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It was a hot summers day, and i was walking through the park with my headphones in. i'd recently bought a flat in north west London with my best friend Alice, as we were starting uni together. we both studied art and dance, so constantly had some sort of work to do. I'd just been to the shops to get some milk and a chocolate bar, when i felt a sudden thump to my shoulder. Im a very clumsy person, so obviously lost my balance and fell. "Shit, im so sorry!" i heard someone say. "What do you think your do-" i went to shout, but cut it off as soon as i looked up. There was a man was standing there, with brown curly hair, and the most beautiful eyes i'd ever seen. Butterflies filled my stomach, as he offered his hand to help me up. "i am so sorry!" he said again. "oh its fine, i should have been looking where i was going" i said, with a stupid grin on my face. "You've cut your head" he said. As soon as he mentioned it, i felt a slight throbbing on my head, and instinctively put my hand to my head. as i looked down in it, it had blood on it. "Come back to mine, and i'll clean it up for you. Im Stefan by the way" he said, holding his hand out again. I shook his hand and said "im Amelia" as that silly grin was coming back. "i'll show you to my flat then." he said, walking ahead. It took about 20 minutes to get to his flat, and the whole time we had something to talk about. We had so much in common, from our music and fashion taste, we even liked all the same food.

He turned down a small street, into his flat. It was amazing. It had a spiral staircase leading to a small rooftop, and 3 circular windows. It was covered in drawings and artwork of him, and what seemed to be 2 other boys. I'd only met him half an hour ago, so didn't want to ask too many questions. "take a seat while i find something cold for your head" he said, pointing to the sofa. You could tell boys lived there. Pizza boxes lying everywhere, pile after pile of xbox games and beer cans abandoned everywhere. He came back almost instantly with a bag of frozen peas. "Here" he said putting the peas on the cut. "This should help." To be honest, the cut didn't even hurt. But why miss the opportunity to go to one of the most gorgeous men you've ever seen's apartment? "Thank you" i said, taking hold of the peas. There was a moment of silence, until Stefan broke it. "Let me take you out for a coffee one time to say sorry for knocking you over, i mean if you want too, because you don't have too, unless you want too but-" "of course i will" i giggled back. "cool, yeah, uhm, have my number and i'll ring you some time". So we exchanged numbers, and once again i found myself lost in convosation with him. Before i knew it, it was 8:30. "its getting late, i better go. Thanks for the pea's and stuff though" i said putting the peas onto a table. We both stood up and he lead me too the door. We both attempted to give each other a hug, but went at the same time, on the same side. Then both went to the other side, and then back to the other. We both started to giggle, and then managed to move on opposite sides and give each other a hug. As i walked down the stairs i heard "i'll text you about that coffee". i turned around and giggled, and walked back to my own flat, dying to tell Alice where i'd been.
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