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The jetset life is gonna kill you.

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I don't really know how to summarize this, so you'll just have to read. This is my first ever FanFic so if it's rubbish, i apologize. If you have any tips please tell me. Thank you.

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“Hey. Get Off! That hurts you moron!” Gerard practically screamed at Mikey, Pushing and shoving him, trying anything to get his younger brother off him.
“Where did you put them Gerard!?” Mikey yelled, shoving his knees into Gerard’s back. “ Where did you put my frickin’ cookies!?”
“What? I haven’t touched yo- Jeez Mike’s you trying to kill me?” Gerard yelped. Several seconds later, Donna, Mikey and Gerard’s mom walked in separating them both. “Stop now!” Immediately, they both stopped, almost like they were afraid. “Gerard, have you had Mikey’s cookies?” Donna asked him with questioning eyes.
“No I haven-“His voice trailed off, and he looked down as if he were ashamed. “ Fine, they’re in the kitchen..” He mumbled. “What?” Mikey asked, a little too arrogantly.
“In the kitchen, in the God dam Kitchen!” Gerard was yelling now. Donna smiled at him.
“Good boy. Now Mikey stop teasing your brother, and then maybe he won’t ‘steal’ your cookies.” She chuckled to herself.
Typical day in the Way Household.
5 years later ...---...---
“Hey Mikey?! Look what I got.” Gerard smirked, pointing to the chocolate chip cookies, teasing Mikey. “Jeez Gerard. I thought you would’ve grown up a bit by now. C’mon you’re nearly 19 for Chris sake.” Mikey didn’t look impressed at all, and started stomping toward Gerard, to go and get his cookies. Gerard turned round a little too quick and almost slipped straight over. He ran in circles around the living room, when suddenly he collided with a small, dark-haired boy.
“Oh my God, Dude I am so sorry...” Gerard looked into the other boys eyes. They were beautiful. He had to stop himself from staring.
“It’s okay.” The boys smile was even more beautiful than his eyes. “I’m Frank” he held out his hand in a polite manner, waiting for Gerard to respond.
“....Oh yeah hi. I’m Gerard.” He took Franks hand, and shook it. “You...uh looking for Mikey?”
“Yeah, I came to see if he’d help me with some science project we got going on. Something about chemical reactions or something like that...” Frank looked confused just trying to explain it.
Gerard laughed, “I hated Chemical reactions when I was at school. I don’t actually know where Mikey’s gone.... He was here a second ago...” He looked around, but Mikey was nowhere to be seen. There was a shuffling upstairs and both boys’ heads look towards the ceiling. Gerard pointed upwards. “I’m gonna take a wild guess and say he’s upstairs.” Frank smiled widely.
“Thank you.” Frank replied gratefully. “I’m gonna go see if he’ll help me with this damn thing.” He turned around and headed upstairs without a backward glance...
“Frankie!” Mikey ran at him hugging him tightly. “I haven’t seen you in ages.”
“Mikey, it’s been a day” Frank couldn’t help but laugh. “Hey, I came to see if you’d help me with this science project. I’m seriously lost with it, and I thought that you could help. Being the science genius you are.” This all came out kind of fast, so Mikey was just left there blinking. He pushed his glasses up his nose and started to reply.. “Yeah sur-“ He was cut off by Frank’s bear hug.
“Thanks, Mike’s you’re the best!” Frank started taking all his books and pens out, and they started discussing the work...
About 4 hours later, they were finished, and Frank was packing all his stuff away. Gerard, walked into the room wearing a batman t-shirt which was similar to Frank’s. “Mike’s mom asked if Frank wants to stay over. She has dinner cooked and everything, and she said it’s getting kinda late so he can stay if he wants.” He asked it as if Frank wasn’t even in the room. Mikey looked at Frank with eyes as if to say ‘Do you think you’d be allowed?’
“I guess I could ask my mom. I don’t see why she wouldn’t let me.” Frank answered the un-asked question.
“Thatsgreat,here’smyphone.” Gerard said all too quickly, throwing his phone. Frank caught it one handedly, and didn’t really notice the quickness, almost eagerness in Gerard’s voice. Frank flipped up the screen and punched in the numbers and held the phone up to his ear. A couple of seconds passed and finally, Frank’s mom answered.
“Hey ma’ it’s just me. I’m on Gerard’s phone.” Frank explained. There was a pause. “It’s Mikey’s older brother, and I was just wondering if I could stay over tonight. Donna has cooked me food and she said I am more than welcome to stay if I want to.” Another pause. “Thank’s ma’ I love you!” He handed the phone back to Gerard “Thanks.”
“It’s my pleasure” Gerard smiled. But he didn’t leave the room straight away. He just kinda stood in the doorway and didn’t move. He was staring at the Smashing Pumpkins poster on Mikey’s wall. Frank followed his gaze and spoke up.
“You know, he kinda looks like you?” He asked Gerard smirking. “It’s kinda scary actually.”
“What?” Gerard spun around to stare at Frank. “Oh the poster?” he laughed, “Yeah, everybody seems to think that.” he shrugged. “I just don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or not” he laughed again. Frank stayed silent. He didn’t want to say anything. There was an awkward silence filling the room. Gerard was thankful that his mother called up to say dinner was ready. They all got up to make their way down, and Mikey gave Gerard a little nudge smirking, but he didn’t know quite what it meant. They reached the bottom of the stairs and Frank could smell what they were having immediately. It was bacon and egg. Frank began to panic and he didn’t really want to sound rude explaining to Donna. “Ah, don’t worry Frank, I bought vegetarian meat for you.” She smiled
“Oh thanks.” Frank was grateful as he took the chair Gerard offered. Frank dug his fork into the bacon and shoved it into his mouth. “Wow, Mrs Way this is really nice.” Frank complimented going in for more.
“Thank you dear, and please, you’ve known me long enough now, call me Donna.” Her grin was so wide. “Oh yeah, sorry” He smiled in reply. “I just feel rude if I’m calling you Donna.”
“That’s very nice of you, but to be honest I think I’d much rather have you calling me Donna than Mrs Way. But thank you for your beautiful manners.” Her smile never disappeared. Once everyone was finished with their dinner, Donna took all of their plates and walked into the kitchen and started to wash up. “Do you want me to give you a hand mum?” Mikey asked.
“No I should be fine darling. Why don’t you go and sort out where Frankie will be sleeping? The last time he slept round you had a bigger room. Remember it’s only small now so you’ll have to figure something out.” She shouted from the kitchen.
“Okay, well I’ll see you later.” Mikey yelled back and grabbed my arm leading me upstairs. I could hear Gerard’s footsteps not far behind. Mikey took me into his room. Wow it was small. “Erm, I have no idea where you’re going to sleep. I mean you could sleep on the floor, but even you aren’t that small.” He joked.
“Hey, for your information I grew two inches over summer.” Frank bobbed his tongue out to Mikey like he was 5 years old again. Gerard spoke from the corridor.
“You can have my room? I’ll sleep in Mikey’s bed and you can both share my room. It’s not the warmest but it’s huge. You’ll just have to blow up the air bed...” Gerard Offered, a smile on his face. His smile never disappeared, just like his mothers.
“Thanks Gee, and since when did you start being so nice to me?” Mikey winked at his older brother.
“I’m always nice to you. You’re just too busy being horrible to notice.” Gerard winked back.
“No you’re always teasing me that’s why I never notice how ‘nice’ you are.” Mikey argued back.
“Hey guys, can I interrupt your little ‘debate’ or whatever you wanna call it.” Frank laughed, “ Dude, just take the offer while he’s being nice. Like you said he’s always teasing you so why would you even argue?” Frank glanced at Gerard and he was smiling, so Frank smiled back.
“Yeah Mikey. Listen to your best friend. He actually talks sense.” Gerard was taunting him with his smile. Mikey pouted at his younger brother and then finally gave in.
“Fine but I’m still curious as to why you’re being so nice...” Then Mikey pushed passed Gerard and walked to the cupboard next to the bathroom and took out a big box, which Frank guessed was the blow up bed. “Here.” Mikey handed Frank the box so he could carry it down to Gerard’s bedroom in the basement. “You go ahead and I’ll bring down blankets and pillows and stuff.” Mikey ordered.
“Yes sir.” Frank said sarcastically. He walked down the stairs and wasn’t quite sure where the basement was so he asked Donna. “Hey Donna, Mikey told me to take this down to Gerard’s Bedroom but I have no idea where that is. Could you tell me where it is please?” Frank asked politely.
“Sure dear. It’s just down the hall and the it’s the door on the right” Donna answered with her wide smile still existing.
“Thank you.” Frank replied and started walking in the direction that she had told him. When he got there, he found Mikey walking up the stairs. “I’ve been trying to find this place for 2 minutes and you couldn’t even come and find me?” Frank blinked.
“I was just about to come and find you.” Mikey laughed. “What’s the worst that could’ve happened? No one’s going to murder you in my house Frankie” He laughed even harder.
“You never know Mike’s” Frank laughed as he walked down the basement stairs and put the box down next to the pillows that Mikey had brought down. “How are we even gonna blow this up?” Frank asked looking a bit confused.
“With our mouths.” Mikey replied, rolling his eyes. “How do you think we’re going to blow it up?” He laughed again. “I have a pump upstairs, in my room, could you go and fetch it for me?”
“Yeah. Where abouts is it in your room?” Frank spun round to look at Mikey. “It should be in the cupboard and oh, Pre-Warning. If the lights are off, Gerards in there so I’d knock first if I were you.” Mikey warned, starting to take the bed out of the box ready.
Frank frowned and then replied “Oh, okay.” He walked back up the stairs and across the hall, ready to go up the other stairs when Donna called him back. “Frank, how are you both doing with setting up the bed?” Mikey’s dad was home now, and Frank had never met him before. “We’re doing great thank you. Mikey just told me to fetch the pump for the bed.”
“He’s so lazy that boy is.” She laughed. “Well, I best leave you to it, else you’ll never get it set up.”
“Thank you Donna.” Frank walked out of the room and up the strairs towards Mikey’s bedroom door. The lights were off so Frank thought it was best to knock before entering. He waited a couple of seconds. He could hear shuffling in the room and then Gerard was at the door, smiling.
“Hey Gerard, Mikey told me to fetch a pump or something. For the bed?” Frank smiled back
“Yeah, it’s in his wardrobe thing.” Gerard welcomed Frank into the room, “Could you turn the lights on for a sec?” Gerard asked. Frank searched around for the light switch, and flipped it on.
“Why do you even have them off in the first place?” Franked asked curiously trying not to sound too rude. Gerard was banging about in the cupboard until he came out with a box and handed it to Frank.
“I guess I just like the dark” He shrugged. There was an awkward silence which was soon broke by Frank.
“I better get going. Mikey might think I got lost” He smiled.
“Yeah you should.” Gerard smiled turning the lights back off and going to sit down on Mikey’s bed. Frank walked out and made his way back down to the basement, where Mikey was pacing.
“What took you so long? I was beginning to think you got lost again.” He giggled. “Right could you plug that in?”
“Yeah sure.” Frank walked over to the plug socket about to plug the pump in when something caught his eye. “Arghh F**K! Mikey why didn’t you tell me there were any spiders?!” Frank ran and jumped onto Gerard’s bed.
“Are you really that bad with spiders?” Mikey was killing himself with laughter.
“Yes I am” Frank was petrified of spiders and he wouldn’t get off Gerard’s bed until he knew it was gone. Once Mikey blew up the bed, Frank jumped straight onto it, incase there were any more spiders crawling about on the floor. He pulled the covers right up to his neck.
“Frank, relax. There are no more spiders.” He was still laughing his head off.
“Yeah I know, but just incase.” Frank lay down, and fell to sleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow...
10 hours later.
“Hey thanks for the hospitality, but I really better get going. I gotta go see my grandma, and everything. I’ll probably be back over later, if you don’t mind?” Frank asked.

“Yeah sure you should come over!” Mikey yelled with excitement. Gerard had a huge smile on his face. For some reason, after meeting Frank he couldn’t stop smiling. Mikey and Frank hugged goodbye, and then he made his way over to Gerard.
“It was really nice meeting you Gerard.” Frank spoke truthfully.
“The pleasure is all mine.” Gerard replied still wearing that lopsided smile. They shared a hug before Frank left. As he drove away, Mikey was staring at Gerard, who had noticed his constant smiling and red cheeks.
“Gerard? You okay? Dude you’re bright red and I can hear your heart beating from here. And whats with the constant smile? You liiiikkke him!” Mikey sang, nudging Gerard in the arm once more. He felt his cheeks start to burn up even more and his heart was almost beating out of his chest.
“What?! Are you? No! You kidding me? Pfft.” Gerard tried his best to sound convincing but even he knew, that, that wasn’t good enough.
“Yeah sure” Mikey giggled as he walked slowly into the house, leaving Gerard leaning up their mother’s car on the driveway, deep in thought and embarrassment.
2 years later.
“That’ll be $2 please?” Frank asked for the millionth time today. He was really getting bored of this job. Yes, he loved the smell of the coffee and yes, he liked the taste, but this was getting too boring. He wanted to be out, touring Europe or some place doing something he actually liked doing. He grown to be so good at his guitar now that he was pretty sure he could get in any band and do well. To be honest he’d been asked to play in many bands, but they didn’t seem like the right band for Frank. He let his eyes wonder around almost forgetting the lady that was ordering her coffee. There was an impatient cough, which signalled Frank to look at the lady.
“Oh, jeez sorry. Here you go.” He looked at her with apologetic eyes. She didn’t even say thank you. “ Oh, you’re Welcome!” He yelled a little too angrily, but he really had, had enough of this place. He glanced at the clock and it was finally time to go home. He ripped off his apron and got straight on his bike and pedalled towards the Way household. He dropped his bike down and knocked at the door. Gerard answered and Frank jumped towards him, pulling him into a bear hug. Over the past 2 years Frank and Gerard had become the best of friends, almost as good as Frank and Mikey.
“Hey! What’s this for?” Gerard chuckled playing along. Frank didn’t speak but just hugged him tighter. “Something you wanna talk about?” Gerard was interested in Frank’s sudden need to hug.
“Crap day at work, that’s all.” Frank let go of the hug and asked to come in. Gerard looked shocked.
“Frankie, you should know by now that you do not have to ask to come in our house. It’s your house as much as it is our house now.” He smiled and they both walked into the house and jumped on the sofa. Gerard leant over Frank to take the remote so that something decent was on the tele.
“Why didn’t you just ask me to pass you the remote?” He laughed and looked at the tele. What the hell was this? It sounded like a cat being strangled. Which is why Gerard was turning it over. “So what’s up?” The dark haired man looked at Frank. “Why was it such a crap day?”
“I don’t know. Well this one woman asked for a coffee and then I got lost in thought about hating my job, and then I apologized and she didn’t even say thank you. I’m just getting so sick of it there. I want to be in a band...” Frank had finished his rant and it went silent.
“I’ll start a band with you,” Gerard said. “You know I’m always being told I'm a good singer?” He laughed, and it had a mixed meaning. Part of him thought ‘What the hell were they thinking?’ and the other ‘Yeah, just ‘cause I’m amazing.’
“I’ve never heard you sing.” He looked confused. “Why have I never heard you sing?” Frank asked.
“Because I don’t really like singing in front of people if there is no music. I feel like people watch me more and it makes me really nervous. I start to blush and then my voice starts to sound a lot like that show we were watching just.” He looked up to meet frank’s eyes and if eyes could laugh, that’s what Franks would be doing. “Sing.” Frank smiled.
“What?” he looked kind of scared.
“Sing. I want to hear you sing.” He stood up, pulling Gerard to his feet. “I have this thing on my phone that will play a song without actually hearing the singer’s voice, ‘cause as you just said, you don’t like to sing without music.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket while Gerard stared at him with worried eyes. “Here...” Frank turned the phone all the way up so you could actually hear what the song was.
“I don’t know Frankie...” Gerard started, but was shortly cut off by frank placing a finger to his lips.
“Fine” Gerard opened his mouth to start singing. The most beautiful noise came out. Frank stared on in awe. “You might want to close your mouth. You’ll catch flies” He laughed at Frank’s priceless face. Frank closed his mouth blushing slightly.
“That. Was. Beautiful.” Frank grinned. “Why didn’t you tell me you could sing? I can’t believe it. Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?!” He repeated. He was so shocked and amazed at the same time. To save Gerard from being embarrassed anymore, the front door opened and in came Mikey. Gerard and Frank had to move away from each other because they were standing closer than they realised.
“Hey Mike’s. How’s your day been?” Frank looked at Mikey sitting down on an empty stool.
“Crap. Like every other f**king day. You know what I’ve had to do? Stock soda. 50 boxes of them I had to put in the fridges. I was so frickin bored and then to make things worse, I had to unpack clothes. Yeah, clothes. In a food store. We don’t even have a clothe section.” He huffed and chucked his bag in the corner of the room and threw himself down on the sofa. Gerard joined him, and soon after Frank sat down next to Gerard. “Guess I’m not the only one who had a crap day then?” Frank asked. They all turned their attention towards the T.V. The phone rang in the hallway and Mikey went to answer it. Frank and Gerard were left there in silence for about 5 minutes when Mikey returned with a worried look on his face. “What’s wrong?” Gerard asked, matching the look on Mikey’s face.
“Do you remember Ray? From High school? He’s in hospital. He got ran over by a lorry and it’s really serious. They don’t know whether ...” Mikey couldn’t finish. Gerard looked scared “They don’t know whether what Mikey?”
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