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In the Hall

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"Fucking Emo." The Jock says. He's got me backed into a corner, him and his friends, that is.
"Are you going to beat me up?" I ask calmly, though I'm panicking inside.
"And get charged with assault for breaking your girly ass? Nah, I'm gonna torture you the Minnesotan way." He says, pulling a pastel blue water balloon from behind his back, the other jocks doing the same thing.
"Water balloons?" I ask. They're going to soak me in water? It's cold here, but I'll just have a cold walk home. Minnesotans are weird.
The Jock grins. "Not water balloons."
"Then what?" I ask. What could be in there?
"Ready...Aim..." He says, bringing his water balloon back and ready to throw. The others do the same. "Fi---" He's cut off when pale hands grab his hands, and suddenly a pale faced raven haired head appears at his shoulder. Gerard.
"If you throw that pee balloon at Frankie I will personally drain all the blood from your body." Gerard says calmly into the Jock's neck. The Jock looses a bit of color. (I should explain. A couple of years ago a girl died around here. She was attacked by an animal, but the jocks, thick as they are, think Gerard is an evil vampire who killed her. Talk about deranged. But then, I suppose he does look the part.)
"Fine." The Jock says, lowering his arm and retreating along with all his little groupies. "We'll get you for this!"
"I really doubt that." Gerard mutters. "You okay, Frankie?" Gerard asks. I smooth down my slightly ruffled shirt and nod.
"Pee balloons sound really gross." I say. Gerard laughs. It's like a crack of lightening setting my soul on fire, it's so goddamn sexy.
"They are very gross. I don't know about where you come from, but around here people tend to use dirty tricks instead of the straight up beatings. They once nailed my friend Bob's lawn furniture to his roof." Gerard explains.
"Ah...So I can look forward to a weird, semi-creative form of torture and harassment?" I sigh.
"Unless you can learn to defend yourself. I won't always be there to save your ass." Gerard winks. At me. I blush.
"Thanks for that, by the way."
He shrugs. "It was fun, using my superiority as resident bad ass vampire."
"Ah." I say, a bit awkwardly.
"Well, I'll see you around." Gerard says, walking out of the little dead end the jocks had me cornered into to his next class. Shit. I'm late for my next class...Art. I have that class with Gerard.
"Wait up!" I yell, running to catch up.
"What up?" Gerard asks when I finally reach him.
"Oh. Well, we both have art next. I figured we could walk together." I say, bluching. I did not think that through.
Gerard laughs that insanely sexy laugh.
"Oooh, ickle Frankie wants to walk with me to class. Maybe he luuuuurves me." Gerard teases. I blush.
"I...! I do not!" I yell, flustered. He chuckles.
"Sure you don't." He chuckles again. It's a very cute chuckle.
"I don't!" I say, exasperated. A slight crush (am I fooling you?) is not love. It isn't.
"Aw, you don't have to feel bad about it. I am gay, maybe it'll work out." He teases.
"I fucking know you're gay, the floorboards in the house are insanely thin, I can hear what you and Mikey are fucking doing!" I huff, speeding up and away from Gerard. Shit. I just said that.
"Wait! You men... Er!" I hear him say, but I keep walking.

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