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And Ever

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A new beginning.

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“A moment of your time?” Carolyn whispered into Casey’s ear.

Casey, who was seated next to Marcus, smiled. “Of course.” She gently pulled her hand from Marcus’s and stood.

“I am leaving now.” Carolyn said smiling at Marcus. “But I wish to speak to Casey. She will only be a minute.”

Marcus nodded, “Of course.” It was hard to let Casey leave his side but he understood the older Pure’s request must be honored. He was surprised however when Carolyn leaned down and gently placed a kiss on his cheek before turning then moving towards the front hallway.

Casey smiled then followed the Pure.

Once they were standing by the front door Carolyn spoke. “This day has been very stressful for him.”

Casey smiled, “It has been.”

“Well when what you’ve always believed to be true is suddenly shown to be false…”
She paused. “His Pure blood causes his thoughts to be in turmoil. That is something I do understand.”

Casey tilted her head, “Yes, I know how hard this has been for him. But deep down, in his soul, he did realize.”

“That it is not wrong for a Pure to feel human emotions or that it is wrong to persecute those in our world for the fact?”

“Both” Casey answered.

Carolyn sighed, “Yes, I believe you’re right. No matter what he says he would never have protected Annabelle had he not felt that.”

“You knew before today he had protected Annabelle?”

Carolyn reached out to touch Casey’s arm. “I have known Jacob longer than Marcus. I always could sense Jacob and I shared the ability to feel human emotions. Of course I could never voice that feeling. However, since he and Marcus were close I was sure he too could sense Jacob was different. When Jacob turned Annabelle and asked Marcus to offer her his protection I was positive I was right. Marcus protected them both for a long time.”

Casey smiled, “Yes, he did.”

“Your Maker is a good man.” Carolyn said with emotion.

“Yes.” Casey whispered. “My soul mate is a good man.”

Carolyn smiled, “Yes, your soul mate. How very lucky you two are. You belong to each other. That is why I am offering to release you from our bond. You will belong only to him.”

Casey was surprised by Carolyn’s words. For a moment she simply stared at the Pure. Then looking deep into her soul she found the words she needed. “No, please do not do that. I cherish our bond. Now that I am a Healer I understand the bond so much better. The bond we share is our worlds love. I love you Carolyn. You are a wise Pure who I am proud to share a bond with. That has not changed. Before, as a mortal, I could not completely understand that but now I do.”

Carolyn moved to take Casey in her arms. “I am so happy you have joined our world.” She whispered. Then standing back she wiped a tear from her eye. “Take care of Marcus. Someday when we met again I will offer you this choice again.”

Casey smiled, “You will offer and I will decline.”

“Perhaps.” Carolyn said softly.


Marcus sat nervously waiting for Casey to return. This day was beginning to take its toll on his mind. The only thought that kept him going was that soon all the Healers and Pures who had attended Casey’s awakening would depart. He’d seen many already take their leave after speaking to Elizabeth and still more were now going.

“It has been a very long day, has it not?”

Marcus nodded to Jacob who had just entered the room and was standing before him.
“Yeah, you could say that.” Marcus muttered.

Jacob sat down next to him on the sofa. “Where is Casey?”

“Carolyn wanted to speak to her. She’s leaving.”

“Soon they all will leave.” Jacob said softly hoping to give Marcus hope. “Then Elizabeth will speak to Casey before she and His Excellence take their leave.”

Marcus glanced over at him. “You really didn’t know what was going to happen?”

Jacob understood the question. “I was being completely honest with you when I said I did not know what would happen. In my heart I held on to hope but refused to let myself believe.”

“But you had to know something was up.” Marcus was still trying to make sense of everything.

“I knew His Excellence believed Casey’s turning would bring peace to our troubled world. He had spoken to me about her mother’s words and about he believed we had lost our way. I had hoped…” He paused, “Yes, hoped it would have something to do with the fact our world believed it was right to destroy our own.”

Marcus’s eyes narrowed. “So His Excellence believed Casey would retain her mortal emotions and that fact would bring to light that some Pure’s are born with human emotions?”

Jacob sat back and laughed, “Marcus you have never really had any in depth interactions with His Excellence. Believe me when I say the man can be very cryptic. One minute I would believe I knew what he believed would happen and the next I was suddenly sure I was wrong. It has been a very stressful time for all of us.”

Marcus sighed, “I still don’t understand. If he thought she’d retain her human emotions why not just say it?”

“Because he wasn’t sure.” Jacob said lowering his voice as several Pures walked by. “If she hadn’t then nothing would have changed.”

“But surely Elizabeth stepping forward would have changed things.” Marcus said.

Jacob laid his hand on Marcus’s arm. “There is something you do not realize. Elizabeth had removed herself from our world. I am sure she will explain more to you about that however it was the fact that Casey carries the blood of an original Pure, one I am sure she cared deeply for, that forced her to return to our world.”

“But what if she hadn’t?” Marcus refused to let go of this fear. “What if Casey had admitted she’d retained her human emotions and Elizabeth had not stepped forward? Casey would have been destroyed.”

Jacob shook his head, “My friend, that would never have happened. That was one thing His Excellence gave me his word on. Once I knew His Excellence had arrived I understood it was time for Casey to admit the truth. It was important for those in attendance to know that a Ingredior Utriusque had retained her human emotions and that the blood of one of the original fourteen flowed through her veins.”

Marcus ran his hand over his face. “I still can’t help but think there will be some who reject this new way our world has taken.”

“Yes, that concerns me also. I am positive this will be met with some resistance. So many of our kind believed from the time they were born to this earth that feeling human emotions was wrong. It will be difficult for them to accept what they believed was false.” He glanced away. “I have never been so afraid as I was today when Annabelle stood in that room. She understood how desperately I wanted to admit the truth about myself..”

Marcus cut him off, “But in doing so the truth about her also came to light.”

“I love my child so much.” Jacob said softly.

“And she feels that same love for you.” Marcus said clasping Jacob’s arm. “I’m really happy for you both.”

Jacob turned to look into Marcus’s eyes. “I am happy for all of us.”

Marcus was about to reply when Katherine and Casey joined them.

“The last of the guests just left.” Katherine announced. “His Excellence and Elizabeth would like to speak to us now. They are waiting.”

Both men stood. Marcus placed his arm around Casey’s shoulders while Jacob took Katherine’s hand. Slowly the group moved towards the living room. Once there they saw His Excellence was seated next to Elizabeth on one of the sofas. In her arms she was cradling Elena.

Elizabeth smiled as they entered the room and His Excellence stood making room on the sofa for Marcus and Casey. Elizabeth spoke to Anna who was seated with Gerard on the other sofa. “Our little Pure is tired. Please summon Annie.”

Anna smiled then stood. A moment later she reentered with Annie who moved to take the baby keeping her eyes lowered she reached out but stopped when Elizabeth spoke.

“Child you have nothing to fear from me.”

Annie’s voice was soft. “I don’t fear you. I just understand that I am very honored to be in your presence.”

“Then look at me.” Elizabeth said.

Annie met her eyes.

“That is better.” Elizabeth smiled. “It has been so long since I’ve been in the presence of mortals…” She paused knowing soon she would be leaving. “It was a pleasure to meet you Annie. You and your young man. I hope one day we will meet again. Take care of this little one.” She glanced down at the baby in her arms.

“I will.” Annie promised. “And thank you.”

Elizabeth smiled then moved to hand her the baby. Once Annie had taken Elena Anna spoke. “It has been a very long night and day.” She said to Annie. “Once Elena is settled you and Sean should sleep.”

“Tell Sean not to worry about the shop today.” Gerard added knowing his blood bound would be concerned. “We’ll just not open today.”

Annie nodded, “Okay.” She started to leave the room but couldn’t stop herself from glancing over at His Excellence. She saw he was watching her. “Thank you.” She said softly.

His Excellence was confused. “Why do you thank me?” He believed it was because no actions had been taken when he and Elizabeth heard the girl and Sean speaking about the Healer world.

Annie stared into his eyes. “I am bound to a kind and just Healer. I thank you for what happened here today.”

His Excellence smiled now completely understanding her words. “From this day forward the Healer you are bound to will have no reason to live in fear. Take care that you always remember what great trust she has placed in you.”

Annie smiled over at Anna. “I will.” She promised then turned to leave the room.

“Now then.” Elizabeth turned to take Casey’s hand in hers. “I am sure you wish to know more about the Pure whose blood runs through your veins.”

“Yes.” Casey nodded. “Please tell me.”

Elizabeth settled back comfortably against the sofa cushions. “I suppose the best place would be to start at the beginning and for me that beginning was the beginning of time on this earth.”

Casey was so excited, so full of questions. “Did you have direct contact with the Supreme Being?” As she asked this she realized the others were staring at her and Marcus had tightened his hold on her hand. “I’m sorry. I should not interrupt.”

Much to her surprise Elizabeth laughed, “My child I understand. However your question is one I have never been asked.” She glanced over at His Excellence. “By anyone.”

His Excellence sighed, “Elizabeth you know I have always showed you the utmost respect. I simply believed you would reveal to me what you believed I should know.

Elizabeth smiled at him warmly. “Yes, I understand.” She then turned her attention back to Casey. “No, sadly none of the original fourteen had any direct contact with the Supreme Being at least not in the way you are thinking. We were placed on this earth instinctively knowing what we must do, guide and help protect the mortals. We understood our blood could, if it was the correct thing, heal them. We also understood we had to rely on the mortals. Their blood gave us the nourishment we needed. I have always believed this was done so that we continued to remember we needed them as much as they needed us.”

“Do you think the invention of the synthetic changed things?” Gerard asked softly.

Elizabeth glanced over at him. “While I understand at times the synthetic can be useful I have wondered the same thing. By using the synthetic it does diminish our connection with the mortals.”

Anna lowered her head and Elizabeth did not miss the look on her face.

“Child, am I to understand you often use the synthetic?”

“Yes.” Anna whispered. “Until recently I used it much more than the blood of a mortal.”

“Why?” Elizabeth asked believing she already knew the answer but wanted to hear Anna admit that truth.

Anna looked up. “I….” Her voice trailed off unable to find the right words to explain.

Gerard squeezed her hand. “I think I can explain why.” He said looking into Elizabeth’s eyes.

Elizabeth nodded for him to continue.

“Anna has always been a wonderful Healer. But the fact that she had to live with the belief that she was wrong made it hard for her to feel like she was truly a part of the Healer world. So she struggled feeling torn between the mortal world, whose emotions still filled her and the Healer world who judged her to be wrong.”

“Is that true?” Elizabeth asked Anna.

Anna nodded.

“I am so sorry.” Elizabeth said sadly. “Sorry you had to endure those feelings for so long. How unfair someone who would ultimately be the reason our world would once more find our way had to suffer through that.”

Anna was shocked by her words. “I do not understand.”

Elizabeth smiled, “I am getting off track. First let me speak to Casey about Lazarus and then I will explain my words to you.”

Her eyes wide Anna could only nod.

Once more Elizabeth turned her attention to Casey. “Lazarus was a beautiful Pure. Perhaps he and I were so close because like me he could feel the emotions of mortals. I believe in my heart that brought us closer together.”

“What did he look like?” Casey asked wanting badly to picture the Pure in her mind.

Elizabeth smiled, “He was tall, blond and very handsome. Mortal women were very attracted to him. For more than a century he and I traveled together living among the mortals.” Her eyes took on a far away look, “The world was so different then.”

“I can only imagine.” Casey whispered.

Elizabeth nodded, “Different and so much simpler. However it was much harder to keep in contact with our brothers and sisters. Only Lazarus and I stayed together, the others had spread out across the earth. Often I wonder if Lazarus and I had been wrong to stay together.” She shook her head sadly. “But other moments I believe what we did was right.”

“What happened to him?” Casey asked softly.

Elizabeth sighed. “It was during the tenth century. By this time Lazarus and I had learned that four of our kind had been lost.”

“Lost?” Casey whispered.

“At the hands of mortals.” Elizabeth explained. “You must remember we knew we were never to let mortals know the truth about ourselves. Two of my brothers made the mistake of letting mortals see that difference. They were branded spawn of the devil and beheaded as was one of my sisters. She mistakenly trusted a mortal. The other sister was staked in the desert to endure the sunlight that blistered her skin. It was thirst that finally ended her life for without blood we eventually die.”

Tears appeared in Casey’s eyes.

Elizabeth forced herself to go on. “Even knowing what had befallen our kind Lazarus and I continued on. In our hearts we still believed in our purpose, our calling. We had settled with a group of Vikings who had moved to Northern France. It was there he met Agata.” She paused, “His soul mate.”

His Excellence moved to stand behind the sofa placing his hands on Elizabeth’s shoulders to offer his strength. He understood how difficult this was for her.

Elizabeth smiled up at him. “This must be spoken.”

He nodded.

“Agate was a beautiful woman.” Elizabeth continued. “Blond hair and beautiful piecing blue eyes. I knew immediately Lazarus, who at that time was known as Melmari, was attracted to her.” Again she paused, “And for the first time in my existence I allowed jealousy to invade my thoughts.”

Casey spoke without thinking, “You loved him.”

“Enough.” His Excellence barked. “You forget with whom you are speaking.”

Elizabeth tightened her hold on Casey’s hands. “Jonam tries even now to protect me. In his mind he believes one of the original fourteen should be held in higher regard.”

“You should be.” His Excellence said.

Elizabeth looked up at him. “That is your opinion not mine.” She looked into Casey’s eyes. “Yes, I loved Lazarus. That I will not deny. However it was my Pure blood that gave me strength. It allowed me to overcome the jealousy. It allowed my love for him to understand that his happiness was what was most important to me. So I stayed at his side, I lived among the mortals doing what I was meant to do.” She sighed, “But it was not always easy. Several times I used my gift to heal mortals I did not believe worthy. One such time was when I healed Agata’s husband.”

“She was married?” Casey asked in surprise.

“Yes, to a man who beat her often times unmercifully.”

Casey as well as the others was shocked. “He beat her and you healed him?”

“I healed him because I knew at the time it was what I was meant to do. My blood demanded I do so. You will learn as a Healer that at times we do not understand why the blood simply tells us to do so.”

“But what did Lazarus think?” Casey asked.

“As a Pure he understood that we are not meant to understand what the Supreme Being has planned for mortals. But now of course I do understand why I was to heal him.”

Anna, who was very caught up in the story, spoke. “Because she needed to be with child.”

Elizabeth smiled over at her. “Yes, I do believe now that was the reason. Several months after I healed her husband Agate conceived. When she was four months pregnant her husband was once more at death’s door, stricken with an illness that was spreading through our village. This time I knew I was not to heal him.”

“So her husband died?” Casey asked.

“Yes and Agate who had been nursing him too came down with the illness. Each day she became weaker as Lazarus and I watched. I felt heartbroken for him believing he would lose his soul mate.”

“Because we can not heal a pregnant woman.” Gerard said softly.

Elizabeth nodded, “That is true. We instinctively understood our blood would attack and kill the unborn. So you can imagine my fear when Lazarus told me he planned to use his blood to save Agate.”

“And he did.” Casey whispered.

Elizabeth sighed, “He used his blood to heal her after he and I argued heatedly. I feared he was going against the Supreme Beings wishes. I could not understand when he repeatedly told me he knew healing her was the correct thing to do. He told me his blood demanded he heal her.”

“You were afraid his love for her was blinding him?” Gerard asked.

“Yes.” Elizabeth answered. “I feared the mortal emotion of love was blinding him. However I began to question my fears when he did indeed heal her and the babe inside her womb continued to grow.” She shook her head, “Agate grew stronger and the babe survived. Lazarus himself admitted to me he did not understand why. The child should have died but did not.” She once more tightly grasped Casey’s hands. “Lazarus’s blood mingled with the blood of the child. His Pure blood flowed in the child’s veins.”

“My ancestor.” She whispered.

Elizabeth smiled, “Yes, your ancestor. The Pure blood that runs through your veins began with that child, a male child.”

“So Lazarus and Agate, what happened? Did he eventually turn her?” Marcus, who until this moment had remained silent, asked.

They were all shocked when tears suddenly appeared in Elizabeth’s eyes. “Agate died in childbirth.”

“Oh God.” Casey whispered.

“The babe came early.” Elizabeth said softly. “I alone was at her side. Lazarus had gone to care for another who had been wounded in a hunting accident. It happened so quickly. As I delivered the child into the world I heard Agate take her last breath.”

“But why didn’t you heal her?” Marcus asked.

“My blood told me it was her time to die.” Elizabeth said as a single tear rolled down her cheek. “And I will admit to all in this room that was the single most difficult time I have every endured. I wanted to heal her for Lazarus. I knew in my heart he would be devastated by her loss. But my Pure blood knew to heal her would be wrong.”

His Excellence gently caressed Elizabeth’s shoulders. “Why have you never told me this?”

Absently she wiped away the tear. “Because until you came to me telling of a mortal who’s blood contained that of a Pure you believe to be one of the original fourteen there was no reason.”

“But there have been others.” Marcus said trying to understand.

His Excellence understood. “Other Ingredior Utriusque? Yes, it is rare but they have appeared over time. However when I tasted Christa's blood I knew by the sheer sweetness the blood of the Pure was special. The blood of the original fourteen is like no other.”

Marcus could not stop himself. “But you tried to turn another.”

His Excellence sighed. “Yes, that is an action I will regret until the end of time. She was dying and I knew it was a Pure’s blood that ran through her veins. I went against what my Pure blood knew was right, I tried to turn her.”

Elizabeth placed on of her hands over His Excellence’s hand still settled on her shoulder. “Because you wanted to bring peace to our world. You wanted us to once more find our way.”

“So the Ingredior Utriusque you tried to turn did not have the blood of one of the original fourteen?’ Marcus asked.

“That is correct.” His Excellence nodded. “Too late I realized that only the blood of one of the original fourteen could bring our world back to our true way.”

“So why the other Ingredior Utriusques?" Katherine asked.

Elizabeth smiled over at her. “A very good question but sadly one I can offer no answer. Except perhaps the Supreme Being enjoys placing things in our world that confuse us.”

“Things that remind us we can be as confused as mortals?” Jacob suggested.

“Perhaps.” Elizabeth agreed.

As much as Casey understood all these questions were important she was still focusing on her ancestor, the Pure whose blood ran through her veins. “And Lazarus? What happened to him?”

Again Elizabeth’s eyes filled with tears. “It was the first time I had ever seen one of my brothers or sisters cry. He cradled her dead body in his arms for hours while I saw to it that the babe would be cared for by another mortal who had given birth recently. Her babe had died but her body offered nourishment for Agate’s child. It was decided that she would raise the child as her own. Soon after Agate was buried Lazarus and I moved on. While he would not admit the fact I knew the memories there was too painful for him. So once more we continued on living amongst the mortals doing what we were created to do. Several centuries passed when one day he told me he believed we should part. As much as I hated the thought of no longer being at his side, I knew he was correct. The world was changing, there were so many more mortals in need of our gifts. I stayed in France and he traveled to Germany.” She paused, “It was there his existence was ended at the hands of the Holy Roman Empire. He was branded a creature of the devil when he was discovered healing a mortal.”

Casey lowered her head feeling overwhelmed by emotion.

“This is the hardest thing our kind must endure.” His Excellence said softly.

“Yes.” Elizabeth’s voice was strong. “But endure it we must. It has always been this way and I believe will always be this way. Mortals must not know the truth of who we are or what we do. That I suppose you would consider our lot in life.” She reached out to tilt Casey’s face up. “And you have no regret accepting that lot?”

Casey smiled sadly, “No, I have no regret at all. I understand the beauty of what we are even though I know mortals will never see it.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Words spoken by Lazarus many times. It is right his blood was the blood that will bring our world back from the dark times we had allowed to take over. It must be seen that by allowing the fear and hatred the mortals placed on us should never have changed what we are, what we were always meant to be. We must understand that the hatred they have leveled against us in the past was wrought from fear. We must rise above that if we are to find our way. We are caretakers of the mortals. That is why we were created. Not to rule them, not to feel superior, simply to help them.”

“I look forward to the first time I feel it is right to use my gift.” Casey said softly.

“It is an incredible feeling.” Gerard nodded. “It really is.”

Elizabeth smiled at him. “Yes, indeed it is.”

Marcus sat back a frown covering his handsome features.

“You believe you have forgotten that feeling?” Elizabeth sat forward slightly so she could better see him.

Casey too sat back so she could look into his eyes.

Marcus’s voice was full of emotion. “I have not truly healed a mortal for many years. I have failed my kind.”

It was Elizabeth who spoke. “With your child at your side you will once more find your way.”

Marcus needed to believe. “With my soul mate at my side I pray that is true.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Yes, your soul mate.” She gave a slight laugh. “I find it amusing that some of our kind believe finding a soul mate is just a myth.”

Casey turned to her. “But you know it is very true.”

“Of course I know. I have witnessed many of our kind finding their soul mate. It is a beautiful thing. I believe when our kind finds their soul mate it is a special gift from the Supreme Being but not just a gift for ourselves but for others.” She turned to look into Anna’s eyes. “Do you not believe this to be true?”

Anna was surprised the question was directed to her. “I had not really given that much thought.” She answered slowly.

Elizabeth now turned to look at Jacob. “I am to understand that you turned your child never having met her before that night?”

Jacob nodded, “Yes, that is true.”

“Why?” Elizabeth asked searching his eyes for the truth.

Jacob let his mind return to that night so long ago. “She had been badly beaten and abused.” His voice became chocked with emotion. “My first thought was to simply end her suffering.”

Anna gasped never having realized this truth.

Jacob looked over at her. “Annabelle I have never admitted this even to myself since that night but that was truly my first thought. I knew I could not heal you, I knew your body was too damaged and death could not be stopped. I was…” His voice broke. “I was simply going to end your suffering.”

“You were going to end her mortal life?” Gerard’s voice was rough.

Jacob nodded, “I was afraid to turn her. I believed I was cursed by being a wrong Pure. I did not want that curse to fall to anyone else.”

Elizabeth knew he needed to speak the truth he’d been keeping inside, “What made you change your mind?”

Jacob felt Katherine take his hand in hers to offer him strength. “I looked into her beautiful face, I saw something in her eyes. I knew it was right to turn her.”

“Your Pure blood spoke to you.” Elizabeth said softly. “And as a wise Pure you did as it demanded, you turned the young girl.”

Jacob nodded. “Yes”

Elizabeth once more turned to Anna. “The Pure blood told your Maker what was the correct thing to do and he listened with his heart and mind. It was right to turn the girl who would one day bring the Ingredior Utriusque to our world.”

Anna’s eyes grew wide.

“I have heard that some mortals have the belief that everything happens for a reason. Tell me Annabelle, tell me about meeting your child.”

Gerard automatically placed his arm around her. Anna needed to feel his love. “He was a small boy.” She began in a soft voice. “But I knew the moment I looked into his eyes the man he would become was my soul mate.”

“Your blood whispered that to you.” Elizabeth said with a nod. “It knew.”

Anna was troubled, “But I waited so long as he moved through his mortal life. Should I have not done things differently since my blood knew?”

Elizabeth who had been informed from His Excellence about Gerard’s mortal life asked, “Do you not see that it was important for him to have lived that mortal life? I have been told it was because of that life you met Casey’s mother, correct?”

Anna nodded, “Yes, that is true.”

“Annabelle part of you may have believed you were simply letting him live his life out of love for him. You wanted him to have that mortal life, one you were denied so early in life but I believe your blood was once more whispering to you. It was telling you he had to lead that life in order for you to meet the Ingredior Utriusque. Had you not met her we would not be here now. You are the reason Casey knew of our world and chose to join it. Never again doubt your importance in our world.”

Gerard leaned over to place a kiss on his wife’s cheek. “Never” He whispered.


Hours later they all stood at the door as His Excellence and Elizabeth prepared to leave. Anna had gone up to the nursery and was now holding Elena in her arms.

“Good bye little Pure.” Elizabeth said as her fingertip gently caressed the baby’s cheek.

“Elizabeth.” Anna suddenly knew there was one more question she needed to ask. “Why do you believe some of our kind can feel human emotions and some can not?”

Elizabeth glanced over at Marcus before answering. “I believe many who once believed they could not truly can.”

Marcus tightened his arm around Casey. “Maybe that’s true.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Yes but it is also true that some can truly not feel human emotions. I believe the differences in our kind are meant to make us see we are more like mortals then we care to admit. Just as they must struggle to understand the differences in their kind so must we.” She gazed down at Elena now asleep in Anna’s arms. “Only time will tell if this Pure can or can not feel human emotions. But she will be the first Pure born into our world knowing the differences do exist and that neither is wrong.”

Gerard moved to take the baby from Anna. Once she was settled in his arms he said, “But either way we will never stop loving her.”

Elizabeth surprised him by gently touching his cheek. “Yes, that I know. I also know you and Annabelle will teach her how beautiful our gifts are and to use our gifts wisely.” She dropped her hand then turned to His Excellence. “It is time for us to go.”

He placed his hand on her arm.

“But we will see you again?” Anna said suddenly.

Elizabeth smiled, “I have promised never again to remove myself from our world or the mortal world. In a few years I will return to visit our newest Pure.” With that she and His Excellence left.

Even before the door closed Jacob spoke. “Kat and I are leaving now too.”

“Oh” Anna said in surprise.

Gerard too was surprised, “Uh you guys don’t have to rush off.” He grinned “I mean it really is your house and all.”

Jacob smiled, “No this house is really yours. This is your home now to share with your family.” He hugged Anna then stood back.

Anna smiled, “I love you Jacob.”

“I love you Annbelle.” He whispered.

Anna glanced over at Katherine then quickly moved to hug the Pure. “I love you too Katherine. Take care of Jacob.”

For a moment Katherine stood still but then slowly she raised her arms to hug Anna. “Love you too, Anna.” She said softly realizing that in doing so the words felt good. She stepped back to take a look at the sleeping baby in Gerard’s arms. “Gotta admit the kid is kinda growing on me. We’ll be back to visit.”

Jacob placed his arm around Katherine. “Come my Kat before you start getting all emotional.”

Katherine grinned. “Not gonna happen.”

As they neared the door Jacob turned. “Oh the package you asked me to bring is there.” He pointed to a box on the table not far away.

Anna smiled, “Thank you.”

He nodded then he and Katherine turned to leave.

“Well.” Marcus said trying to control the growing hunger that was suddenly filling his mind and body. He was happily surprised that when he looked into Casey’s eyes they were topaz.

Gerard laughed, “Uh guess you two want to spend some time alone?”

Instead of answering Marcus pulled Casey into a tight embrace lowering his lips to hers.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Gerard grinned.

Suddenly the sound of rain could be heard beating against the roof.

“Let’s go for a walk.” Casey said suddenly.

Marcus laughed, “I’m game.” All he knew was he needed to get her alone and soon. No rain could quench the fire burning through his body.

Anna and Gerard laughed as the couple ran out into the storm.

“Bet the don’t make it very far.” Gerard said.

Anna laughed, “I am sure that is true. But they will not feel the rain.”

“Only the love and desire.” Gerard said softly as his eyes suddenly flashed.

“We should put Elena down.” Anna said as her eyes also flashed.

Gerard nodded then started up the stairs. Anna followed but not before grabbing the box Jacob had delivered.

In her room Gerard laid the baby down then smiled, “She’s so beautiful.” He whispered.

Anna who was standing a few feet behind him agreed. “We are very lucky.”

Gerard turned to see her topaz eyes were now bright. He closed the distance between them. “Uh, I’d really like to hug you now but you’re holding a box.”

Anna grinned, “Yes, a very special box. I had forgotten I’d asked Jacob to bring this several months ago.”

Even though desire was racing through his body he was curious. “So what’s in the box?”

Slowly Anna offered it to him. “Something I believe we will want Elena to have.”

Gerard took the box from her hands then carefully pulled the top open. “Oh” He exhaled as his eyes fell on the item inside.

“I will always believe it brought me to my soul mate.” Anna said softly.

He lifted the sand pail out throwing the box aside. “Thank God I dropped it that day.” He whispered gazing lovingly at the pail. “It did bring me my soul mate.” He walked across the room to place it on the shelf. “It now belongs to Elena.”

Anna fell into his arms when he turned. “I love you Gee.” She whispered.

“I love you Annabelle Lewis Way.” He hugged her tightly. “Fovever.”

“And ever.” She whispered before their lips met.

Authors Note: And so they go on until the end of time together…
Just want to thank all of you who read and enjoyed this story. I had a blast writing this one. It gave me the opportunity to write historical which was a lot of fun. I’m sure you could tell I’m very taken with Colorado and its rich history. While I’m always sad when a story ends it’s time to move on….
Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Take care.
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