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After School

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Kara and Andy want to come over...

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"So, can we go over to yours?" Kara asks. She's one of my two friends from school. She and Andy look at me expectantly. We're all jumping up and down, rubbing our hands together.
"Um...yeah. We might have to stay on the first floor though." I say. Andy raises an eyebrow.
"Something going on?" He asks. Besides my roommates, who are brothers, possibly having sex because no one else is home? Not at all.
"Erm...No. I don't know."
"Really? Because you sure seem to be hiding something." Kara sings. Yes, she sings. Get over yourself.
"Nope, I"m not hiding anything..." I say. "I don't know if anythings, er, happening today, but I can check and see if we can go up to the other floors..."
"What, did your house mates bring back their boyfriends?" Andy laughs. I blush.
"OMIGOD they did!" Kara exclaims.
"No...They didn't bring their boyfriends home. I don't think Gerard even has a boyfriend." I say.
"Ooooh, so what could be worse than having to hear the sex noises? Or does that turn you on?" Kara jokes. I still have to hear the fucking noises!
Hee hee Gerard and Mikey are evil, aren't they? The voice in my head jokes.
Oh God, you're back...Just go away, and yes, I think Mikey is secretly evil. With Gerard, I don't think it's much a secret. I respond.
OOOOOH! you liiike him! It squeals.
Nope. Nada. It's not like I get butterflies in my stomach every time he's around or I always want to look my best for him...Oh God. I do those things. I must be insane. That's it. Or have a fever. I am appaled at my thoughts. Me? Liking GERARD? Yeah, right. It's not like he's insanely sexy or anything...But his is. Oh God damn it.
Hee hee you're so cute Frankie! It shrieks.
Shut up, I am NOT cute, so untwist your knickers already. I snap.
Ooooh. Touchy! It says.
Go away.
"Um...Frankie? Are you okay?" Andy asks, tilting his head a bit to the right.
"Oh, yeah...just arguing with myself." I admit. Kara laughs.
"Oh, I do that all the time. In fact, when I couldn't decide on what to eat for lunch..." She launches into a story I don't pay much attention to as we start to speed walk to Lorna's house(it's warmer than walking).
I open the door, and take off my shoes. I instruct the others to do the same, and Kara removes her platformed Mary Janes.
Andy frowns. His high top Docs have zippers, I don't see the big deal.
"Um, are you going to take your shoes off?" I ask.
Kara nudges him. He sighs. When he pulls of his left shoe, at first I don't believe the pink fabric. Then I see the kitties.
Kara and I don't even try not laughing. We break into histerical giggles.
Andy blushes furiously. "They're my sister's!" He claims.
Once I can successfully manage words, I say "Riiiight." before plunging back into the depths of laughter.
Kara and I are wiping tears of laughter from our eyes three minutes later.
"That was worse than when we were twelve, and you sneezed out your vampire fangs on Halloween!" Kara exclaims. I chuckle.
"You lost your fangs?" I ask.
"Right into the bushes. We never found them. I can only imagine what that family must have thought, finding someone's teeth." Kara giggles.
"Shut up!" Andy yells.
"I see you have friends over." I turn around, only to see Gerard leaning in the doorway.
"Oh, um, yeah..." I say. What else is there to say? His raven hair is deshelved and falling lightly across his beautiful pale skin...Oh God, did I just think that?
Yes. Yes you did. That annoying voice tells me.
Gerard grins. "You guys want to watch a movie? We have some pretty good horrors." HE says, automatically assuming Kara and Andy are into horrors, like me.
Andy grins. "You bet."
"Um...can we not?" Kara asks. I chuckle.
"Why don't we watch Sleepy Hollow? The one with Johnny Depp. Kara won't die." I suggest.
Gerard rolls his eyes. "If you want."

So yeah. For the purposes of the ending, Mikey died, or isn't home or something. Yup. For those of you who asked, I will not be writing graphic sex. I'm sorry if that's what you were looking for, and if you stop reading, goodbye. And this chapter is like totally out of the blue, but this story is kind of out of the blue, so yeah. I only started writing it because I got writers block with my other story. BUT I HAVE A PLOT!!(Sort of) You should R&R, because I only really post this for your enjoyment and so I can have feedback. And well, because I love MCR, who I don't own, just FYI. That would be weird. I had a dream where I met MCR at the Grammys or some awards show, and I was famous, and I was like 'OMIGOD can I touch your hair?' And they let me(I have hair erm, obsessions. Half my school thinks I'm a freak cuz I'll randomely pet their hair.) R&R or die!!!
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