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Why, just why

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Do they really have to make all that noise? It's driving Frankie insane.

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I could hear them, rolling around on the floor upstairs. I could hear moans, loud enough to even be heard through their floor/my ceiling. Donna and Lorna were out, getting costumes as we're going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show next week.
"Gee..!" I hear Mikey says, but it was in truth probably more of a yell. On a scale from 1 to yell, it was probably a 7 out of ten. More moans. You know, I really don't need to hear this. I mean, if they really like each other than maybe Gerard and Mikey should be together, it's only a little(read:lot) wrong. But I don't need to fucking hear about it. God this house needs thicker walls. I really don't want to listen to the two brothers I live with have sex. Especially since one of them (Mikey) already has a boyfriend. You think Lorna's crazy/weird? Give these two a go. Gerard, for example. He draws really nice pictures, all eerily but prettily twisted and deformed. He's not the same weird as Lorna. He's the creepy confident kind of scary weird. But hot weird. That was like a total contradiction. What can I say? I'm more oximoronic than a jumbo shrimp.
"God..." I hear Mikey moan in a deep throaty voice. I hear a lot more from Mikey than Gerard. I sigh, finally finding my ipod under my bed(Yes, I was looking for it, I'm not a (complete) pervert!) I plug my headphones into my ears, and turn the Green Day up loud.
I can't believe they'd d that, though. Isn't incest, like illegal?
Nope. Just socially frowned upon. A little voice in my head says.
Fuck off! I tell it.
But then we wouldn't be fucking anymore...It responds sadly.
Die, stupid voice! I snap at it. I am sooo losing it.
Hee hee you know you love me. I can almost imagine it as a stupid yellow smiley face. Ugh.
Bot now, I don't. You're making me think I'm schizophrenic!
Maybe you aaaaare... It sings.
I decide to stop the pointless arguement. I might lose, and we if losing an arguement to a mentally deficient voice in your head isn't belittling, then I don't know what is. Knowing that you're stupider than yourself.
Oh, so you do know I'm smarter than you! I thought you were really stupid, but I guess you're just average stupid.
Please stop insulting me. I got enough insults from my parents, thank you very much. I sigh, getting myself back into the conversation. (smart, right? Oh, I sound sarcastic? I wonder why...)
Your parents could have been possessed by the Devil and no one would notice. They'll never touch you again. They're locked up. It tells me, breaking its usual attitude.
yeah... I hope the charges stick. I think.
Hee hee of course you do.
I ignore the voice and get started on my French homework. J'aime les balls de cristals (I love the dragon balls. Yeah. I don't actually watch Dragon Ball Z, but some kids who think they're popular decided to put them on the list of things you can buy at the store. Like, WTF?)
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