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idek la la la

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dru climbed out the bin. he looked like he was being born from a fu-fu lol

then some crazy fan went and licked him clean like a pussy cat :~)

"so gurlies, do u want to get wiv us?" said stef

i got reli excited and my arm fell off oh shit

then dru did some magic and it got better yay.

"kk stefi, i'll be wiv you and ash can get wiv alice and we mke babyssss! yayz" amelia said

"erm k but what about dru?" stef said as he turned around to see dru being taken away by mini sid the sloths singing 'ohh hey ohh, ohh hey ohh'

"dru has gone" said ashley. wut a dick

i sarcastically clapped because i'm the next chandler bing

some ugly fan came up and stared weeing on ashley's foot......... wtf.

"u r a freak" said stef and slapped the ugly fan and she died. boohoo

"lez go bak to myn and stefffffy's" said ash an we followed

we strted singin the song about contraception then amelia whipped out her 97 pack of lady condoms awks

stefan thought it was sexii tho so all is good(y)

we arrive at their house, i say 'house' but it was bin. oh dearz

we wnt inside and saw looks of pigeons everywhere so we kcked dem owt

"do you like tea? i like tea because i'm a such a hipst3r!!!!!!!!" said stef and i punched him cos i canny stand hipster wanna-bes

rant over < lol shut up


we all ate tea and drink biscuits with ketchup on top yumiiii.

then a giant tidal wave of sperm came and we drowned xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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