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Look Alive Sunshine.

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I don't want to give too much away. Everyones worried but will it stay that way? It's only short, but it's the end of this chapter now so... yeah.

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“It seems that Mr Toro is responding but he’s in a very bad condition. He suffered a heart attack when you were there, but luckily he survived that. He’s sleeping right now, so it’s probably best if you leave it till the morning to see him.” The doctor turned towards Ville and Brandon. “I don’t believe we’ve met. Are you friends of Mr Toro?”
“Oh yeah, sorry. I’m Ville Valo and this is Brandon Cole.” Ville pointed to Brandon, who had his arm out-stretched to shake the doctors hand. The doctor took it and went on about Ray. “All the years I’ve been working here, I have never seen anything like Ray. He’s so strong. If this was anyone else, they would’ve died before they even got to the hospital. I just can’t believe it. It’s like he’s immortal.” He really was shocked. This made everyone feel better and they all went to get a coffee while they waited for more news. They’d all drifted off into a deep sleep and didn’t awaken until 3 in the afternoon. They were surrounded by the noises of people chattering and cries and anxiety. Frank thought it was just a bad dream, but clearly it wasn’t. He got up and got another coffee. That was the only thing stopping him from sleeping all day. While he was doing that, Gerard walked behind him and put him arms around his waist. “He’s gonna be okay isn’t he?” He looked like he’d been awake for hours. “Look I told you this yesterday, he’s going to be fine.” Frank said, hoping he was right. Doctor Bellamy walked up to them with great news.
“I have some fantastic news for you. Mr Toro is going to be just fine and should be let out in a week, if not before. He’s going to take a lot of looking after though. Do you reckon you could do that for me? He hasn’t mentioned anything about parents so I was just assuming he didn’t make contact with them anymore.” Doctor Bellamy said. Frank and Gerard looked at each other.
“sure we can do that. He’ll be safe and sound with us.” Gerard said and at that, Doctor Bellamy nodded and walked over to the others to tell them the same. “I’ll be so much more at ease when I know he’s safe.” Gerard sighed.
“I think we all will.” Frank agreed. They walked over silently to the others, and for a change, they were all smiling.
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