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Frank wakes up to a surprise.

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I slowly attempt to open my eyes after a good night of sleep, only to close them quickly.. I yawn slightly, noticing a strange flow of air at my neck-someone's breathing on it!
My sleepy eyes fly open and I realize I'm sleeping in a Gerard /Mikey sandwich. I'm curled half on to Gerard's chest, and Mikey is curling to my back, his arm is draped over my hip! Am I a part of a messed up three way?? God knows I wouldn't usually mind too much, but I live with these people. What if-Omigodwhatif-
"You awake?" Gerard yawns. I freeze, deer in headlights style. I mean, I'm practically sleeping on Gerard!
"Um...Can I ask what's going on?" I ask meekly, not really caring if he allows me to ask, because I kind of just did in a twisted way.
"Oh, yeah. Well, last night Mikey and I wanted to talk to you so we dragged you up wouldn't wake up. So we put you in the bed and I guess we fell asleep." He explains. I sigh in relief. An understanding crosses his eyes.
"You! You thought!...(laughs uncontrollably) Frankie...We weren't..." He laughs hard, shaking the whole bed with his belly laughing. I blush, he's poking fun at me.
I feel a stirring behind me.
"Gee, stop laughing so fucking hard." Mikey yells in a sleepy haze.
"Sorry, Mikes." Gerard says from within his laughing fit.
"Don't say sorry just stop!" Mikey yells, punching my back.
"Ow!" I yelp.
"Wait...who's that?" Mikey questions.
"Frankie, 'member?" Gerard says, his laughs slowly ceasing.
"What?!" Mikey yells, sitting straight up.
He looks over at Gerard and me, and I realize our positioning is interesting. When he sat up, I kind of fell onto Gerard, so our chests are pressed together. And he giggles. I, of course, blush.
"Aw, Gee!" Mikey squeals.
""Shut up, Mikey!" Gerard mutters.
"What?" I ask, confused at the exchange.
"Nothing." They say simultaneously.
"Ah..." I say, sadly prying myself of of Gerard's thin yet well muscled chest. "So why am I here?"
"Oh, well, we wanted to talk to you about us." Mikey says, pointing to Gerard and himself.
"Oh." I say, my cheeks no doubt a flaming red. Did I mention all of us were merely wearing boxers?
"Well, I kinda wanted to say that if you tell anyone I will kill you. Viciously. I will kill you, skin you, put the skin on a manequin and then kill you again. Got it?" He smiles.
"Um...Don't you have a boyfriend? Doesn't he mind?" I ask.
"Ray doesn't know. And I would prefer not to ruin or relationship, thank you very much." Mikey says. I look over at Gerard, who shrugs.
"Then why do you fuck each other?" I ask. Gerard chuckles.
"Well, I wanted to make my first time with Ray special, perfect. So I needed to get better. And who better to ask than my brother, who's sex on a stick?" I blush furiously at Mikey's words.
"Um...Okay..." I say.
"Beside, it's probably not going to happen again anytime soon. Gee's got his eye on someone." Mikey winks at me, and Gerard throws a pillow at his head.
Color me confused.
"Boys, I'm off to work!" Lorna yells up the stairs, no doubt with the megaphone. Lorna works Wednesday to Sunday, and she leaves at 11 so that must be the time. I sigh.
"Bye, Lorna." I yell, Mikey yelling 'See you later' and Gerard yelling nothing.
We faintly hear Lorna laugh as she closes the door.
"So...wanna watch a movie?" Gerard suggests, untangling himself from the bed, Mikey and I.
"Sure." I shrug. If he's there. I wanna be there too. I wonder who Gerard likes?

There you go. Lorna rubbing off on Gerard and Mikey. How was that? I thought it was nice and awkward. Sorry it took so long, I just couldn't think about how to get out of the hole I dug last chapter. I'm sick, so the other day I couldn't sleep and I was like "I wish there was someone to keep me company." Then this happened in my brain. I would've posted it yesterday, but I had an art class. And my sister has a crush! I'm also married to a chick I met yesterday- in the 'let's get married' sense. She had a top hat. What can I say? I yelled 'I respect your top hat' across the room, she came to sit with me, I told he I loved he- she said 'I love you too we should get married!' Thus, we are married. She writes Sherlock Holmes Fan fiction. I was amazed at her awesome, and she could draw. I'm going on about my wifey, sorry. Well, I hope you R&R, i saw someone post in their story they don't know what that means-R(ate) and R(eview) in any order. Oh, the way Mikey would kill Frank is made up by yours truly- and will happen to you if you don't R&R! Peace(well, not really)
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