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The Pure Heart

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Casey learns to feed. Many questions still remain.

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Gerard pulled Anna into the small pantry off the kitchen then slammed the door shut behind them.

“Gee, we should return.” Her voice shook.

He pulled her into his arms. “I need you alone for just a few minutes.” He said burying his face in her neck. “Sugar, this changes everything for us.”

Anna caressed his back. “I know.” She whispered. “I still feel as if this is all a dream.”

“But it’s not.” He smiled. “Holy shit, Anna this means we don’t have to live in fear anymore. I still can’t fuckin’ believe it. Elizabeth, the last remaining original Pure, is like us. She feels mortal emotions.”

Anna kissed his cheek as his closeness ignited her Healer blood. “And Jacob was free to admit a truth he’s hidden since his beginning.”

Gerard’s eyes turned topaz. “Elizabeth has freed us all.” He felt Anna’s fingers struggling to unzip his pants. Her eyes now topaz flashed. They both understood their Healer blood now running hot could not be denied.

His zipper was lowered and he reached down to shove the jeans down his legs. Then he lifted Anna’s skirt, his fingers found her panties shoving them down.

“Oh.” Anna cried as he thrust into her. “Yes.”


Marcus spotted Annie sitting just outside the ballroom. His Pure blood, now confused and torn by all that had happened flared.

“You have been here, listening?” He ground out.

Annie’s eyes grew wide. “I’m sorry.”

“Mortal, you have no right to listen to our business.” He released Casey’s arm and took a menacing step towards the girl.

“Marcus.” Casey said summoning all her remaining strength. “Stop.”

He spun around to face her. “While much has changed the fact that mortal are not to know of our world has not. You heard Elizabeth.”

“But Annie already knows of our world.” Casey said softly.

“Her mind is not controlled.” He said roughly.

Casey wanted to argue with him but she felt so weak. Her eyes suddenly turned topaz.

“Oh.” Annie said seeing the change as it happened.

For a moment Casey was confused.

“Your eyes.” Annie whispered. “They are beautiful.”

Marcus clinched his fists at his side. “Enough. You must learn to feed. Unless some other great revelation about our world is revealed that is a fact I still understand.”

Casey placed her hand on his arm. “I need…”

He nodded then turned to Annie. “Where are the blood bounds assembled?”

“Uh, most are in the living room.” She answered.

“Where you should be.” He said angrily. He started to turn. “I will chose one.”

“No, wait.” Annie said suddenly finding courage. “I want to do this. Please let me.”

“What?” Marcus was finding it harder and harder to control his anger. “I suggested this before remember?”

“That was before.” Casey said softly. “When it was believed I would have to pretend to be what was considered a rightly turned Healer.”

“The hunger and lust still remain.” He answered. “That hasn’t changed.”

Annie saw Casey’s whole body was beginning to shake. “I want to do this. I want Casey to learn to feed from me.”

Casey smiled, “If you’re sure.”

Annie nodded.

“Whatever.” Marcus ground out. “Come.”

He led the two women up the stairs while his eyes now turned topaz. Suddenly nothing in his world made sense. At the top of the stairs he pushed open the first bedroom door. Casey and Annie followed him inside.

Marcus led them to the bed. “She must also learn to glamour.” He said looking at Annie. “You understand this?”

Annie nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

The hunger was making it difficult for Casey to think. She sat down on the bed pulling Annie down beside her. “Thank you.” She whispered.

Annie smiled in answer.

“Look into her eyes.” Marcus said to Casey. “Assure her everything is fine.”

Casey looked deeply into Annie’s eyes. Suddenly she felt an overwhelming sense of power she’d never felt before. “You are safe.” She said softly.

Annie didn’t blink. “Yes.”

Marcus pulled up a chair quickly. “Casey take her blood.”

The hunger could not be denied. Casey was momentarily shocked when her fangs extended. She bit into Annie’s neck and as soon as her warm blood filled her mouth her body caught fire. Gently she pushed Annie’s body down on the bed following it with her own. As she continued to drink she caressed Annie’s face.

Marcus sat silently a few minutes watching the scene. Finally he spoke, “Listen to her heartbeat. It fills your ears. When it starts to slow you must stop.”

It was difficult for Casey to concentrate on his words but something deep inside her forced her to listen to Annie’s heartbeat. Even though she wanted more when Annie’s heart began to slow she tore her mouth away.

“Heal the wound.” Marcus growled fighting his own hunger that had been ignited by watching the women.

Casey’s tongue licked the skin stopping the blood flow. Her head rose to look down into Annie’s face. Her eyes were wide open.

“Now release her mind.” He said softly.

Casey leaned down to kiss Annie’s lips gently. Then she pulled Annie up into a sitting position beside her. “Nothing has happened.” She said their eyes locked.

Annie blinked. “What?” She frowned, “But I thought…” She had no memory of what had just transpired.

“Thank you.” Casey whispered hugging Annie tightly.

Annie was still confused. “But I want…”

“She has feed.” Marcus sighed, “It is done.”

“Oh.” Annie blinked several times. “Wow.” She finally whispered.

“Leave us.” Marcus said.

Annie nodded. She quickly got off the bed closing the door behind her.

Marcus saw that Casey’s eyes were on fire. “You now understand the hunger.” He said softly. “It can’t be denied, ever.”

Casey held out her hands to him. “Please.” She whispered. “I need..”

“And now you also understand the lust. The two feelings go hand in hand for us.”

She nodded, “Yes.” She closed her eyes a minute feeling the desire racing through her body. “I understand.”

“So do you hate this about yourself?”

It was so hard to concentrate. “No.” She ground out. “This is who I am now.”

He sighed, “Yeah, it is. You will feel this when you feed. To a lesser extent if you choose at times to use the synthetic but the feeling is always there.”

“Marcus.” She reached for him but he made no move to go to her.

She got off the bed to kneel before his chair. “I need.”

The toll of everything that had happened suddenly was too much for him. “You need to fuck.” He said roughly.

Casey’s topaz eyes widened. “What?”

“Admit it. That’s what you need, what you want. Any one here would do.”

She recoiled as if he’d slapped her. “Is that what you believe?”

“Of course it is. I know it’s the truth. You are a Healer now, Casey. The Pure blood that runs through your veins makes you more than just a Healer. As I said you are my equal now. You will find your place in the Healer world.”

She shook her head then closed her eyes. Until now she had not had the strength to try to hear his thoughts. But now as she tried it all became clear. “You are afraid.”

Marcus got up abruptly but using her new found strength before he could react she pushed him back down as she stood. “Everything you once believed has been challenged. You fear you have lost your place in this world.”

“I have no place in this world.” He said without emotion. “I gave it up long ago.”

“No.” Casey cried out. “That’s not true.”

“Of course it is. When I stopped healing, I gave up my place. I have gone centuries simply existing. Deep down I knew what had happened but I ignored. Today showed me I have no place in the Healer world. I have failed my kind for too long.”

Now Casey was afraid. “You are my Maker.” She whispered.

“You already had Pure blood. I am simply the one who turned you.” He said glancing away.

Casey hung her head listening more to his thoughts. Tears suddenly glistened in her topaz eyes. “Oh Marcus.” His overwhelming despair was too much to take.

“I am so proud of you.” He said gently. “You offer our world new hope. I understand now why I was not allowed before to know what was planned. I am not worthy of you.”

Suddenly she rose to her feet. The smile on her face confused Marcus. “I understand now.” She said softly. “But you are so wrong. You were not told what would happen because even His Excellence was not sure Elizabeth would come. He believed the truth about our kind needed to be revealed however even as revered as he is he was concerned his words would be met with defiance. It was essential that Elizabeth reveal the truth as she is the last original Pure. A Pure who feels mortal emotions just as I do and many others. That is why no one was told not because you were not worthy. Marcus, I chose you to be my Maker. I’ve never once doubted you are a strong Pure. You simply lost your way. But I will help you find it again. Your love for the gift you hold has never died. You never turned your back on the mortals. You’ve lost nothing.”

He closed his eyes. “I see you can still get in my head.”

“And I see that you still can’t get in mine. I wish you could. If you could hear my thoughts… ‘ She sat down on his lap. “You can’t hear them but I know you can feel my emotions.”

“Yeah I still feel how much you want sex.” He said sadly.

Casey caressed his cheek. “I’m sure that’s what you can feel. But along with that feeling there are words you can’t hear so I’ll say them. I love you Marcus. I love you just as I did before but now it’s more intense.” When he tried to look away she forced his eyes to met hers. “I want my soul mate to make love to me.”

“You don’t need me now.’ He whispered.

“I will always need you.” She ran her thumb over his bottom lip. “I will always love you.”

“Casey.” He said her name like a prayer.

“Together we will walk this earth as Caretakers. Until the end of time when together we will be called home.”


Annie slipped into Elena’s room where Sean sat holding the baby. He could see by the look on her face something happened and at first he was frightened.

“What’s going on?”

Annie sat down beside him. “Sean, it is wonderful.” She smiled, “The only remaining original Pure is here.”

“What?” Sean asked in confusion. “Original Pure?”

“Yes, Elizabeth is the last of the original Pures. In the beginning there were fourteen placed on this earth by the Supreme Being.”

“Wait, they weren’t born to mortal women?”

“No.” She shook her head. “They weren’t.”

“Wow.” Sean said slowly. “Okay, so why is it good she’s here? Have they accepted Casey? Was she turned correctly?” This question had haunted him since he saw Carolyn leading Casey down the stairs.

Annie took Elena from his arms hugging the child to her. “Casey is a Healer but she still has retained her mortal emotions.”

Sean was scared, “Please tell me this didn’t come to light.”

“It did but it’s okay.” She tried to explain but her cut her off.

“How can it be okay? Gerard told me they destroy healers who feel mortal emotions?” He suddenly paused closing his eyes. “Oh.”

Annie understood. “You can feel that like Anna he is very happy.”

“More than happy.” Sean said slowly. “But I still don’t understand.”

“Elizabeth explained that some of the original Pures felt mortal emotions. They were created that way by the Supreme Being and they were accepted by the others. The whole belief that feeling mortal emotions was wrong did not start until must later in history. From what I understand it didn’t start until mortals learned of the Healers and the fear and hatred they felt towards the Pures changed them.”

Sean nodded, “I can imagine it would. I can’t even begin to imagine how Gerard would have felt if once I learned he had healed me, saved me from death and I feared him.”

“Sean, this is all so wonderful. Elizabeth and His Excellence have both said that Healers must stop persecuting their own. They must except that some Healers do have the ability to feel mortal emotions and it’s not wrong.”

“What does she look like?” Sean asked softly.


He nodded.

Annie sighed. “I don’t know. I hid when what I now know were His Excellence’s men came in. So I don’t know what he looks like either but he has a lovely voice.”

Sean laughed, “A lovely voice?”

“So does Elizabeth.” Anna smiled, “I bet she’s beautiful.”

“She most certainly is.”

“Oh no.” Annie clutched the baby to her in fear. She recognized the voice. She dropped her head immediately as did Sean.

Elizabeth walked into the room. “Please lift your heads.”

Annie did so slowly but there were now tears in her eyes.

“Child, why do you cry?” Elizabeth asked kindly.

“I am afraid.” Annie whispered. “You heard us.”

His Excellence nodded, “Yes, we heard you speaking of what happened earlier. You understand of course this is very serious.”

Annie nodded, “Yes, Your Excellence. I am sorry.”

“You are Annabelle’s blood bound?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, uh, ma’am.

Elizabeth brushed her long while hair back from her shoulders. “And she does not control your thoughts.” It was a statement not a question.

Annie nodded.

“She shows great trust in you.” His Excellence said.

“I love Anna. I am proud to be her blood bound.” Annie said softly.

“What is your name, child?”

“I am also Annabelle.” When she saw their surprised looks she added, “I was named after Anna. My grandmother, Claire, was once her blood bound.”

“I believe Jacob spoke of this.” His Excellence said. “Your grandmother was the child Annabelle saved from death?”

“Yes, Your Excellence.” Annie nodded.

His attention turned to Sean. “And you belong to Anna’s child, correct?”

Sean nodded, “Yes, sir. I am Gerard’s blood bound.” His head suddenly turned towards the door.

“He draws near?” His Excellence asked understanding what was happening.

Sean nodded, “Yes.”

“He saved you from death.”

Again Sean nodded just as Anna and Gerard appeared in the doorway.

“Elizabeth, Your Excellence.” Anna acknowledged them nervously.

“Elizabeth wished to slip away a moment and see our newest Pure.” His Excellence explained. “However, we overheard your blood bounds discussing what has happened here today concerning our world.”

Gerard glanced nervously at Anna hoping she’d know what to say.

“Oh, I see.” She lowered her head. “I am sorry.”

Elizabeth sighed, “Annabelle, while I understand both you and Gerard trust your blood bounds I must remind all in this room that our world must remain hidden from the mortals. Especially during this difficult time. Jonam and I both realize that there are Pures and those turned who will wish to reject the truths I have revealed.”

“It will of course be most difficult for those like me who do not feel mortal emotions.” His Excellence added.

Elizabeth noticed that Gerard was staring at her. “There is something you wish to say?”

“Uh, oh, sorry.” Gerard looked down.

Elizabeth smiled, “Gerard, please speak your mind.”

“It’s not really that.” He said feeling slightly ridiculous. “It’s just I was looking at your hair.”

“It’s beautiful.” Annie whispered.

Gerard nodded, “Yeah, Anna’s is the same color.”

“Really?” Elizabeth was intrigued.

His Excellence nodded, “Yes, I have seen her natural color. It is just as white as yours.”

Anna smiled, “I dyed it before Gerard and I came to Scotland.”

“Jacob turned you at an early age, did he not?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes.” Anna said softly. “I was sixteen. Jacob turned me because he could not heal my body. He could not stop my death.”

While His Excellence knew the story, Elizabeth did not. “Death at such an early age?”

Instinctively Gerard placed his arm around Anna’s shoulder pulling her closer. He understood this was still a difficult topic for his wife.

“I was attacked, beaten and left to die in an ally.” Anna said softly. “Jacob happened by too late to stop the man.”

Elizabeth looked at Jonam an unspoken question in her eyes.
His Excellence nodded, “Yes, it is true. Jacob had never see Annabelle until that night.”

“He must have felt very deeply that the correct action was to bring you into our world.” Elizabeth said looking again at Anna.

“I remember what Lazarus believed about your hair.” His Excellence said softly to Elizabeth. “I do believe he was right.”

Elizabeth’s face took on a faraway look. “His hair was not white yet I believe his heart was much purer than mine.”

His Excellence could sense those in the room hoped he’d explain. “Lazarus told Elizabeth, the only of the fourteen to have white hair, that it reflected the purity of her heart.”

“Oh.” Annie whispered.

Gerard nodded, “My Anna’s heart is pure.”

“Gee.” She whispered trying to quiet him.

Elizabeth surprised them all by laughing lightly. “The man loves you. He is speaking his mind.” She turned to Annie. “Now I wish to hold our newest Pure.”

Annie smiled, “Of course.”

Elizabeth took Elena in her arms. “What a beautiful girl.” She crooned softly.

Elena smiled, her arms waving happily. However a few minutes late her smile faded.

“She hungers.” Elizabeth said preparing to hand her back to Annie.

“Elizabeth.” Anna said softly. “It would be an honor if you would feed her.”

The request shocked the Pure. “Oh.” She looked at His Excellence.

“Annabelle speaks the truth.” He turned to the others. “Come let us get back to the others downstairs.”

Slowly Elizabeth moved to the rocker as they filed out of the room.

Glancing back His Excellence smiled as he saw Elizabeth pierce the tip of her finger then lower it to the baby’s mouth. Happiness filled his soul knowing Elizabeth was once more taking her rightful place in their world.


Gerard spoke softly to Sean as they started back towards the stairs. He was told that he and Annie should remain in the hallway until Elizabeth emerged. They would stay with the baby while the guests remained.

Once back in the ballroom Anna and Gerard walked to their seats while His Excellence spoke to Atticus.

“Gee, I love you.” Anna whispered happily taking his hand.

“I love you, Sugar.” He grinned. “But damn, I wish everyone would leave.”

She giggled. “I understand what you mean.” Looking around he noticed that Marcus and Casey were no where to be seen.

“Looking for Casey and Marcus?” He guessed.

She nodded, “Yes.”

“Maybe Marcus is teaching her how to feed.”

“That has been done.” Anna said softly.

Gerard was surprised, “It has? How do you know?”

Anna smiled, “I sensed Annie had been glamored when we walked into Elena’s room. It is my guess she is the one who was used to teach Casey.”

“But…” He paused, “Oh, yeah since Casey didn’t have to pretend to be turned correctly I guess Annie wouldn’t have had any objection.”

“Knowing Annie I am sure she offered.” Anna said with pride. “Annie loves Casey.”

“So where are they?” Gerard asked.

Anna giggled, “Gee, think about it.”

His eyes flashed, “Yeah, I get it. But I’m still sorta worried about Marcus. He was so confused and shocked by everything that happened.”

Anna nodded, “Yes, I know as was most everyone.” She fell silent as Miles sat back down beside Gerard.

“Hey.” Gerard said turning to him.

Miles smiled, “Witnessing Casey’s awakening has turned out to be quite an event.” He looked passed Gerard. “Hello.” He smiled at Anna. “I’m Miles. We’ve never had the opportunity to meet.”

“Hello, Miles. I am Anna.”

“Anna, most everyone knows who you are.” Miles laughed. “Jacob’s child is well known in our world. But it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Gerard studied the Healers. “Uh so how do you really feel about all of this?”

Miles sighed, “As a turned who lost his mortal emotions I have to admit I’m a bit sad.”

“Sad?” Anna repeated confused by his words.

He nodded, “Yes, I now wish I had retained my former emotions. But what I told His Excellence was true, I always felt that destroying those who did feel mortal emotions went against everything we are meant to be.” He looked at both Anna and Gerard a moment then added looking directly at Anna. “May I ask you something?”

“Yes, of course.” She smiled.

“When you turned Gerard without permission it caused quite a stir. At the time I was truly torn about how I felt but seeing you two together…” He paused, “I’m sorry this really isn’t any of my business.”

Anna reached across Gerard to touch the Healers arm. “Please, what is it you wish to ask?"

“Why did you do it? Knowing the consequences could be so severe, why did you turn him?”

Gerard turned to Anna waiting for her replay.

“Because he is my soul mate.” She answered softly. “And I knew of his desire to join our world.”

Miles nodded, “I had wondered. My Maker too has spoken of the belief that we can find our soul mate. I hope someday I am that lucky.”

“I wish that for you.” Anna smiled.

Miles looked around the room. “I feel like what has happened today has changed our world in a positive way. I’m actually just waiting for the chance to speak to Casey before I leave.”

“You’ve met Casey before?” Anna asked.

Miles nodded, “I’m sure she is the reason I was invited here. She and Marcus attended a party I hosted. I knew then there was something very special about her. Not that she was just ,,,,,. I could sense there was more. Now I know I was right.”


Carolyn was the first to spot Marcus and Casey walk back into the ballroom. She immediately went to them.

“Carolyn.” Casey threw her arms around the Pure hugging her tightly. “Thank you.”

Marcus spoke softly to the Pure. “Yeah, thank you for everything.”

Carolyn stepped back to look into Marcus’s eyes. “I am sorry the events leading up to this were so difficult for you.”

“Did you know about Elizabeth?” He asked.

“His Excellence can be very cryptic.” Carolyn laughed. “While I understood he hoped this would be the outcome of today I truly knew very little of the details. I was shocked by Elizabeth’s appearance. I only knew I must make sure Casey was introduced into our world.” She looked into Casey’s eyes. “And that I must bond with her. A decision that fills me with pride.”

“I am proud to be bonded to you.” Casey smiled at the Pure.

Carolyn smiled “Well, I am quite sure for now on there is only one Pure you wish to be with.”

Casey placed her arm around Marcus’s waist. “Yes, my Maker, my soul mate.”

“I am happy for both of you.” Carolyn smiled.

There were still so many questions in Marcus’s mind. “So uh, you one of those who feel mortal emotions?"

Casey and Carolyn smiled at each other before Carolyn answered. “Indeed, I am. And I am sure His Excellence knew this. That is why I was chosen to bond with Casey. She needed to feel my emotions to understand.”

“Could have just told her.” Marcus muttered.

Carolyn laughed, “Oh Marcus. You’re love for her blinded you to so many things.”

He frowned, “Not really.”

Carolyn grew serious. “Of course it did. Had you known this was to happen you would have tried to stop it. You’re love for her would have made you fear too much what could have happened. Even I’m not sure how this all would have transpired had Elizabeth not revealed the truth.”

“Having the last original Pure on your side does help.” He sighed.

“Indeed.” Carolyn nodded. “Oh and I spoke to her earlier, she wishes to speak to you and Casey alone.”

“I have so many questions.” Casey said softly.

“She understands.” Carolyn took a step forward and kissed her cheek. “As do I.”

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