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Frankie Wants Coffee - Chapter 27

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Frankie wants coffee, and pop tarts.. xP

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Well I have no idea what to write, so this is ‘gonna be a totally random chapter, and will be to do with like nothing so what so ever xD

Frank’s POV

As I rolled over out of my bed, my face cold from the air that was drifting in from the open window, the birds chirping outside, the sound of the traffic drifting in on the light wind. I smiled, this is going to be a brilliant day. I thought to myself, I get to see my boyfriend, and best friends all in the same room, at the same time, I grinned, anyone looking in my room now would see a boy sitting on his bed, smiling at nothing , enjoying life.

‘Hey Frankie.’ A voice whispered in from my window, my head whipped my round to face my window, Gerard’s face was there, grinning as he made me jump. I squeaked, jumping up and opening the window, pulling him inside.

‘What are you doing outside my window?’ I laughed, standing back as he sorted his shirt out, today he was wearing a black and blue chequered shirt, with a hood, black skinny’s and blue converses. (blatantly did not just look at what I was wearing and make Gerard where it xD) I grinned, walking over to him, going on my tippy toes and pressed my lips to his, my lip ring rubbing against his lightly pink lips. We broke away from the kiss, smiling at each other.

‘Breakfast?’ Gerard asked, grinning pulling me with him down the stairs and into the kitchen, my mum had already left, a note left on the table for me to know where she was.

‘Oh! Oh! Oh! I want POP TARTS!’ I grinned, jumping up and down on the spot. ‘AND COFFEE!’ I shouted, jumping up and down on the spot again, Gerard following me with his eyes.

‘I don’t think you need coffee’ Gerard laughed, sitting me down at the table, before going over to one of the cupboards and magically pulling out a box of Pop tarts.

‘But I want coffee.’ I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest like a little kid.

‘Yeah, and the way you are now, you don’t need it.’ Gerard laughed, before popping the Pop Tart into the toaster.

‘But, but, but.. I need it.’ I made puppy dog eyes when he turned around, trying my best to get him to give in. Gerard rolled his eyes, turning back to the toaster. I silently walked up behind him, putting my cold hands up the front of his shirt, making him jump. He spun around still in my arms.

‘Yuus, how can I help you?’ Gerard said, a smirk playing on his lips, his arms going around my waist.

‘Coffee.’ I grinned.

‘No, you are not having coffee.’ Gerard laughed, turning around again, taking the pop tarts out of the toaster, turning around again, cramming the pop tart into my mouth, laughing at my expression. I chewed and swallowed before leaning up and kissed him. Taking him by surprise, I pulled away giggling, grinning my face off.

‘I’ll get my revenge for not letting me have coffee.’ I growled, trying to be a menacing as possible.

‘You fail at trying to be scary, Frankie.’ Gerard laughed, kissing me on the nose. ‘Now come on, you ‘gotta get dressed, I’ve planed something for us to do today.’ Gerard grinned, pulling me up stairs.

‘I thought we were meeting the others to day?’ I asked, confusion lasing my voice.

‘Mikes and Boobert are spending the day together, and Ray said he’s busy with something, or someone.’ Gerard chuckled, pulling me into my room, and pushing me on to my bed before going into my closet. Gerard pulled out random items of clothing throwing them in my direction. I giggled, sitting under the clothes that had been thrown on me.

‘What are you doing?’ Gerard asked, I could hear laughter in his voice.

‘Well, you threw them on me, so I just sat here.’ I giggled again, I could feel the clothes being removed from my head and shoulders, I grinned up at him when all of them had been removed.

‘Go on, go get dresses, or I’ll have to dress you myself.’ Gerard grinned, handing me the clothes.

The next chapter isn’t going to be a chapter, it’s going to be about a girl who’s bullying me in collage.

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