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Frank's parents take him away

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I sit in the car while my dad slams the door. He's slightly drunk, but even being downright hammered never stops him from driving. I believe his idea of it is 'fuck the laws I don't wanna follow' or something similar. I put on my seatbelt, something my parents never do. I don't need to wind up in the hospital again. I practically grew up in them. I'm amazed that my parents, with out fail, always take me back after nearly killing me. You'd think they'd stop paying the bills and find a new punching bag. But no, sadly not. I guess it's because I've learned not to protest, or say anything. The last thing I need is another knife in their hands. How's that logic for ya?
My dad shoves the keys into the ignition, starting our shitty dark purple car.I 's more burple, though. Purple mixed with brown. It's awful. My father shoves himself down into the driver's seat, not bothering to buckle up. My mother does the same, with even less grace than him.
"Fucking faggot, had to come all the way here to fucking get you." My father spits at me. Yes, I still call him my father after all he's done. Why, you ask? Because this is the best I've got. All I've got. I'm sure Lorna's a better father figure then him. Should I think of her as my dad? She always seemed more like a mom to me. My father jerks onto the road, slaming onto the gas once he's capable of properly hitting the gas pedal.
After about ten minutes of violent driving, and many near-crash scares, my father pulls over by a lake, heavily populated with trees. Not a human in sight, but it is a late sunday night.
"Get out." My father commands me. I obey, scared as I am, only because I know from experience it'll hurt less if I don't argue. I know this isn't going to end well. But I still pull my jacket close to me cursing the cold Minnesota air, and slowly get out of the car. I'd hate to make him wait. Oh God, what's wrong with me? I don't usually think thoughts like this. I'm changing. It's not for the better.
My parents both get out of the car, grinning like crazy people high on God knows what. Oh, wait...
My 'Father' walks towards me, then hits, and hits and hits. I fall to the ground tears welling up in my eyes. So he kicks, and kicks, and kicks. The pain is unimaginable to someone like you, with your easy lives. It is a burning, a twisting striking deeper with every kick, every pain laced kick of hate, of disgust.
I wish Gerard were here. Like when he defended me against the bullies at school. I wish I were strong like him. That I wouldn't be cowering on the ground, trying to protect my vital organs against my creator. (A/N that sounds ominous, doesn't it?) If I were Gee, I wouldn't put up with this shit. I'd fight back, cool and calm. Or livid and powerful. But I'm not Gerard. I'm Frank. Weak, small, powerless Frank. Who's been watching people (him) get the shit beat out of him...I know how it's done.
I catch his foot as he goes for another strike, tripping him he's so surprised and caught off balance. I stand up, adrenaline taking over, thew pain dulling as I proceed to kick him like he was kicking me a moment ago. My mother throws herself at me, trying to intervene. I throw her on the cold earth next to him, pick the car keys out of my father's pocket, and I walk over to the driver's seat, get in, and drive away. Without a second thought.
"So sick and tired of all the needless beatings." I mutter under my breath as I pull up in front of Lorna's house.
I stagger up the sidewalk, my flesh wounds smearing their poison through my veins, lighting up my body and ravaging my brain like a wild fire. Also known as: it fucking bloody hurts. I've felt worse. But it still hurts like a son of a bitch.
I knock on the door, as I don't have my keys. I leave my bag in the car, I can get it later.
Mikey opens the door, his eyes wide in shock as he sees me.
"Frank, what happened to you?" He asks at my beat appearance.
"My parents." I shrug, before falling onto him. He catches me, helping me stay upright. We take off my shoes, and slowly make our way to the kitchen.
Everyone's still there. Lorna's crying into Donna's shoulder, Donna's scowling, and Gee is sitting at the table where he was when I left, a tear dripping off his face.
"Hey Mikes...Who was it?" Gee asks, slowly turning his head towards us. His eyes light up in happiness when he sees me, rushing into a hug.
"Ow!" I yelp, and he pulls back, noticing my battle scars.
"Oh God Frank, what happened?" He asks, his concern very apparent.
"Um...I got into a fight." I try. It's true, I suppose.
"Frankie you're safe!" Lorna cries. Then, looking me over adds "We better get you patched up."
Thus Lorna, Gee and I are in the bathroom, them patching me up. I would be worried, but Lorna has a serious look on her face as she patches up my wounds.
"I went to med school." She explains, putting antiseptic on a cut below my eye. I hiss in pain, but bear with it. I wouldn't want it to get infected.
"What happened?" Gee asks, after realizing he's no help at the medical stuff. Lorna's got it.
"Oh, well, about ten minutes away, my dad pulled over." I spit the word dad out with as much distaste as possible. "He told me to get out of the car. He hit me. It's just, this time I hit back." I explain, wincing as Lorna works her magic. God that sounds a bit wrong.
"Oh...And where are your parents now? And what condition are they in?" Loran ask.
"I don't care where they are, and let's just say if they die it won't be because of me but hypothermia or pnemonia." I shrug.
"So you're staying with us?" Gee asks.
"For as long as you'll have me." I say, and he leans down and kisses my lips. A small, chaste kiss. But enough for Lorna to comment.
"Um, I'm not sure, but I think Donna would say you're pushing the parental buttons." She says. We just smile at her Lorna-ness.
"Good." Gerard smiles at me, ignoring Lorna a bit.
"I love you." I smile, in realization that it's so incredibly true.
He smiles back at me. "I love you too."

XXXX (Don't hate me I had to) XXXX

My parents don't come back. I don't ever hear from them, besides a call telling me they've both died of over doses. I'm not surprised, and not really sad. How inhumane sounding. But there are some people you just can't love, they have no redeeming qualities. My parents are those people.
Over the last few years, Gerard and I have gotten into countless fights, and we've made up just as many times. But love isn't real if you don't fight. It's fake. Andy and Kara got married a few years ago, then Mikey and a girl named Alicia. Now it's my turn.
I take a deep breath, straightening my scarlet tie one more time, flattening down my black dress shirt. I just want to be married already, alone with my husband, to have him all to myself, forever. Because nothing else seems more perfect.
I'm signalled to enter the church, so Lorna and I hook arms and start down the aisle. I ignore everyone I've invited, looking only at my target. The man in the front of the room, where all the chairs are facing. To my fiancee. My future husband, My Gerard. I want to run to him, but I can't. He'd probably laugh, and I'd probably trip on Lorna's floor length dress.
Finally Lorna and I reach Gee, and I take my place across from him while Lorna skirts off to the sidelines, crying in pride and happiness. Have I mentioned she got married to Donna?
"Do you, Franklin Iero, take Gerard Way to be your lawfully wedded husband?" My friend Bob asks. He got his liscence for this online.
"Fuck yeah." I grin, and hear some gasps from the audience. It's my day. I get to say whatever potty mouth word pops into my head. I'm marrying the most fucking perfect man alive. Go die, bitches.
Bob and Gee laugh, so Bob has to get over his chuckle before he continues.
"Do you, Gerard Way, take Franklin Iero as your lawfully wedded husband?" Bob asks Gerard. He's never been much for words.
Gerard grins. "Like the bitch I am." I think the audience expects our potty mouthes by now, as there are less gasps.
Bob chuckles. "I'll take that as a yes. You two can go ahead and make out now."
I see no reason not to, so I go ahead and smash my face to Gerard's.
And that is how I turned from Frank Iero, to Frankie Way.

Big booty bitches, big big booty... Anyone? No? Aw. Sighs in defeat. So. Yeah. That's the end of this awesome saga. It's a bit short, isn't it? And y'all, don't worry. I love CREEPY STALKER TOMATOs like you (coughsxXLaylaxXcoughs) and I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to be working on a collab for a while, and it's not going up on my account. I'll get the details to you killjoys later XP you know you love me. Meanwhile, I will be wi=orking on Though Police and quite possibly i might extend my one-shot Puddles into a multi chapter thing-y tell me what you think! Oh, and the parental buttons thing is something my mum said. We were listening to Avenged Sevenfold's Nightmare in the car over and over and it said the Fuck word a lot. After about 4 plays she was like, 'you pushin' the parental buttons.' Oh, my mother... Have you ever sworn in front of your parents. The first time I ever did we were at the doctor for my type 1 diabetes, and I was like 'don't say the Fuck word children'. Needless to say, I meant F word, not fuck word. And she couldnt. stop. laughing. I love my mother sometimes. well, expect more awsomeness soon! P.s. I love it when you reviews. It's like I'm falling in love all over again. Well, I have a knowledge bowl meet tomorrow (go stuff it), so g'night! I love you in the most sexual way possible XP
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