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My Rant - AN

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Sorry, this isn't a chapter but a rant :/

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There's this girl in collage, and I'm not going to name her. Well I've been at this collage for about 7ish weeks so far, and in the start everybody became friends, I was hoping to make a new start and be myself in collage, as I only know 1 person in my class, we where all getting on so well, and it was really nice. We where kinda in 2's, 2 from each school, so we all kinda stuck in those 2's, I started talken to this girl called Chleo (not the one bullyin me) and she was just saying how her bestfried had been chaning being around this gril, and stuff, and she was just saying how she feels like shes started treating her like shit (her best friend this is) I have no idea, coz i've only known her around them, so this is just kinda normal for me, any way. Everyone was getting on really well and shhizz, and i started talken to this kinda other group o ppl, who are in my class, and there really nice, its not that the 2 groups don't like each other cuz they do, i just found that the group with the girl that is bullying me is kinda boring, coz all they do is sit and talk, wheres with the other group they mess about and shizz, and are just genrally fun, so i started hanging out with them a little more, and then i got accused o ditching the others. Then last week, we got to a farm kinda place with the cousrse i do, and we feed/clean out all the animals and shizz, my teacher put us into groups and i was with some ppl im not nessicerily with, i still liek them and there really nice, so i was with them, and when we got back to collage and into class, we did what we had to do and then left, i went with Chleo and some other ppl, cuz they where going to get food, and it was lunch time, and the bully and some others went off in the other direction, i thought they where just going to see the horses that are in the fileds besides my collage, and i asked Chleo and she sais they where going to town, and so i felt kinda left out coz they didn't ask me, and on this day it was the bullys best friends b day, so when they came back they had a cake for her. We did all the singing crap in our next class, the bully then said make sure you bring in slices o the cake for (there are 5 o them 6 includeing me) us guys, and named them, the ppl who whent to town this is, not includeing Chleo and myself, then the bully said Chleo too, and i was like, am i not apart o this group any more? i didn't really give a shit, cuz its only a piece o cake and where not in primary school anymore. she then thought it would be funny to pull my hiar for no reason, childish much? and shes also started calling me a name that is similar to my name but not my name at all, i have told her requently that it is not my name, yet she still calls me it, so ive started ignoreing her completly. on wensday we where having a brake from getting stuff for the animals, and went back to the class room, where she had to do work, we where told to go in there, and parently we where being loud and shit, and she told us to shut up, we ignored her cuz shes ingnoreed us in the past, and she was liek youre not supposed to be in here adn shit, so we where like err yeah we are we where told to come in here, my friends where messing bout eith a pair o gloves, throwing them about and i was kinda in the midde, so i was trying to get hit by them abd laughubng, and sometimes my laugh can get quite loud, so i have been told, and i have a pot laugh, so its kinda really distincutive, so she kept telling me to 'shut the fuck up' and i was ignoreing her cuz ut was anouying her xD and theyve been ditching me and shit, ive had this all before from someone in school, so im jsut gonna ignore it all and just hand out with someother ppl xD

thanks for reading this, if you have any sujestions as to what i should do plz review, and my spelling is terrible cuz its like 12.12am xD


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