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Movie Time 2

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Oh, Gerard gets mad O.o

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We've decided on a movie marathon, it'll last all day. By a unanimous vote, I have been voted the girl in this trio (fuckers) so I have to make the popcorn between movies.
I finish up making popcorn for the third time, adding olive oil and salt, and bring it back to the living room.
Mikey's legs now take up the spot where I was sitting.
"Move." I command of Mikey, dropping a bowl of popcorn in his lap.
"Go sit with Gee, unless you don't want to." He says, winking over at Gerard.
"Go die, Mikey." Gerard says, giving Mikey evil eyes.
"I don't think he wants me." I shrug.
"Oh, he wants you plenty." Mikey says, wiggling his eyebrows.
"Nobody loves you, Mikey." Gerard mutters.
"that's not what your mom was saying last night." Mikey says, on reflex.
"Isn't she your mom, too?" I ask, finally.
"Erm. Yeah." Mikey says, blushing at his error.
"You're into all types of incest, aren't you?" I ask, tilting my head to one side.
"No! That's not what I meant! EUUUUH!" He yells.
"Sure you didn't. You do know that incest is illegal in the US, right?" I tease. They could get jail time.
"It isn't illegal in France." Gerard says.
Mikey and I look over at him. He shrugs.
"Go sit with Gee, Frank." Mikey commands. I sigh, sitting next to Gerard, putting a bowl of popcorn between us.
We watch the movie for a while.
"Bathroom." Gerard says, getting up to leave.
"He really likes you, you know." Mikey says once he's gone.
"What makes you say that?" I ask.
"Well, when we were, um, banging each other, he said your name." Mikey says, a bit embarrassed.
"Stop joking, Mikey." I chuckle.
"Have to start to stop." He says.
"I just don't see someone like him liking someone like me." I say, shrugging. "I mean, why would he?"
"Because you're beautiful, Frank." He says.
"Mikey...No, I'm not."
"Yes, you are. In body and spirit." He says, looking over at me.
"FUCKING LIAR!" I hear a Gerard voice yell from the door. His eyes are filled with hurt, and pain. "How fucking could you!" He spits at Mikey, before disappearing into the hall. I hear him furiously shove his Doc Martins on, grab his jacket and leave. I try to stop him, but I trip and he's gone by the time i open the door to find him in the swirl of October leaves blowing around.
"Oh, shit..." I hear Mikey say from behind me.

Hee hee. I'm secretly evil. Did you know Gerard Way is in the book Comic Con Episode IV: A fan's hope? I was super depressed, cuz one of my stories got voted down. So I watched the MCR video(Life on the Murder scene), and read his bit in the book. Then I ate a lot of sugar, and am kind of in a sugar high. Not a normal, regular person sugar high, but the I"m fucking diabetic and could pass out at any moment sugar high. XP. It's not good, but I really don't give a shit... If I'm high for long enough, I'll loose my eyesight. And I'll have to get amputations. But that takes months. 8 hours shouldn't do too much damage, maybe take a day off my life or so XD Look at me, being a drama queen. I think this is almost over, and I'm going to try to have it end in a non cliche way. He he way. Geddit? I'm insane I am smart all it takes is a spark to ignite my bad intentions, I do what I do best to your heart You should R&R in a good way cuz I'm depressed over my other story. Thus, the half-assed chapter.
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