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In the Morning

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School! Er, well, nevermind. School will have to wait...Lorna...

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It's morning, and I have school. When I go downstairs, only Lorna is up or home. She's playing Rocky Horror's touch-a touch-a touch me, and singing along, while making herself an omelette.
"G'Morning, Aunt Lorna." I say, and she turns, smiling at me.
"Chill me thrill me fulfill me, creature of the night!" she sings along with the music. "And if anything grow while you pose, I'll oil you up and rub you down! And that's just one small fraction of the main attraction, You need a friendly hand and I need action!" she sings as I get cereal out of the cupboard. Cookie crisp. Did you know how sad I was when I found out that lucky charms aren't vegetarian? Very sad.
I pour myself a bowl of Cookie Crisp. "Oooooh, excited for your first day at school? I hated school, but it is, sadly important. You'll be going to school with Mikey and Gerard. Gerard's in your year, mind you, so he'll probably end up showing you around. The boys usually get up thirty minutes before school starts. It starts at 7:05, and it's only six so yup, I'm usually the only one up this early." Lorna says as soon as her song ends.
"Ah...but weren't you up late last night?" I ask.
"Yup. The wonders of insomnia and caffein, my friend! And you don't need to call me 'aunt', makes it seem like I have authority! Donna is in charge of discipline around here!" She laughs. I think my aunt might actually be crazy and a half.
"Ooooh! I love this song!" Lorna exclaims, as Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides comes on. "I suppose I should, considering this is my playlist!" she laughs over the screaming voice of the insanely sexy Andy Sixx.
"Ah..Lorna." I sigh. She doesn't seem to notice.
"Well, I'm going to take a shower and get ready." I say, putting my empty cereal bowl and spoon in the dishwasher.

Yes, this is short, but bear with me! I have stuff to do, and I have yet to figure out the next bit! P.s. This will not be Frikey, in case you're wondering. There will, however be Waycest among other things...Just wait and see! Oh, I learned what a write-up entails. I had to eat by myself at lunch, and I was supposed to mop the lunch tables, but I ended up having to sweep the entire goddamn lunchroom! Weirdest punishment. it's like, 'Hey, do this for us so we can lay off our janitors!' Yep. My dad and stepmum got mad when they heard about it(My dad has a record label called Profane Existance, bloody hypocrite), and my mum tried her best not to laugh at me getting written up. My family is weird. Oh, and my aunt is nothing like Lorna, if anything, my mum is more like Lorna than anyone. Oh, please R&R! yeah, I'd appreciate that, I don't want to eat you, but if you don't R&R, I might just have to.
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