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Frank wants Gee home.

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Gerard didn't come home last night-he thinks Mikey was putting the moves on me. He won't answer his phone- it goes straight to voice mail. Lorna's broken down twice, scared he's hurt. I never really took her for the type. I just hope he's okay, not dead in an alley. Maybe he'll be at school today.
I drop all my stuff in my locker, grabbing a few pencils and my sketch pad for art- a class Gerard and I share. I hope he's there, I really do.
I walk into the square class room, the tan full of artworks and dreams- and I see him. He's sitting at one of the square tables, talking to a girl. A pretty girl. I would be jealous if I didn't know he liked cock.
She's almost as pale as Gerard- an amazing feat- with long, curly black hair with blue and purple streaks. Her bangs cover one of her eyebrows, her strikingly intense pale blue eyes peaking out from under the luxurious hair. I feel a pang of jealousy, she's making Gerard laugh.
I walk over to the table and sit down. The silence that has pursued me since Gerard left follows me, as they immediately stop laughing. Well, Gerard ques for her to stop. I sit down next to Gerard, diagonal to the girl sitting across from Gerard.
"Um...Lorna thought you might've died." I tell Gerard awkwardly. "She was really freaking out."
I sigh, and turn to face the girl talking to Gerard.
"Hi, I'm Frank." I say to her.
"The Frank?" She asks, a tiny frown on her face.
Why is she frowning? I didn't do anything wrong. Oh wait. She's Gerard's friend, and Gerard thinks Mikey is cheating on Ray for me. Well, Mikey doesn't exactly have the best record for being faithful.
"Um. I don't know if I'm the Frank, but I'm definitely a Frank." I say. She shrugs.
"I'll take that as a yes. I'm Layla Price." She says.
"It's nice to meet you... You are?" I ask, hoping she catches my drift. She does, thank God.
"Gerard's friend. He stayed over at mine lat night." She explains. I nod, and I turn to look at Gerard again.
"Are you going to come home tonight?" I ask him.
He shakes his head.
"Why not?" I ask.
He shrugs.
"You're not fooling anyone Gerard. Just come home." I say quietly, almost a whisper.
"You and Mikey are getting together, aren't you?" He asks quietly.
I shake my head. "No, we're not."
"He called you beautiful. Is there something wrong with my brother?" He asks, sudden\ly a bit defensive.
"I'm not into him, not like that." I decide to go for it, to tell him the real truth. I shrug. "I'm into you."
" me?" He asks, eyes wide.
"Yes. And Mikey wasn't flirting or anything of the sort. I asked him why someone like you would like someone like me." I add.
He grins. "You're beautiful, and awesome Frank."
"Thanks." I say, blushing a bit.
Layla whistles. "And the prize for Misunderstanding Of The Century goes to..." She hits the table a bunch, improvising a drum beat. "Gerard Way!" She announces.
We ignore her.
"So...You wanna go out sometime?" He asks me.
"Anytime." I grin, like a crazy person high on skittles. I haven't had skittles in a long time.
"Why do you look sad?" Gerard, no, Gee asks me.
"I was just remembering that SKITTLES AREN'T VEGETARIAN!" I yell the last bit, and get weird looks from the other students getting to their seats before the start of class.
Gerard chuckles.
"Oooh! Can we double date?" Layla asks. "I wanna bring Cassy!"
Gerard laughs.
"Maybe when Kara and Andy finally get together we can invite them along." I suggest.
"Those are two asses I wouldn't mind tapping." Layla winks. We laugh(don't tell me you wouldn't).
"So you'll come home?" I ask Gerard. No, I've got to start calling him Gee. We're close enough for that.
"Home is where my Frank is." He grins, pulling my head to his and kissing my forehead.
"Guys! No PDA, please." The teacher says, though she obviously doesn't really care.
We laugh, and I'm happy. Little did I know of the upcoming events in my life.

Ha ha my brother just walked in. I shooed him away, but he might have seen the tapping assesw part. Oopsy daisy. Oh yeah, I have a plot twist, though it might be a bit predictable if you study the writing style of me. Make sure everything's okay then drop the bomb like it's WW2 Japan. I likely won't update tomorrow, because I have after school classes and I have Tuesday premier day for some TV shows I really like. New Girl and Raising Hope. They awesome XD Oooh, I am (un)happy to announce me and my friend are in a spat, and my other friend is sick. :C. I'm sick too, and my ears are infected (Again) because I'm allergic to my earrings.Oh, guess what? It's WORLD DIABETES DAY AND I HAVE DIABETES SO SUPPORT RESEARCH, yeah. Sorry about that spaz. And it is true that skittles are NOT vegetarian, sadly. Oh, you should R&R! Signing out like the bitch I am!
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