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The Ghost Of You.

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Gerard, Frank and Mikey go to the hospital to check up on Ray. **This ones a bit shorter.**

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“They...They don’t know whether he’s going to ... to... Survive.” Mikey looked like he was going to cry. Frank looked over to Gerard, who had a tear running down his cheek. His heart broke a little when he saw this. He walked over towards Gerard and brought him into a hug. Gerard buried his neck into Franks shoulder. Gerard’s tears were soaking through Frank’s shirt.
“It’s going to be okay Gee. Do you hear me? He’s gonna be fine.” Frank cried now. Mikey was still in shock. He didn’t cry but it looked like he would any minute. “Gerard look at me.” Frank asked and Gerard did as instructed. His eyes were red from the tears. “He’s gonna be fine. Please you have to listen to me. Gee? Come on, we’re going down the hospital.” Frank dragged Gerard and Mikey towards the car. It took about 10 minutes to get to the hospital from Gerard and Mikey’s house. Once they reached the hospital, all three of them ran to the receptionist.
“Erm, Ray Toro? Is he... He..Is he is here?” Frank managed to get out eventually. Gerard was still crying in his arms.
“Yes darling, but he’s in intensive care. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the Doctor says you can visit him.” The nurse replied sweetly.
“Okay thank you.” Frank said, and took Mikey and Gerard to go and find a seat in the waiting area.
“F-frank? W-what if h-he doesn’t make i-it? He’s my b-best friend!” Gerard cried more and more at the thought of him losing his best friend. Frank hugged him tighter, trying to convince him that everything would be okay. Mikey was still sitting in shock. Frank thought back to the first time he’d met Ray. He was so happy and he never seemed to get angry. His hair was so touchable and he was just generally a nice guy. He’d known him for about 5 years now. This just made Frank cry even more and eventually he cried himself to sleep.
He was woke up by the sound of Gerard’s voice and an unfamiliar voice.
“Oh Mr Iero, I’m very happy to tell you that Mr Toro is doing okay. Give it 10 minutes and you should be able to visit him. I was just discussing with Mr Way what happened and how we were dealing with it. I’ll go and see how he’s doing and let you know.” The doctor excused himself. Frank realised he was still hugging Gerard and looked up at him. “How you doing Gee?” Frank asked sympathetically. “Where’s Mikey?” Frank looked around eagerly.
“You gonna let me finish the first question first?” Gerard was laughing, which was a good sign. “I’m feeling much better now I know he’s doing okay. How are you doing? You were going crazy in your sleep, I was about to wake you up at one point actually.” He laughed but you could tell he was worried. “And Mikey’s over by the coffee machine, getting us some coffee.” Shocking.
“Was I really? You should’ve woke me up.” Frank frowned, “And yeah I’m great I guess.” At that moment the doctor came back with a relieved look on his face. “He’s doing great, you may visit him now. Just be careful of his stitches.” The doctor warned and showed them to Rays ward. “If he’s sleeping you’ll have to be very quiet.” He opened the door and lead the way in. “Ah, you’re in luck. He’s awake. I’ll leave you to it.” The Doctor left us alone with Ray. Gerard started to cry again.
“Ray. Oh my God. I don’t even know what to say.” There goes Mikey. He sobbed in the corner.
“He’s been holding that in ever since he found out.” Frank laughed which was followed by tears. “How did this even happen Ray?”
“I don’t remember any of it.” He coughed. “All I remember is two headlights coming towards me and then BAM! I was near enough dead.” Ray’s eyes met Frank, which made Frank breakdown. He couldn’t even talk now. “Aw’h come on guys. At least I’m not dead!” Ray laughed. I’m glad he found this funny. It was Gerard who spoke this time. “You don’t realise how worried I was. I didn’t want to lose my best friend. We’ve had so many good memories, and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you...” He looked worried all over again as the life support machine made a long noise and nurses were rushing in and doing what they had to do. At this point Frank, Gerard and Mikey were being kicked out and were told to make their way to the waiting area again. This time, two people were there, who Frank and Gerard knew. Ville and Brandon. Ville was someone who Frank met in Finland 5 years ago at the same time as meeting Ray, and Brandon was someone Gerard and Frank met in Pennsylvania 2 years ago.
“How is he?” Ville asked, he looked more worried than Gerard, and that was saying something. “He was doing well. We just went in to see him and then his Life Support machine went crazy and we were kicked out.” Frank explained. Brandon was the one who spoke this time. “What actually happened? ‘Cause we didn’t actually get the full story. We flew out from L.A as soon as we could. We were in Kat’s tattoo store when we got the news.”
“He got hit by a lorry. It wasn’t going very fast so it wasn’t enough to kill him. But I think the doctors are doubting that. He broke about 15 bones and he has really deep cuts.” Just as Frank had said that, the Doctor came in with a tired worried look on his face. Gerard had started to cry again just by looking at him. He thought he knew what was coming.
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