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I never told you what i do for a living.

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Again, i don't know how to summarize this. Just something about watching films and shizz. Not too sure about the ending to this chapter. Hopefully, everything will pick up in the next chapter...

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“I’m gonna go and see if he’s okay...” Frank mumbled, and shuffled upstairs to go see Mikey. Gerard followed slowly behind him. Frank gently knocked on the door,
“Hey Mike’s. I’m on my own. Can I come in please?” Clearly he hadn’t noticed Gerard behind him. “Mikey please? We need to talk.” Frank pleaded and eventually, Mikey allowed him in. He locked the door behind him. Frank went and sat down on the bed and was about to talk before Mikey interrupted him... “Do you even like me anymore Frank?” Mikey asked, his expression serious while he sat on the chair opposite his bed. Frank opened his mouth in shock and his eyes grew so much wider than they should be.
“Are you kidding me Mikey, what even makes you say that?” Frank kind of yelled, when he actually wanted this to be calm. None of them noticed that Gerard was listening through the door.
“ It’s just, ever since you met my brother 3 years ago, you’ve been spending so much more time with him than you have with me. I thought you forgot about me. That’s why I called, and then when you got here, this happens. I thought you liked my brother more than you liked me. Not like-like obviously but... I think you get what I mean?” Mikey ranted, and Frank looked into his eyes nearly crying because of what he’d just said.
“How can you say that Mikey? You’ve always been my best friend and no one’s going to change that. But Gerard is my other best friend too and you just need to accept that. Come on, you’re coming to watch the movie with us.” Frank demanded. Mikey shook his head.
“I don’t know Frankie, it’s gonna be a little awkward between me and Ger...” Mikey drifted off when Frank started yelling at him.
“Mikey get your butt down those stairs now before I drag you down them!” Frank pointed towards the door. Mikey hung his head, got up from the chair and walked towards his door. Frank followed. Gerard had run down the stairs as soon as he’s heard Frank tell Mikey to go downstairs. Both of them made their way down to the basement where Gerard was holding up 3 DVD’s.
“Which one?” Gerard grinned, and Mikey actually managed a smile. Frank chose Amityville and so did Mikey. So they went with that. They all settled down on Gerard’s bed. Gerard on the right, Mikey on the left and Frank in the middle of them both. Frank grabbed his popcorn out the bag and opened it up. He left it in the middle so they could just take what they wanted, when they wanted. Frank looked to the side of him, where Mikey was falling to sleep, and then looked to the other side. Gerard looked disturbed by the window falling down onto the little boys hands. Frank went in for a handful of popcorn at the same time as Gerard and their hands touch. They both look up at each other, and Mikey snores which makes the both jump.
Frank coughed and walked over to the tiny window to open it. “Phew, bit hot in here don’tcha think?” He said as if nothing happened. Gerard took a piece of card from the side of his bed to use as a fan.
“Yeah just a bit. He smiled. They looked back at the screen to realise it had finished. “What do we do with him?” Gerard pointed to Mikey smirking.
“He’s the only person I know who falls to sleep to a film like that!” Frank laughed loudly, causing Mikey to stir. “I think we should just leave him to it. You tired yet?” he asked Gerard.
“Not in the slightest, you?” Gerard replied with a glance at the clock.
“Nope. Do you wanna watch another film?” Frank asked trying to choose between the two.
“Yeah. I’ll watch anything as long as it’s not ‘It’. I really don’t see why anybody finds that clown scary. It’s like ‘wow look at me, I’m a pretty clown who can transform so I have huge sharp teeth’ If anything, its frickin hilarious.” He grinned. Frank thought to himself ‘Wow, thank God I’m not the only one who thinks that’ and just grins back at Gerard. They sat down to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. 5 minutes into it they were scared already. Suddenly there were footsteps on the stairs, and Frank and Gerard jumped a mile grabbing each other’s hands.
“Hi, it’s just me.” Donna glanced to their hands. “Oh I’m so sorry, did I scare you?” She laughed at this as if it’s what she intended to do. They both dropped their hands and settled back down. “I just came down to tell you that I’m going to bed, and I don’t want you to be up too late because remember we have a big day tomorrow.” She winked at Gerard.
“We won’t mom I promise.” He said
“Okay then, have you sorted out where Frankie’s sleeping?” Crap. Gerard had forgot about that.
“No, we’ll sort it in a bit.” Gerard convinced her.
“Well okay then, try and get to sleep soon please. Goodnight” She smiled already walking up the stairs.
“Goodnight.” Frank and Gerard said in unision. They carried on watching their film. 20 minutes later, Frank felt himself falling to sleep, and before Gerard knew it, he had Frank sleeping on his shoulder. Gerard didn’t want to bother him, so he got comfortable and tried to get to sleep too....
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