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Yup. Lorna ness

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A bit after the last chapter.

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I fall off my chair, hearing a knock on my door. I stand up on the soft burgundy carpet.
"Can I come in?" I hear the voice of aunt Lorna ask. I survey my room. There are piles of clothes strung across the floor, yet it's semi-neat, in a way only a teenager can seem to manage.
"Erm...Yeah." I finally decide.
Lorna pushes open my chocolate brown wood door(it's even got a mirror hanging up. So useful!) and pokes her head in, then her whole body.
"Your room is so clean." She remarkes. I give her a 'Whut??' look. She laughs. "It's cleaner than mine, I mean." I can only imagine Lorna's room. I shiver.
" I in trouble?" I ask, sitting down in the desk chair Lorna had previously gotten me (She got me a desk too) as she plops down on my bed, surveying the seemingly endless collection of band posters I have.
"I dunno. Are you?" She asks. My parents used to do this with me, see if they could get me to confess anything. But I suspect Lorna doesn't know this tactic. I mean, it's Lorna.
"Not that I know of."
"Well, that's good. I wouldn't want you in trouble. Trouble, by its definition, is not good." We sit in a semi awkward silence. Only semi awkward because I'm the only one who notices it. Lorna's still looking at my band posters.
" are you here?" I prompt.
"Oh! yeah....urm, I um, wanted to know haw you're doing." She says. I raise an eyebrow at her, well, Lorna-ness. But she usually has no problem thinking of proper words to use.
"I'm fine." I say.
Lorna nods, still observing the objects lining my walls. "That's good. I wanted you to like it here. If you need anything, you could tell me and I'll do my best to get it. Did you make any friends?"
"Yeah. I have a couple." Kara and Andy.
"Good...good. So you're--OMIGOD I LOVE FALLING IN REVERSE!!!!!" She squeals, pointing at one of their posters.
I now have both eyebrows raised. "You didn't come here to talk about my life, did you?" I ask. She blushes.
"No...not really. I wanted to look at your band posters. I saw you bringing them in, and caught a glimpse when I moved your desk in." She admits. I chuckle.
"Why didn't you just ask?"
"I thought it would be awkward." She explains. I give her the 'are you crazy?' look.
"It was still awkward, Lorna." I tell her.
"Oh. I didn't notice. I'm happy life's working out for you here, though. I know Donna and the boys really like you."
The boys...Oh, the mental images. Sexy implying noises...Eurg!
"Yeah, that's er...great." I say, still trying to scrape the mental slide show from my brain.
"Better than the Foster system, I'd wager." Yup. I'd assume so. The Foster System is notoriously bad. It's not as good as this, even with the incest going on around here. Or right above me, if you HAVE to be specific.
"So...Can I look at your band posters?" She asks.
"Sure, Lorna. They're there to be looked at." I chuckle slightly. Lorna's so weird. A good weird, though.
I scribble my name across my now complete French homework and shove it in my bag. Lorna's looking at my posters.
"You have a guitar, eh?" Lorna asks.
"That's what you call her?" I nod.
"I never got proper lessons, but I can play a bit. Mom never let me take lessons."
She nods sympathetically. "Well, I know a guy...Do you want me to sign you up for lessons? Mikey takes bass." Mikey. Images. Wrong.
"Yes! I'd love lessons!"
"Then I'll sign you up."

Okay, so I was going to have an extra long chapter last time. I typed this in the last chapter, but Ficwad wouldn't save. I did this fucking twice, so it's just a new chapter. Yup. Please R&R. I'm going to miss the school bus now, so R&FUCKINGR, please.
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