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Give 'Em Hell Kid.

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Ray gets out of hospital and Frank moves into his own flat, Gerard and Mikey both invite Frank over, which ends in an arguement.

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1 year passed and Ray was up and running. Everyone couldn’t believe how fast time went. Considering how much they worried last year, it was amazing how happy they were now. It was Halloween in two days. Frank was turning 20. Everyone planned a Halloween party which was also a surprise party for Frank. Frank logged onto his computer and had 3 emails. He opened the first one:
Could you come over later. I haven’t seen you in about a week :D I miss you. Don’t worry if you can’t make it though. But if you do decide to come then bring a scary movie, and some popcorn or something.
Love Gee xo.
Frank was smiling through all of that. He couldn’t wait to see Gee. He knew it was only a week since he saw him last but still. He opened his second one:
Do you know how to answer your phone? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for 2 days. I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come over tonight? Haven’t seen you in a while so yeah. It’d be great to see you again. And, REMEMBER TO ANSWER YOUR F**KING PHONE!
From Mikey.
Typical Mikey. Frank rolled his eyes and moved on to his last email:
Hey sweetie. Mikey called. He wants you to go over tonight. He said he couldn’t get in touch with you, is everything okay? Ever since you got that flat of yours I’ve been ever so worried. I'm cooking your favourite food for after Halloween. Would you like to Pop over? It seems so long since I saw you last.
Love you lots and lots darling,
Mum xxxxFrank thought he’d better reply to this one before she goes all mental trying to get in touch. He laughed to himself and started replying:
Sorry I haven’t got in touch. I’ve just been really busy with my new job at the music store. I promise I’ll try to email you back as soon as possible in the future. And I know Mikey’s trying to get in touch with me, I’ve had an angry-ish email off him XD. Sure I’ll pop over, I’ve missed you lots.
Love Frankie oxAfter that he logged off and searched in the cupboard through his collection of DVD’s. He grabbed a few which he thought were scary. Amityville Horror, Nightmare on Elm Street and Stephen King’s IT. Personally he didn’t think the last one was scary, but he took it anyway. He put them all into a bag, and walked into the kitchen. He opened the cupboard and sighed because he didn’t have anything to eat in them. He decided he’d go to the shop on the way to Gerard’s. (For some reason, he called it ‘Gerard’s’ now. Not Mikey’s) He grabbed his keys off the coffee table and went out to his car.
Once he got to Gerard’s, he walked down the front path, bags in one hand and knocked on the door. It was Donna who answered the door.
“Frankie!” She yelled and hugged him. “It’s been so long since I saw you last. How’ve you been?”
“Surviving,” He laughed, realising he’d just quoted ‘Shaun of the Dead’ “I’ve got my own flat and everything now, and I don’t work at the coffee shop anymore, so I'm quite happy.” Frank smiled. “How have you been?”
“Oh same as always.” She smiled which answered his question in a more detailed answer. “It’s good to hear you’re doing well Frankie. Anyway, Gerard’s in his room and Mikey’s in his room, I think. He’s always disappearing.” She laughed. Moving aside to let Frank pass through.
“Thank you Donna” Frank said and made his way to Gerard’s room first. The lights were off. He was definitely in there. Frank knocked on the door, until Gerard greeted him, pulling him in to a bear hug. “Woah, you-know-I-actually-need-room-to-breathe” He eventually got out, after Gerard let go of him slightly, enough to allow frank to hug back anyway.
“Sorry! I just missed you.” Gerard shrugged and looked down as if he was ashamed. Mikey came up behind them and wolf whistled. “Shut it Mikey!” Gerard yelled defensively. A blush creeping across his face.
“Dude I was just kidding! Hey Frank,” Mikey said punching Frank in the arm. “That was for not answering your phone.” He frowned.
“I’m sorry, I was just really busy. I’m working at Brandon’s music store now and I got my own flat so I’ve just been busy sorting stuff out. But anyway, I’m back now, and I brought films and popcorn,” Frank smiled at Gerard.
“But I never asked you to bring any films.” Mikey looked confused.
“I know, Gerard did.” Frank grinned, looking at Gerard again. Mikey looked up at Frank and Gerard miserably.
“But I asked you to come over first.” He almost cried. Frank felt so sorry for him.
“Hey Mike’s you can watch the mov...” Frank’s eyes glanced to Gerard who was motioning ‘no’ with his hands by waving them across his neck. Mikey spun round to look at Gerard.
“What did you just do?” Mikey asked suspiciously. Gerard looked around thinking of something to say.
“Nothing” Was all he could think of. Mikey thought he knew what was going on.
“Oh I get it. You don’t want me to be around do you? You just want to be alone with MY best friend!” Mikey yelled. Gerard looked shocked and Frank started to feel awkward.
“No it’s not like that...” Gerard started but didn’t get time to finish, because Mikey ran upstairs and slammed his door. Frank and Gerard stood there in silence, not knowing what to do.
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