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Diamond 110

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Diamond 110: Give me Will

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Don't Give Me Diamonds

Diamond 110: Give me Will

Just outside of the Viridian base within the cover of the forest, Binks and Aayla were taking a walk. "I know why you asked me to come with you," Binks spoke in sadness. "You want to give me your goodbye, don't you? Don't leave, Aayla, human or not, you still have a place here!"

Aayla shook her head and took a deep breath, "I'm not here to say goodbye, just to rest and get some fresh air, it's a nice afternoon. The atmosphere underground is stressful. My power has weakened, there's little I can do now, but I think I'll stay, even if my life will not be a long one."

Binks sighed and sat at the base of a tree. "My life will not be long either; I can feel it in these constant headaches. I'll do what I can while I can. Did you know? Professor Oak, that is the younger one, will be joining our research team. He will get more resources in exchange for his discoveries fueling the industry that Team Rocket secretly controls. I'll be contributing with him and the elder Oak in a few off base research projects when things calm down around here. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the scientific community started to be drawn to Team Rocket, even if it is for the neutrality of a mutual benefit. Even so, it feels like a step forward."

Aayla, the once human turned Zoroark, sat beside her long time friend. "The future is unpredictable, but we can try to shape it at least."

Binks nodded and leaned back on the tree, closing his eyes in relaxation, "we can only do what we at present think is best and face what comes out of our actions later. For what it's worth, I intend to truly try my best for the rest of my days, be them many or few. I'll do what I can in research that benefits pokemon, to leave something behind I can be proud of. Then when Team Rocket takes over the world, they'll have what they need to make it prosperous."

xoxox xox xoxox

That evening, Delia was at the PorygonZ laboratory helping train the pokemon in order to realize the legend that would bring the products of digital science to life. The door to the lab slid open with who appeared to be Gary Oak making his way in. "I've finished it," he held out a black and purple pokeball with a metallic shine to it and a red R in the top black half.

"Gary?" Delia tilted her head in curiosity as she looked at him, something was out of place. "You must be-"

"Petrel!" Giovanni scolded, "don't run around in a disguise down here or you might trigger the security system for nothing."

"Aw c'mon, I told them I was coming over dressed like this," Petrel removed his mask and wig. "Besides, Oak's grandson really helped out with the research."

"Wait," Delia called for a pause, "you mean to say that Gary is somehow involved... how exactly?"

"It was his idea; he called the gym and said he wanted in. If you ask me I think the little prince filled him in on a certain someone's secret identity," Petrel glanced at Giovanni. Rather than showing worry or concern, the executive seemed amused. Giovanni said and I quote, 'if he wants to join that badly, put him to good use.' So we had him conduct some pokeball research for us with an unknown mysterious sample. Don't worry; he only had a piece of the pokeball to figure out its mechanism, we kept the other half in analysis here. It was a suggestion from Binks actually. How in the world can having less of a sample make things easier to understand is beyond me, but that's what he suggested. It was something about understanding every piece instead of trying to take in the whole picture all at once. Anyway, he returned the sample he was given for study with his observations. Putting that together with what we had, sped things along nicely. He's a good resource."

"Be cautious," Giovanni warned before Delia could say anything. "If he's going to get involved take it slowly."

"I know," Petrel nodded, "he's the prince's friend, so we can't just silence him if things don't go well, we need to make sure they do."

"As long as Gary is helping out willingly and he's not in any danger, I guess it's okay," Delia agreed.

"I take it your cheerful mood means this will be a total success." Giovanni observed the rocket master ball. It was crafted as a combination of the technology used to control pokemon that had been captured in a dark ball, along with the power of a master ball and the improvements made thanks to the studies of the remnants of a clone ball recovered from New Island.

"Of course, well, I must go back to my duties now," before any further questions were spoken, motivated to hurry by Delia's information thirsty look, Petrel left the laboratory.

"I'm listening," Delia prompted with a sweet smile, though she knew the news might not be all to her liking.

"To put it simply, this is it, the special pokeball that will capture Mewtwo. After that he will follow my commands without question," Giovanni's eyes seemed to shine at the prospect of more power.

Delia sighed displeased, "must you do this? You can take over the world even without Mewtwo."

"It never hurts to be prepared," he glanced at the PorygonZ that would hopefully be returned to the satellites when they were healed of their mysterious afflictions. "Even if there are other resources, nothing is perfectly solid. If one plan doesn't work, a different path must be taken."

"You need to have more faith in your pokemon, they'll come through for you and they'll do it willingly." Delia gently petted the PorygonZ she was training. "As for Mewtwo, it could have been different, but I would have to be beyond optimistic to believe it still can be."

"He hates me, if that's what you mean," Giovanni admitted. "You know I have to do this, even if Ash stands in my way, this isn't about him or against him, it's about capturing a pokemon that escaped from me. I think he understands that."

"So do I," Delia assured.

Giovanni's cell phone beeped, signaling incoming data. He looked at the screen and found that it was data from Sapphire's satellite. It was being operated without the PorygonZ, by the tech Rockets, albeit at a much slower rate than it would work with a PorygonZ. "They've found him!" It was the moment of truth, the final battle. "I'll be back, with Mewtwo in this rocket master ball." The power source identified as Mewtwo was near Ash's tracking signal. Unknown to Giovanni, the data had been delayed and by the time he received it a chain of events had already begun, which would present a difficult challenge.

"If you mean to ask me to stay behind then the answer is no," Delia spoke with determination. "I'm coming with you, if you must do this, then I at least want to be there for you. You know you can trust me not to get in the way."

"I know," Giovanni agreed; he knew he could trust Delia to let him resolve this. As for Ash, another confrontation may occur, though Giovanni wouldn't jump to conclusions until the time came.

xoxox xox xoxox

Meanwhile, Mewtwo had left the cave near Cerulean City and was in an area between Pewter and Cerulean. That place was ironically where Team Rocket's old hideout from years ago used to be. Mewtwo was unaware of that and simply thought of it as a good hidding place to have a private conversation. In the secret underground room that was left after the hideout was destroyed long ago, were Mewtwo, Ash, Misty and Pikachu, along with the rest of their pokemon in their pokeballs.

"I understand why you're worried, but I know that the PorygonZ will be alright," Ash assured. He didn't blame Mewtwo for not trusting Team Rocket after how they treated him. It was comprehensible that the clone pokemon couldn't understand why the affected PorygonZ held such loyalty to Team Rocket despite their condition. "They were raised carefully for a certain purpose and I believe they are willing to fulfill that purpose. Though they might have been treated as tools in the past, now that they are beginning to truly feel, they're being treated well. I think that's the part that will stand out to them in the end."

"How do you even know this?" Mewtwo questioned, sensing that Ash was withholding information. This time it had been Mewtwo who decided to seek him out to ask for an update on his investigation concerning the PorygonZ and in case he had found out anything else about Team Rocket. They had teleported to the hidden location of the underground room in the abandoned ruins between Pewter and Cerulean, simply because the place was hidden and out of the way. They were unaware of its past significance. "I can sense that there's something you're not telling me. It gives me a feeling of distrust, and yet, I cannot doubt that your intentions are good. Your aura is reassuring, even if you withhold a secret.

Ash remained silent for a long moment, the darkness of the room illuminated only by a small flashlight set in the middle of their little circle. Misty gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "It's okay, in a sense, you both have this in common. Why would you be judged?"

Ash thought about Misty's words and the hidden meaning in them that Mewtwo couldn't perceive. In a sense, Mewtwo's ancestry was also Team Rocket. "The way he feels is... I can't blame him, but I don't feel the same way." Ash referred to Mewtwo. "I can't hate him even if I know what happened. I understand him, that's no excuse, but still..." This time he spoke of Giovanni, though only Misty and Pikachu knew.

"Enough of these riddles," Mewtwo's psychic voice was serious, his eyes determined.

Ash let out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding. "I know the PorygonZ will be alright because my mother is helping take care of them. She always takes really good care of pokemon. My father is a strong trainer, though his techniques are different from mine, I think he's slowly rediscovering how he used to be. He's improving and I know he's not really a bad person, even if he is the leader of Team Rocket."

Mewtwo's eyes widened in disbelief, "you are that man's son?" His psychic voice was a mix of anger and disappointment. Yet despite it all, Ash's aura was sincere and this was the same person who, against all odds, helped him long ago. Mewtwo calmed his rising anger, the light purple glow around his body dissipating. "If I were to judge living beings by their origins, the first I would have to judge would be myself. I cannot forgive him, but I will not judge you by his actions."

Outside, the blades of a helicopter were heard followed by the landing of the flying vessel. It was painted black with a red R on it. An N had been hastily spray painted in front of the red R, its last line merging into the R's first line. The yellow paint also covered the R, though its original color was still somewhat perceptible. It was the symbol of Neo Rocket, which was never widely used given their merge with Tempest under their name. "Mewtwo!" an unknown voice suddenly called from outside. "I know you're there! Get out here!"

Confused about how he could have been found, Mewtwo went out to face whoever challenged him. Ash, Misty and Pikachu followed. There stood two people, one that Ash was not familiar with and another that he had met before. "You're the Iron Masked Marauder!" It had been years since their last encounter, but this was no doubt the same villain.

Neither the Marauder, nor his ally, were wearing a Team Rocket uniform, but Mewtwo's attention was focused elsewhere, in a point behind the Marauder where his second in command stood. Ben, once a loyal Rocket, now a traitor and the right hand agent of the Neo Rocket leader, was holding several pokemon hostage. The pokemon were encased in a bulletproof glass container in the helicopter with light but painful electricity assaulting them. "All it takes is the press of a button for them to die, so don't even think about trying anything. Not even your psychic powers can free them fast enough. Attempting to teleport them out of the machine will only result in a big explosion."

The Marauder taunted, "have you began to feel it? He glanced at the machine containing the pokemon, Purrloin, Deino, Poochyena, Murkrow and Sneasel. "With the dark power being drained away from our little hostages, a special type of wave is being released into the surrounding area. I'm sure it's quite uncomfortable for a psychic type."

"Let them go!" Ash immediately demanded, "Pikachu-"

"Don't!" Mewtwo stopped him, "look at them, they'll kill the hostages without a second thought. We won't be able to save them."

"This can't be it..." Misty was expecting Team Rocket to go after Mewtwo, but she wasn't expecting this.

"I'll battle for the hostages," Ash offered. "I challenge you, stop being a coward!"

"This isn't a negotiation," the Marauder glared in anger. "This is an order, surrender now Ash Ketchum," he aimed a gun at Ash, "or should I say Ash Roketto? Give up or be killed." He turned his aim towards Misty, "you'll be insurance enough, there's no need to bring her along."

"No!" Ash jumped in front of Misty, "don't you dare hurt her."

Misty reached a conclusion, "he's not with Team Rocket," she realized.

"Insurance..." Ash echoed, "you're a traitor, you intend to go against Team Rocket and take it for yourself! Is that all you know how to do, take hostages?"

"I don't fully understand what your plan is," all attention turned towards Mewtwo as he spoke through his psychic voice. "However, one thing is clear; your intentions are evil, if you stand with Team Rocket or against it does not matter. I intended to leave this era for a time when I hope to be almost, if not completely, forgotten, but I can't abandon anyone to suffer in my place." He looked at the Marauder with frustration and anger, "the one you seek is me, leave the others out of this." He stepped towards Ash and Misty and gathered his psychic energy. The dark pokemon howled in pain the machine detected the power and drained more of their life to try to cause Mewtwo the same pain. Though this was not strong enough to defeat him, it made the suffering of the others obvious and pushed him to give in.

Releasing his power, Mewtwo teleported Ash, Misty and Pikachu away, just as the Iron Masked Marauder threw a rocket master ball at Mewtwo. Seeing the hostages' pain Mewtwo felt lost and couldn't fight the beam of dark light that entrapped him. Should he release his power, those pokemon would surely die and he couldn't live with that. He didn't know what would happen once he was captured, but he hoped that the consequences were limited to himself and didn't pain others even if they pained him terribly. As the rocket master ball consumed him, that wish faded into nothingness and his mind became a dark and empty place were his will was lost, unable to resurface.

"Finally, the power that Giovanni so badly wanted is mine!" The Marauder laughed triumphantly. "You've assisted me well, Ben. The weaknesses you discovered in the PorygonZ from the data collected all those years ago from Silph, provided a good distraction. Many of Team Rocket's resources were given to that and two rocket master balls were created secretly instead of one. Of course, it's what's inside it that counts, Giovanni is too late to use the one he has."

"It's about time things changed," Ben agreed, "all this time of working hard and by the time Team Rocket finally takes over the world step by step with this slow plan of Giovanni's, who knows how old we would be. I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of putting in all this effort to Team Rocket, it's time to be rewarded!"

"Indeed," the Marauder grinned evilly. "You've been quite helpful, but now that I have the power of a legend in my hand, you are of no further use." As a look of shock invaded Ben's face, the Iron Masked Marauder shot him.

xoxox xox xoxox

"It's time to get this show started!" Petrel excitedly cheered practically bouncing on his seat on the helicopter. His happiness was amplified by the fact that Delia agreed to wear the outfit that he prepared for her.

It was a costume similar to that of a royal army general with black being the predominant color. The shoulders were accentuated with red, while the sleeves had golden lines at the end. Two more golden lines went down from the shoulders to the waist with two rows of golden buttons. The uniform matched Giovanni's, save for a few obvious differences, such as the mini skirt and knee high black boots. Proton had joked that the outfit made her look like a cross between a merciless woman of war and the cutesy protagonist of a magical girl show.

"What I don't understand is why I'm supposed to carry this around." Delia held up a whip.

"Its part of the outfit, use it while ordering grunts around and it'll really enhance your image!" Petrel insisted.

Archer and Ariana were busy keeping the rest of Team Rocket in order while the leader was out of the base. They would also provide guidance and backup as needed and keep the streets around the area conveniently closed. With the multiple investments and connections that Team Rocket secretly had, it was not difficult to close off the main route between Pewter and Cerulean. Those who traveled between the two cities would have to take the longer way around via some of the newer routes formed between Viridian and Celadon, then from there move on to their final destination.

The large main helicopter was followed by several other small ones, all of them painted black with the proud Team rocket symbol of a red R. For this operation no disguises would be needed, since civilian interference was already taken care of. Several combat vehicles and trucks painted in matching colors and labeled the same way as the helicopters followed. If anything it would help to contribute to the excuses as to why those roads needed to remain closed. Coming up with a supporting story to cover up their deeds was something Team Rocket had experience with.

Unfortunately, by the time they arrived at the location, though they departed as soon as they received the news, the capture of Mewtwo was already over. The helicopter along with the machine that contained the hostage dark type pokemon were still there next to Ben's dead body. There were no signs of the Iron Masked Marauder anywhere to be seen. "Ben?" Delia recognized the body, looking down from the main helicopter, where she rode with Giovanni, Petrel and Proton. "This is terrible! Who could have done this?"

"The traitor, that's who," Proton recognized the abandoned helicopter as once belonging to Team Rocket. The yellow symbol on it was NR, no doubt referring to Neo Rocket. "It looks like the Neo Rocket secret leader really was still among us."

"Where are Ash and Mewtwo?" Giovanni demanded to know. It was obvious that the Neo Rocket leader was no longer hiding his presence from Team Rocket, which probably meant that he thought he had the upper hand. A communication link was opened with the Viridian Headquarters while a few Rocket agents further investigated the scene and took the hostage pokemon into custody. "Archer, what's going on? Give me the current location of Ash and Mewtwo."

"I'm working on it," Archer looked as if he was quite busy typing into a computer that was not visible from the video call's angle. "Our satellite information was delayed and we attributed it to the lack of processing power without the PorygonZ. Apparently it was more than that, when the PorygonZ were attacked, the satellites' programming was damaged and someone else obtained the radar information before we did, from within the Viridian base. This can be repaired, but even with all the known loyal tech Rockets working on it, it will take time. I can't give you any accurate reading right now."

Delia was listening with her worry growing, "when can you tell us where they are? Are Ash and Mewtwo even still in the same place?"

"My apologies, I can't do much as things stand now," Archer was clearly frustrated with the situation. "There is another alternative; the processing power of the PorygonZ amplified by the satellite hardware can apply the program repairs in a matter of minutes. That would mean returning the PorygonZ to the satellites in their current fragile state; it's a very risky move."

"Do it," Delia interjected, "the PorygonZ were pained and confused, but trusting them and counting on them is exactly what they need. We'll need to be in constant communication with them to monitor their health."

Before the situation could be further discussed, another communication link was opened to both Archer and Giovanni. Their respective screens were split to show two images, one was of the previous communication between Giovanni and Archer, plus the new one showing Ariana with Ash, Misty and Pikachu in the background. "Urgent news," Ariana spoke, "Ash and Misty just arrived and they had an encounter with the Neo Rocket leader."

"Are you alright?" Delia was relieved to see that they were seemingly unhurt, but knew that there would be some bad news to come.

"We're fine, but Mewtwo isn't!" Ash exclaimed. "It was the Marauder; the Iron Masked Marauder betrayed Team Rocket and threatened Mewtwo with hostages. Mewtwo teleported us to the Viridian Forest to protect us from the Marauder. We were between Pewter and Cerulean, near some old abandoned ruins."

"That's where we are now and they're not here," Giovanni knew what that meant. He gripped the empty rocket master ball he carried. "He must have done it, that traitor must have captured Mewtwo! It won't be long before he makes a move, he won't give us time to prepare to retaliate. We need to find him immediately and take back Mewtwo. We'll have to take the chance with the PorygonZ. Sapphire can track them and diamond can support the operation with the satellite laser."

"I'm coming too," Ash offered with determination, "even if you want to capture Mewtwo and I want to free him, we can at least agree that the Iron Masked Marauder can't keep him. I want to help!"

"Alright," Giovanni agreed. "As soon as we have a location, we can both head there. You can take some agents with you too; the executives will instruct them to follow your orders for this mission."

xoxox xox xoxox

The plan was hastily put into action. The main satellite PorygonZ were sent back into the vessels in space, with Sapphire immediately being put to the task of finding Mewtwo. Meanwhile, Ash was left to form a team of his choosing. "Well, you heard Giovanni, pick your team and I'll order them to follow you for this one mission," Ariana voiced.

"Can it be anyone I want who's in Team Rocket?" Ash already had a team in mind.

"Choose your allies wisely," was all the advice that Ariana offered.

xoxox xox xoxox

It wasn't too long before Sapphire announced the location of Mewtwo. However, the legendary could only be tracked when his power wasn't contained in the rocket master ball, which meant that he had been called out to battle. The location was Pallet Town and with the destruction the brainwashed Mewtwo was causing to the town, the event would not remain a secret. Frightened citizens locked themselves in their homes or hurried away to seek refuge in the neighboring city of Viridian, while the police and media hurried towards the small town. Among the chaos, only Gary seemed to be able to defend the town against the unexpected peril, though even his pokemon faced a terribly difficult challenge.

Being the closest to the location, Ash, Misty and the team of Rocket agents Ash chouse, were the first group to arrive at Pallet Town. The town had visible damage as a result of the battle. A house near the entrance to the small town's main street had partially collapsed and other structures near by suffered damage. The main fight was taking place in the Oak land. Part of the brick fence had been torn down, with the main building showing several cracks on the walls and broken windows. The terrain had shifted, a few craters littered the land and various trees had fallen over. The most impressive sight was the amount of knocked out pokemon that could be seen all over the land. Despite being well trained, strong pokemon, they simply couldn't measure up to the power of a legend.

Mewtwo didn't escape unhurt. His expression presented nothing but a mindless thirst for battle, with no visible strain, but his body had a few bruises and small cuts as a result of the valiant team effort of Gary's pokemon, though the legend was quickly healing. The Iron Masked Marauder disregarded any small scratches, they were clearly not enough to stop or even slow down Mewtwo. He believed that not even Giovanni's high tech weaponry could damage the legend; this was the ultimate power that would bring him an indisputable victory as the world's new ruler.

The helicopter transporting Ash, Misty, Jessie, James, Comet, Pixel and Laiki, landed several feet away from the battle so as to not risk being knocked out of the sky. Its occupants hurried out, going past the ruins of the brick fence that once marked the edge of the Oak land and into the war zone. "Gary!"

The young researcher was on his knees examining an Alakazam, who was badly injured, Mewtwo's latest victim. An unconscious Houndour and Pinsir were nearby. Umbreon and Blastoise were hurt but still awake, trying to push themselves to fight on. Nidoking and Nidoqueen were currently attacking Mewtwo, fighting without the guidance of their trainer who sometimes gave them commands, but was mostly busy giving the fallen pokemon first aid to try to ensure their survival. The elder professor Oak was a few feet away tending to a heavily bleeding Magmar.

"Ash, what's the meaning of this? That guy said something about Neo Rocket, is this Team Rocket's doing? What's that strange pokemon he has?" Gary hurriedly demanded, while he glanced up from his first aid work and looked at the battle. Nidoking and Nidoqueen were suddenly thrown back by Mewtwo's harsh psychic powers, landing near by, half buried on the ground unconscious. Umbreon and Blastoise went on the attack again to protect their trainer and avenge their fallen comrades.

"No, the Iron Masked Marauder is Team Rocket's enemy, we have to stop him and save Mewtwo, he's... like Mew, a legendary. He's not a bad pokemon, he's being forced to do this," Ash defended as he sent his entire current team out of their pokeballs. Ash's current team was also joined by more of Ash's pokemon that had been left at Gary's care and had not yet been knocked out. Pikachu, Unfezant, Crawdaunt, Infernape, Snorlax, Bulbasaur, Meganium, Charizard and Charla all prepared for battle. Misty sent out her pokemon as well, Starmie, Gyarados, Seaking, Azumarill, Seadra and Psyduck, the last one popping out of his pokeball uncalled.

"Looks like I have my work cut out for me," Laiki observed all the injured pokemon around. Since casualties were expected, she was given the task of keeping them alive as the team's medic. She released her Hitmonchan and Mawile from their pokeballs, she was a pokemon nurse, but a Chansey just wasn't her style. "Alright you two, bring the injured pokemon to be, preferably gently enough not to injure them further." She set down her oversized backpack full of supply on the ground and began to rummage through it. "I'll take care of the healing; you should take what pokemon you have that can still fight and join the others in battle, Mr. Off-limits. Reinforcements will be here soon."

"Right, take care of them," albeit he was unsure, Gary knew there was no time to argue. He also didn't understand what that off-limits thing was about, but now was not the time to ask. "Umbreon, Blastoise!" The two pokemon returned to their trainer, "let's all get ready to attacked together."

"Look who's here, the brat who retreated after calling me a coward." The Iron Masked Marauder was suspended in mid air by Mewtwo's psychic power.

"It's not like I left on purpose!" Ash defended. "You'll never get away with this, we're going to save Mewtwo!"

"This foolish animal?" The Marauder mocked. "He sacrificed himself to save a few hostages and yet he will hurt so many more. The creature is weak; it simply cannot face pain and would rather lose its mind."

"That's not true!" Ash argued in frustration. "Mewtwo intended to sacrifice himself, to give up his life if he couldn't escape being used." It was a sad reality, but Ash realized that was Mewtwo's plan when the pokemon's desperate last willfully used ability touched his aura to teleport him and Misty to safety.

"Regardless of what it intended to do, this power is now mine! Even if this creature wants to die, it can't even muster the will to do that much." The Iron Masked Marauder triumphantly declared. "Giovanni's greatest weapon will be his downfall!"

"Prepare for trouble!" Jessie's anger was boiling and she was all too eager to battle. After all, she and James were part of an elite team personally chosen by the boss' son. She called out Flareon, Arbok, Seviper and Swoobat to battle.

"Make it double!" James automatically said before attempting to correct, "triple, quadruple... there are a lot of us here today." He sent out Growlithe, Carnivine, Cacturne and Weepinbell to battle, with all of them nearly crushing him in a hug before taking their positions to fight.

"Meowth!" Jessie and James' talking pokemon companion jumped into action even if it wasn't the end of the motto, he too wished to assist in the battle.

Jessie cleared her throat and looked at Comet and Pixel, who had already called out their pokemon in beams of red. Gyarados, Scyther, Absol, Charizard and Pikachu. Pixel's PorygonZ had been left at the Viridian headquarters to assist the satellite PorygonZ remotely.

"Must we?" Comet questioned, was the Marauder even going to float there and listen? Judging by the glowing orb Mewtwo held, it didn't look like it.

Pixel had heard the motto before and it looked like Jessie was set on reciting it with everyone, but there wouldn't be enough time for it. "To protect the world from devastation... we have to attack now!"

"That doesn't rhyme!" Jessie scolded.

"We'll work on it later! To stop the Marauder we need to take away the psychic protection around him, that means we'll have to knock out Mewtwo." It was painful but Ash knew it was the only way to save Mewtwo from doing what he feared the most, hurting innocent beings. "Everyone together, attack!"

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Pokemon. Laiki calls Gary off-limits because of Delia telling her to behave when she tried to flirt with him while visiting Pallet Town in Diamond 90. The grand finale is finally coming! Diamond 112 is the long awaited ending! Thank you all for sticking with this story for so long and as always, reviews are very welcomed and appreciated.
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