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Your Fucking Nightmare

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A knock on the door leads to a surprise

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Things are seeming almost normal now. Gee and I have been together, and haven't really gotten into any fights. Ray and Mikey are doing fine (not that they weren't, but Mikey has yet to tell Ray that he was sleeping with Gerard), Layla and Cassy have quickly become good friends to me. And Reese... Has only kissed me twice since I first saw her at the mall. I call this progress.
"And it's almost Halloween. Almost my birthday. I'll be 17. I can't wait.
"We should go to Rocky Horror." Lorna says. We're sitting in the kitchen, on stools surrounding a little counter-island. All of us. Me, Gerard, Mikey and Donna, that is.
"Nope." Mikey says.
"Aw. Why not?" Lorna asks, confused.
"Because that's not something I really want to see with my parental units in the room." Mikey shrugs.
"Oh...I suppose. What are we going to do for your birthday, Frankie?" Lorna asks me. I shrug.
"I know what I'm going to do." Gerard says, winking at me. I blush, naturally.
Then I hear an irritated knock on the door.
"I'll get it." i say, jumping up from my stool.
I walk out of the kitchen, into the mudroom and finally make it to the door. I open it, only to be faced with my worst fucking nightmare.
The familiar woman with bleach blond hair, a slight slouch, and rediculously high heels is standing there, her body wrapped up in the arms of an unatractive man. He has stubble from a bad shave, and his clothes are too big, but clean. His hair is thinning, and even in this cold weather I can see their hatred of me burning strong.
I gulp. "Mom. Dad."
"Let us in." My father say, slurring his words. Butit hardly matters, he's already pushed past me into the mudroom. He grabs my wrist and shoves me into the kitchen.
"Who is it?" Lorna asks, her face becoming a display of distaste as my parents walk into the kitchen.
"We're taking our son back." My father spits at Lorna. Real, actual saliva is now on her face. She just looks dumbstruck.
"Larry..." My father. "Joyce..." My mother. Lorna says each name carefully, wiping the spit off her face.
"Get your shit, fag. We're leaving now." My father tells me. I run upstairs, tears welling in my eyes as I grab my clothes and iPod, shoving them into a bag. I don't know what my father will o if I don't hurry. I walk to the kitchen, wiping my eyes, but shaking slightly.
"We thought you were in jail." Donna says calmly. How can she be so calm? I'm shaking.
"They couldn't get us." My mother says, grinning.
"How did you manage that? They had some pretty solid evidence." Donna shakes her head. Oh God. She knows. Knows what they went to trial for. Does Gerard know? I don't want him to know. I don't want him to know the filth I come from. I don't want anyone to know.
"We have friends in high places." My father smirks. Yeah, he deals to people in high places.
"Larry, Joyce. I think you need to leave." Lorna says slowly.
"We will. But we're taking our midget with us." My father says, smirk widening.
"No, you're not." Lorna says sternly.
My mother laughs. "Fancy yourself a parent? You have the attention span of a three year old, Lorna."
"It doesn't matter. I'd be better than you two any day." She says, angrily.
"Whatever. We're taking the faggot with us. Oh wait, we don't want all of you! We're just taking the one we usually got." My father says, attempting an insult.
"You should have known the price of evil." Donna says, almost unphased by the conversation. "He's staying with us."
"It's none of your business what my wife and I do." My father says, his eyes sliding my way at the last bit.
"You fucker!" Lorna yells. Everyone is surprised at that, even Donna. "Get away from m nephew! You fucking beat him to the brink of death, and you expect me to just fucking hand him over like I'm giving candy to a baby? Do you? I'm not that powerless girl anymore, I'm a well known scientist who won't have her nephew killed because you are useless, drunk, high fuckers!" She yells, lunging at my father. I step between them, stopping her from hurting my dad. As much as I would like to see him hurt, I don't think it would help the situation.
"Don't make this any worse than it is." I whisper in Lorna's ear. Besides, he knows. Gerard knows now, why I don't talk about my parents, why I'm here. He'll hate me for being so weak.
My father laughs his horrible, putrid laugh. "Come on son. We've got a long drive."

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