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I ran back to my flat because i was so excited to tell Alice the news, and believe me, i never run. When i got there i shoved my key into the door and skipped in.
"Amelia where the HELL have you been?! You've been gone for hours i've been so worried!" she said as she literally jumped on me.
"im fine! and i've got something exciting to tell you..." i said. I went on and told her the whole story, how he knocked me over and i hurt my head, i even told her about the drawings of him on the wall. Just after i finished telling her, i got a text from stefan. "Still want to go for that coffee? Meet me at starbucks at 2 o clock tomorrow. Ps im bringing a friend xxxxx".
"so when are you next seeing him?!" said alice.
"well thats weird how you say that..." i said, showing her the text. "he's taking a friend, and i suppose i should too. Wanna come?"
"OF COURSE I DO!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed at me.
"ok, ok calm down!" i said pushing her off me. i got up and once again the stupid grin came back. "cool, i'll bring a friend too xxx" i replied to Stefan. Was he asking me on a date? Was he interested in me? Or was this really just an apology for knocking me over?
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