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12- Once Upon A Time...

by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

Ryan came forward, grabbing her sweats. "Come on honey, we have to go..." Ryan muttered.

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Brendon was laying on the bottom bunk with Kade curled up against him. She didn't want to sleep seperately from him and he didn't blame her. It was a little crowded but no big deal. Brendon left a voicemail for Jon, telling him that he needed to be bailed out of jail and so did Kade. Kade didn't call anyone, even though Brendon assured her that Spencer would bail her out. She didn't want to be a bother.

Kade yawned and moved around slightly, "Would you like me to move?" She asked Brendon, not wanting to make him uncomfortable.

Brendon shook his head, "Nope. I'd like you to stay actually."

"Tell me a story Brendon." Kade said, unable to fall asleep.

"Once upon a time there was a rabbit with a clock and a little girl that fell down the rabbit's hole..." Brendon started but Kade cut him off, giggling. "Brendon, that's Alice In Wonderland."

"You didn't say it had to be an original story!" Brendon argued, laughing as well.

Kade was about to respond but then she heard a familiar voice cut her off, "What is this?" Her father bellowed, staring in to the cell. "My god Kadence, what are you doing with that boy?"

Kade jumped, falling out of the bunk. Brendon immediately reached for her but Kade shook her head, eyes wide in fear. "No, it's okay Brendon." she said, licking her lips.

"How the hell did you find out she was here?" Brendon demanded, standing up to glare at Kade's father.

"A friend notified me, not that it's any of your business... dragging my daughter to parties and getting her arrested. You should be ashamed." Kade's father growled, glaring at Brendon.

An officer started unlocking the cell door as Brendon stared at Kade in worry, "Kade you're over 18... You don't have to go anywhere with him." He assured her, "I'm sure Jon will be here to bail us out soon."

Kade cleared her throat, "Tell me Ryan's number and I'll call him so he can come pick you up." She said, worried about Brendon staying in jail.

Brendon shook his head, "Dont' go Kade. Don't go with him." He pleaded.

"Kadence hurry. I'm not going to wait all night. We are going home." Kade's father snapped.

"I have to." Kade whispered, "Please just tell me Ryan's number."


Kade hung up, having spoken to Ryan. He was on his way to get Brendon. She swallowed hard, knowing her father kept glancing at her and they were almost home. What horrifying punishment would she face for tonight's events?

Her father's silence only left her even more terrified than initially. This was bad. Usually he would be screaming. Why wasn't he screaming?

"I-I'm sorry Dad." Kade whispered as they pulled in to the parking space in front of their house.

"You aren't sorry but you will be." He promised Kade, causing shivers of terror to run through her body. What was he going to do? Kade was so terrified that she didn't even notice he had gotten out until her door was pulled open and his rough grip pulled her from the car. Kade stumbled as she tried to keep up with him.

As soon as her father opened the door he shoved her inside and she fell to the ground, moaning in pain. His foot roughly flew in to her side and she curled in to a ball, trying to deflect the pain of his hits to the best of her ability.

Kade glanced up to see her father had stopped kicking her, he was looking at her with desire though. It was clearly desire. Kade didn't like that look, not one bit. He had never given her that look before.


"What do you mean she went home with her father?" Ryan asked angrily, pulling up to Brendon's apartment.

"I couldn't stop her." Brendon said, distraught. "I told her not to go!"

Ryan rolled his eyes, "How helpful. Get out. I'm gonna go check on her." Ryan snapped.

Brendon quickly got out, he could find no words to defend himself, "Let me know how she is." he muttered before shutting Ryan's door.

Ryan quickly drove to Kade's house, pressing talk as his number dialed the number she had called him from. No answer. He sighed and threw his cell phone down, running his hand through his hair. It seemed to be taking forever to reach her house. He couldn't help but worry for her though. Her father was obviously abusive and that was dangerous.

Ryan pulled in to her drive-way, finding no other cars. Would she even be home? He got out and went up to the door, knocking loudly. No answer. "Kade?" He called, knocking again. No answer. Finally Ryan just tried the door. It was unlocked so he went inside.

"Kade?" He called, wondering if her dad was going to jump out and attack him if he progressed in to the house. He needed to know that she was okay though so he continued up the stairs, hoping to find her bedroom.

He checked behind a door to find a bathroom. There was another door at the back of the hallway so he silently walked to it, slowly opening it. "Kade?" he called in to the dark bedroom. He heard movement and turned on the light. "Turn it off!" Kade yelled quickly. Ryan turned the light off, startled. "Kade, are you okay?" He asked, coming in to her bedroom slowly since he couldn't see much. It was incredibly dark for daytime. Usually blinds kept out 'some' light but hers kept it all out.

"Go away Ryan. My dad... he'll get angry." Kade whispered, miserably. She was curled up on her bed, under blankets. She was still shivering however. She wasn't so sure that it was due to being cold anymore though.

"Your dad is gone. Or at least his car isn't here. I didn't see him when I came in." Ryan said, sitting on the edge of Kade's bed. He tried to pull the blanket down a little bit so that he could see her face but she quickly pulled it over herself again, "Please Ryan... Please just leave me alone. I never want to get out of this bed. I just want to die here."

"What happened Kade?" Ryan asked, worried. Kade had called him over three hours ago, he hadn't been able to get Brendon immediately. Anything couldv'e happened in that time span...

"Please don't make me talk about it." Kade mumbled, tears falling from her face again. "I don't want to."

"Okay, shh." Ryan could hear her sobbing, "It's okay... Come on, let's go to my apartment. Your dad could be home anytime. We have to leave."

"You have to leave. I'm going to sleep." Kade mumbled softly. "This is my home. This is all I've got."

"That's not true. You've got me... You've got Spencer. Brendon was worried about you. Come on... Let's go. You can live with me." Ryan was surprised with his proposal but he felt the urge to get her out of this home. He knew what a violent home could do.

"Why?" Kade asked softly, "Why let me live with you?" She was terrified. She was terrified that Ryan was nothing more than a dream, a figment of her imagination.

"Because you need a home and I'm lonely." Ryan was just making shit up. He just wanted to get her out, quickly.

"You're not lonely."

"Well, not entirely but I still wouldn't mind the company." Ryan said. "Please come with me Kade?"

Kade shook her head under the blankets, "I can't Ryan. I can't go with you. You'll just leave me and then I'll be alone. I don't have anybody. No one stays."

"I'll stay." Ryan toughened his tone. He needed to get her out of there and he knew she would listen if he acted a little more aggressively. He knew what she was going through and he didn't want to become her enemy but there was little he could do if her father showed up... He was trespassing. "Get up now. We are leaving." He commanded, wincing at his tone.

Kade jumped and then in a small voice said, "I don't have clothes on."

"Oh." Ryan said, awkwardly. "I'll grab you some." He said, quickly standing.

He saw sweats on the top of her drawer and grabbed them, going through her drawer to find a tank top. He tossed it on the bed, "There put that on. Do you have a bag? I'll grab some of your stuff."

"In my closet." Kade mumbled, moving around on the bed.

Ryan went to Kade's closet, turning on the light. He saw her black bag and grabbed it, coming out of the closet. He paused in midstep as he saw Kade. She was standing next to her bed, completely nude. He inhaled deeply, "What the fuck did he do to you?" Ryan demanded.

Kade's entire body was covered in angry red marks that would surely bruise, she had dried blood on her leg and on her chin. Her make up was stained all over her face where it had ran after she'd cried.

As Ryan stepped closer Kade winced, expecting pain. Ryan paused, moving slowly after a second to let her adjust to the fact that he was coming near her. "My god Kade... he raped you, didn't he?" Ryan asked. He was closer to the bed now and could see small red stains from her, staining her sheets. It was the first thing that came to mind and he desperately hoped he was wrong but as she started sobbing he realized he was right.

Ryan came forward, grabbing her sweats. "Come on honey, we have to go..." Ryan muttered. Kade grabbed on to Ryan's shoulders and stepped in to the sweats for him. Ryan grabbed the tank top and pulled it over her head, dressing her. Kade stood silently waiting as Ryan turned and started grabbing random shit, shoving it in to her bag. That would have to do. He didn't plan on coming back...

Kade leaned against Ryan as he helped her out of her room. She was clutching her blanket which was the only thing she had grabbed. Ryan had her bag. He gently helped her down the stairs, horrified with what had happened.

Ryan was just getting done buckling Kade's seat belt when her father pulled in to the drive way. Kade stared absentmindedly out of the window of the car, clutching her blanket tightly. She still hadn't spoken. It was worrying Ryan.

Ryan closed the door and turned to see Kade's father angrily approaching him, "Where the hell are you taking my daughter?"

"Away from you." Ryan said, making fists. He didn't intend on getting in a fight however. He could take this to authorities once Kade started talking again but he didn't need to ruin her chance of getting away from her father by getting arrested for assaulting him.

"No you aren't. Stay the fuck away from my daughter. You and all of your horny little friends." Kade's dad said, stepping closer to Ryan.

Ryan stood his ground, "I know what you did to her. Don't think for a second that as her father it gives you any right to touch her like that." He yelled, glaring at the horrible man standing in front of him. Ryan didn't think he had the right to breath after what he'd done.

"You don't know what you're talking about kid." Kade's father growled, glaring at Ryan.

Ryan shrugged, "We will see what the police think I do and don't know." He threatened.

Ryan knew the older man wanted to hit him but instead he backed away, fearful of what Ryan would do if he hit him. He knew the police would investigate the matter. He already had enough hospital records with Kade to make a case for him. "Get off of my property."

Ryan didn't say a thing as he got in to his car, glancing at Kade. She was still staring out the window with a blank look. Ryan reached over and brushed his fingers against her cheek. She jumped but said nothing. "You might not believe me now but... things do get better." Ryan whispered, pulling out of the driveway.


(Sorry if that was too sad for some people... Hope I don't lose readers but I understand if it was too much! This story will involve a LOT of Ryan, Brendon, Jon AND Spencer but she will only be with one... No worries there. I'm just developing friendships between them all. Sometimes the lines may blur but it will reason out. I did not detail the rape scene because frankly... I don't want to. Rape disgusts me. There is no reason for it and I think men/women who rape should be 'fixed' down there. I do have to admit however that it will work in to this story quite nicely and it's more about the road to recovery than anything else. I appreciate feedback as always. Thank you!)
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