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Stefan and I spent all night texting. I'd only known him for a day, but i felt there was something special about him. It got to half 2am, and decided i HAD to stop texting stefan, and get some sleep. I found it really hard to sleep, because i was so excited about the next day.
After i did fall asleep, i found myself awake at 7am. Im one of those people who can't go back to sleep after they've woken up, so i dragged myself out of bed and got a shower. I slipped some jeans and a t-shirt on, and then found myself with nothing to do. I was debating whether to text Stefan, but i didn't want to come across too desperate. Plus it was 8am, and he was probably asleep. After 15 minutes of twiddling thumbs, i decided to go and watch some TV. There was nothing on, apart from some shows on CBBC. Even if i was in uni, CBBC was still cool. Soon after, Alice woke up and joined me to watch TV.
"Why are you up so early?" i said to her, confused.
"I could say the same to you! Im always up this early, but you never realize because your still in bed lazy pants".
we both giggled, and i got up too make us both some breakfast. I soon returned with two bowls on coco pops, and the convosation got onto meeting Stefan and his mysterious friend later.
"Your not wearing that to meet Stefan again, are you?" Alice said, eyeing me up.
"why? whats wrong with it?"
"Uhm, its abit, you know.. you want to wear something nice!"
"i repeat, whats wrong with this?!". Alice held her hand out and lead me to my wardrobe. We spent a good few hours choosing things to wear, doing each others hair and makeup, like we used too at sleepovers.
"Shit, its 1:30! We better set off" i said looking at the clock. We hurried out of the flat, and headed for Starbucks.

When we got there, there was no sight of Stefan and his friend. It got to 2:30. Still no sign of them. Had we got the wrong place? "Hi, where are you?Xxxx" i text Stefan. Another 15 minutes and still no reply.
"I don't think they're coming" Alice said, sympathetically.
"I don't think so either, shall we head off?" -This is one of those things you say, but don't really mean. I wanted to wait for them, because i still had the smallest bit of hope they'd turn up. We finished off our coffee's and headed off.
"Amelia, wait!" i heard behind me. Stefan and his friend were running towards us.
"Im so sorry" he said hugging me. "The tube was delayed, i was worried you'd gone."
I giggled. "its fine, well were all here now! so-"
"-can i take you somewhere?" Stefan interrupted. Butterflies filled my stomach, like the first time i met him.
"Yeah, sure." i said back.
"Oh and this is Ashley, by the way" Stefan said, pointing to his friend
"Hi Ash" me and Alice both said at the same time. "Oh and this is Alice"...
"Hey Alice" said Ashley, eagerly.
"You don't have to say it Stefan, you want me and Ashley too leave you two alone, right?" said Alice. Stefan looked slightly embarrassed, but Alice interrupted again "Right now that's sorted, come on ash..." and Alice and Ashley walked off.
"Sorry about her, she's just-"
"-its ok, shall we go now?" Stefan said. He took my hand, and lead me to this "mysterious place".
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