." He rolls his eyes, smiling. "And uh.. I'm Gerard." I nod. "Some idiots at school call me Geetard though." I mentally slap myself for adding the end. "Aha, nice man. You call me Bobbert, I call you Geetard." He grins wide, obviously thrilled. Either to have another friend, or he's on crack and actually happy to be in my appearence.

Bob and I stay like that for a while, awkward silences never seeming to come when we talk. If a silence does come, it's me trying to figure out what to say. I'm pretty fucking slow... But Bob didn't seem to mind.

"Shit, here's my stop." He says as the bus pulls up to the side of a street, and I suddenly get filled with surprise. How didn't I notice this? "Mine too." I laugh a bit, jumping out of my seat. Bobbert and I walk out of the bus, then set out twords opposite streets. I wave to him, grinning, all awkwardness suddenly disapearing from my charecter. "See ya Bobbert!" I call, turning twords my house. I swear I heard a distant 'see ya Geetarddddduuhhh' in the distance, so I grin. Mikey doesn't get home till a half hour later, so I'm fine. Aha, he's an Eigthiest. Meaning... Eigth grader. Fuck yeah for matureity... well not really.

As I reach my house I suddenly remember. I'm meeting Frank. Anthony. Thomas. Fucking. Iero. Jr. tommrow. And... don't ask how I know his full name. Swear to god I didn't Google it... Ahaha...

I run to my computer and log in, stareing at the 'online' chat box as I do so. Frank's offline. Shiiiiiit. But... There's a few people on. Like five or so. It's funny to think I got like, over 200 friends on Facebook and only five of them are online. Alexander Bennington. Okay. Sure. Kid from Kindergarden and somehow turned out to be one of the most awesomest people ever. He's got a band and I'm so jealous of his guitar skills. I suck. Like... Alot. Then there's Madeline Malaria... Her last name is almost as nasty as her sent. Sorry Maddy. It's true. Um... Jack? Ahaha, asshole. Snow... Nice girl. Kinda dated her once, didn't last long. Last, but not least... Okay, yeah, probably least, is em mwah. Awh yeah. Mental fistpump.

I might as well just sit here on the computer all night waiting for Frankie. But it's easier just to post on his wall. I'm too fucking afraid to text him, first, anyways. Hey Frankieee. I'ma see yew tommorow! :3 Can't wait. I've seriously been excited about it all day... lulz. c: See you then! -xog is what I had posted. Yeah. X's and O's. Like a boss.

I logged off and layed down on my bed, closeing my eyes slowly and mumbling to myself as I think of what would happen tommrow.

Frank tugged me by the hair, smirking devilishly as a feint giggle escaped his lips. "Your hair's so... Sexy. Black. So fucking sexy." He bit his lip as he tugged me into his bedroom. It was completely black with a bunch of band posters everywhere, and his bed, oh god his /bed, was so messy. He shoved me down onto it, then jumped onto my hips, looking down at me innocently, nibbling on his lipring. "Why hello there, Frankie." I manage to say sexually, smirking up at him. He runs his hands up my shirt. His hands are cold like snow, sending shivers down my spine. "Take it off." He nods, looking down at my shirt. I do so, also struggling off his own. Frankie then drips his head down, and attacks one of my nipples with small bites and licks, a moan escaping from the back of my throat. I buck my hips up, hoping to get some kind of friction from the other boy. Of course, nothing. Just air. It's almost as if he isn't there... But wait. "I may just do this..." He mumbles into my chest as his hand slides down to my waistline, fidgiting with the button on my jeans. Before I can protest, Hell,/ approve, he stuffs his hand down my jeans and into my boxers, gripping my length. I practically squeak, moaning out his name softly from the sudden contact. "Frankie..." I moan quietly as he pumps me slowly, circling his thumb over the head of my member and--

"GERARD! SHUT THE FUCK UP. I COME HOME TO HEARING YOU FUCKING MOANING OUT THAT KIDS NAME!!" I suddenly open my eyes as I hear this, then blush crimsion red as I notice I have my hand in my boxers.

Never fall asleep thinking of the sexiest thing since sex itself. Frank Iero. omnomnom...

A/N:I feel sorry for 'aweirdtree'. Their Twix melted. XD! That comment seriously made my day. ^.^ Okay, obviously since this is a chapter, I decided not to make it a once-shot. Sooo. :3 Thank you guys so much XD And yeah, this is kinda based off of what happened to me ^_^ I met this boy named Dyllan on Facebook and I'm seriously hypnotized. ._. All the facts about Frank in this story were what he was like -.- Anyways, I'm talking like an old man with mayonaise on his head. So. I'll shut up. XD Hope you enjoyed the chaptah mah bitches. B|
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