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Malls and Dates

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Who's that girl? (It's jess! A/N that was a joke based on the tv show New Girl, if anyone got it)

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"You ready Frank?" Gerard knocks on my door. I finish smearing on my red eyeliner, then open the door to see a beautiful pale skinned black haired boy named Gerard, also known as my boyfriend.
"Yup." I say, grinning. I'm a bit dressed up, and so is he. My band T shirt and skinnies are actually clean, and so are his.
"Good. We wouldn't want Layla to kill us for being late." He says, grabbing my hand and placing an innocent kiss on my lips. Very innocent for Gerard. He must not want to be murdered by Layla.
I start giggling at the thought of Layla killing Gee. It's not that hard to imagine, but for some reason I can't help but think she'd kill him with a spatula.
"What's so funny, sugar?" He asks, a bit confused.
"I was imagining Layla killing you with a spatula." I giggle. He mocks insult.
"Me? Death by spatula? Never."
"You're right." I say, considering it for a moment. "It'd be a detached unicorn horn." I decide.
He chuckles at this, pulling me into another tiny kiss.
"We should go. Mikey's ready, and if Mikey's ready and we're not...That is a sad day indeed. Besides, we have to go get Ray in ten minutes." He informs me.
"Of course, of course." I sigh.
"Not looking forward to our date?" He asks, worry etched into his beautiful features.
"Oh no! I just wish I didn't have to share you. I wish it could just be us. But it's a three way now." I sigh.
"You do know how wrong that sounds, right?" He asks, lifting an eyebrow, suspecting of my dirty sounding words. I lightly punch his arm.
"Shut up." I say, a tiny, fake scowl on my face.


Ray is tall, at least by my standards. He has brown hair that looks like he stuck his finger in an electricity socket, or a science experiment gone wrong. It's totally awesome. I've never actually met him until today, but I've heard he's pretty cool. And he's been dating Mikey for a while, so he can't be too bad. I know he plays guitar, like me. Cool beans. (A/N My teacher said this at the beginning of the year and I almost died. I fucking hate that woman.)
We go to the mall, Gerard says the Mall of America, for my first time, is a day trip. Fine by me, as long as he's there all day with me.
We meet Layla and her girlfriend Cassy inside an Asian restaurant called Big Bowl, known for their make-your-own stir fry bar.
We each make our stir fry-I chose to get bamboo, broccoli, baby corn, water chestnuts, and tofu. I convince Gee to get tofu too, because I'm planning on kissing him later and don't want to taste meat in my mouth. Ew.
Cassy is Layla's girlfriend, and she's calm and funny, a perfect match for Layla's explosion of a personality. But when it comes down to it, Cassy can be just as hyper. That's what Gee says, anyway.
Cassy's short, like me, but that just makes her like an evil calm fairy. She's got freckles splattered across her face, vibrant green eyes, black shoulder length hair with fire engine red streaks, choppy bangs covering one of her eyes. She's got a curios scar over her right eyebrow, nose ring, and the Celtic symbol for inner strength on her wrist. Maybe she used to cut, but it's none of my business, she seems happy now.
We all laugh at each others jokes (most of them are good), The best jokes have to go to Layla, but that's something I've learned to expect. That girl's a keeper.
Eventually we leave the restaurant, each couple holing hands, and we walk to the movie theater. We're stuck between two movies. Gee, Cassy and I want to see Paranormal Activity 3, but Ray, Mikey and Layla want to see Tower Heist (A/N I don't know what else is out beside Breaking Dawn, and they are NOT watching that).
"Why don't we just split?" Gee suggests, after a few minutes of indecision.
"Okay." Mikey and Ray say together. Aw.
Cassy sighs. "No use trying o get you to see Paranormal Activity 3, is there?"
Layla shakes her head. "Movies are generally shit. That's scary shit." she says, and Cassy caves.

Gee and I decide to sit in the back of the theater, though no one is really there besides us. We won't have to crane our necks this way.
I jump every time I'm surprised, cuddle into Gee every time I'm scared. I cuddle into him when I'm not scared too, though.
Finally the credits start rolling.
"Did you like the movie?" Gee asks, as we exit the theater, holding hands.
"Yup. Better that Tower Heist, anyway." I say.
There's a tap on my shoulder, and I turn around to see a girl standing behind me. A familiar black bob with royal blue highlights, side bangs, dark chocolate brown eyes lip ring and eyebrow piercing. And I'd never forget that sleeve of thorns, red roses and skulls.
"R-Reese?" I ask.
"I thought that was you, Frankie." She grins.
Then she tackle hugs me.
"Erm." Says Gerard. I'm still holding his hand, for dear life, because Reese is likely trying to squeeze the life out of me.
Reese pulls back from me, examining Gerard, doing the classic once-over.
"Your boyfriend, Frankie?" She asks me.
"No, we're holding hands because we just met." I say sarcastically, lifting up Gee's and my intertwined hands.
She giggles, grabbing the back of my neck and pulling me into a kiss. I feel the familiar tongue ring a she slides her tongue into my mouth.
"R-Reese!" I yell, pushing her back.
"What the actual fuck?" Gerard muses, though he looks a bit more than upset over the kiss. I would be, too.
"Hm...I've missed that." Reese says.
"Reese! We're not together anymore!" I hiss.
"Well, you said you were single..." She defends.
"It's called sarcasm, which I forgot you are not fluent in." I sigh.
"I though you were gay." Gee says quietly/
"As gay as the dagger he stabbed through my heart." She smiles.
"Reese, that doesn't make sense." I say.
"Doesn't it?" She asks, thinking back. "Oh, well, we went out back in Jersey. Then he turned out to be gay, and for my mums work we moved to Minnesota."
"Then...why'd you kiss him?" Gee asks.
She shrugs. "Just one of my mysterious ways. Plus, I was hoping he'd kiss back, he's a good kisser. And the reaction was priceless." She winks, then writes her phone number on both our hands.
"Why'd you give me your number?" Gee asks, confused.
"If you decide you're not gay." She winks at him, then walks away like the Reese I know so well.
"She's a character." Is Gee's only comment, and he raises his eyebrows high for it.

In case you were wondering, Gee and Gerard are used to note Frank's newness to the whole dating thing. How was that, BTW? I like Reese. Oh, and Layla, Cassy, and Reese are all characters submitted t me by Hufflepuff4life, mom2masonandcole, xXLaylaxX. Most of them auditioned for my other story, and I already have hem in here and I won't change it so maybe they'll be in both. Oh yeah, I have a huge wist coming, though it's probably on eyou can predict. I don't think this story will have too many more chapters, and I'm going on hiatus because (Excuse me while I rant) MY STEPMOTHER SET MY FUCKING COMPUTER ACCOUNT SO THAT I CAN ONLY BE ONLINE 3 HOURS A DAY, AND THE PARENTAL CONTROLS ARE SO FUCKED UP I CAN'T UPDATE AT FICWAD OR EVEN CHECK MY EMAIL. I'm at my moms house. I will be for a while, so I will hopefully update soon. XD R&R, mutherfucker XD Haha Imma be late for school! BTW, Audacity is my favorite word. Cluster Fuck is my second favorite. And I have screamed them both while in school XP Also, in case you were wondering, it'll be a while before I post for They Will Not Control Us. I realized the plot I have is royally fucked. So I'm thinking up another. It will be at least a week, and I'm ALSO working on a collaboration. I'll get back to you. Does anyone know why my story is in the -s? I mean, is you open it up it's perfectly fine, I have some 2s even...Ah, fucked up ficwad. I'll figure it out eventually, never fret.

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