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Movie Time

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In which Kara freaks out many times

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I look over at Kara. Her pale blue eyes are wide and she’s half hiding behind her semi curly blond hairs. She’s also clutching Andy’s shirt, something I can tell he likes. He likes Kara, and I think the feeling is mutual. Even though I can’t see his brown eyes through his mid back length hair, I know he’s staring at her with affection. But alas, they are not together. Why not? Because they’re idiots who can’t see each others feelings.
Kara screams, and I look back to Sleepy Hollow to see a giant, icky, beetle like creature crawl out of a (dead) beheaded man’s exposed neck. Ew. Andy puts his arm around Kara’s back. Awww!
I look next to me, on the other side. Gerard is watching the screen with a semi-bored face. “I wonder what that would feel like, having a bug crawl out of your neck.” he wonders aloud.
“I don’t think you would feel it if you were dead.” I reason. He rolls his eyes looking over at me.
“I was trying to have an imagination.” He sounds kind of amused by my answer.
“Then I’d imagine it wouldn’t be pleasant.” I concur.
“EEEEEW! Stop talking about it!” Kara half squeaks, half yells. How do those combine? The loudness of the yell, the sound of a squeak. Not the most pleasant sound.
Gerard chuckles, as do Andy and I. She hits Andy, he’s in arms reach.
“Shut up! This movie is creepy!” She exclaims.
“No, it’s really not.” I say. She glares at me.
Gerard laughs. “You have got to be one of the most easily freaked people in the world.”
“No...I’m not that...” Kara tries, but gives up, knowing it’s true. “Lets just watch the movie.” she sighs.
“Whatever you say, your highness of frightness.” Andy tells her, raising his eyebrows. She punches him lightly on the shoulder. He feigns hurt. She laughs a bit, and soon we’re watching the movie again.

Kara screams as the headless horseman, with a flaming pumpkin(so obviously fake), throws his head at Johnny Depp, and disappears.
“Omigod, why do they have a fake headless horseman?” Kara asks as the screen portrays the horseman taking off his costume and being a normal man.
“To scare him.” Gerard explains.
“I’m just glad there isn’t a real one.” She says, relieved. I see Gerard smirk.
“But there is.” Gee breaks it to her. God, Gee does NOT suit him. I think Gerard works better. Better captures his, I dunno, sexiness? Coolness? His essence, or whatever. Kara looks horrified for a moment, then looks back at the screen.
“Like what you see?” Gerard leans over towards me, and I realize I must of been staring.
“!...” Let’s just say I blush furiously.
“You so do!” He chuckles.
“Fuck off!” I say, turning back to the movie, my face no doubt a beet red.
“What about fucking?” Andy asks, not catching our conversation until that bit.
“Nothing.” I claim. Gerard laughs.

So yeah. I was going to make this all, well, flirty, but I really didn't know where to start. My friend (a booy) is writing a Harry Potter fan fiction. I'll see how that turns out, and I'm going to bet it'll be dumb. But hey, it could be good. (Sorry if you're reading this, Roxanne). I continued my hair pedophiliation (or is it just stalking?) today. I alost cried when my friend kept messing up his hair. That makes me sound like I have no backbpne, but it's true. (Not about the backbone, I got a good one, I think). You should R&R, because I got really excited when I learned I now have 9 pages (total) of reviews. I was sad I'd moved up from 8(my favorite #0, but so damn happy! I love you! And no, I do not (sadly) own socks with kitties on them like Andy's. Oh, the kitties are gray tabbies. R&KITTYR!!!
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