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sperm lol

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i'm so funneh

dru came in and sat down

"hi dru. how are you?" i asked, being polite

he ignored me so i killed him
joking because den i'd go to prison

so amelia and stefan were cuddling up, aw qts

then ash tried to put him arm around but i rejected him lol playing hard to get

i'm a pringle and i'm ready to single :~)

tHen ashley fell asleep aw he is so ugly h8 him

la la la la la

Amelia and Stefan went into Stefan's (bin) bedroom and I could hear the ground shake awks

hours passed and dru had dissolved into glitter somehow:(

i was staring at ashley because he is beautiful and i'm secretly a 52 year old paedo but oh well

then ashley woke up and laughed at me staring at him

and then i turned into georgie nicholson from angus, thongs and perfect snogging..........
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