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Frank has Dinner with the, er... let's go with family. One dirty joke that started the curse of the soup.

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I get a room on the second floor of the house. The room is painted dark green, and is a lot bigger than my old room. It has a queen size bed, too. It has a window facing the river, one you can just curl up and read a book on. My room has it's own bathroom, too. I'm also right next to the stairs, so I hear it when people come up and down the stairs. I can hear pretty much everything not said behind closed doors. Thus, I know dinner is ready before Donna gets the megaphone out and yells "Dinner, boys!"
I know Gerard and Mikey's rooms are on the third floor, and I can hear them playing Iron Maiden. I think this megaphone arrangement is awesome. I mean, that way we can all play our music and still know when we have to go down to eat. I have a CD player, and a load of music on CD's as well as an iPod. What can I say? I prefer the music player to the iPod, but I can't bring the CD player everywhere. That would be weird, and where would I plug it in?
I wash my hands and head downstairs. I hear the brothers turn off their music, and soon they're rushing down the stairs, me right behind hem.
"We're having soup tonight." Lorna says when I step into the kitchen. (I was given a tour of the house, and I've got it sorted out.) She has a ladle in one hand, a half-full plastic penguin bowl in the other. "Frankie, you're vegetarian right? I am too, so there's typically not a lot of meat in the house. This is vegetable soup." She says, filling the bowl in her hands to the brim, then handing it to me. I walk into the living room, where there's a big oak table, and sit on one of the sides. Donna, already eating her soup, is sitting at one end of the table, and Mikey is sitting across from me, where Gerard is sitting next to me. I look down in my soup.
There are tan inch and a half thick balls in it. "Um... What are these balls?" I ask.
Mikey almost spits out his soup, laughing.
"Your manhood." Gerard says, and I see he's smirking again. What a sexy smirk... God, no! I can't be thinking about things like this! He's Lorna's girlfriend's kid, it could be awkward. Very, very very awkward.
I blush at my thoughts, and at the fact that Mikey and Gerard find humor at what I just said...Oh yeah, it was about the balls in my soup. Oh. Well, I suppose if I were them, I'd laugh too. So ha ha for later. "No, seriously? What are they?" I ask again.
"Matzo balls. A dumpling made out of Matzo meal. I think they were originally Jewish, though I'm not sure. Lorna's always making new things but we usually have Matzo ball soup once a week. It's a favorite of hers." Donna state, like it's a perfectly normal thing to know this much about the food you eat.
"Ah..." I say. "Is anyone Jewish?" I ask. Gerard is still smirking. Mikey smiles. Donna laughs. Lorna walks into the room.
"Nope. We just got a box of recipes. Most of them are all right. Except for that cabbage and noodle one. It's gross." Donna says.
I nod as Lorna sits down. "So, Frankie, you start school tomorrow. Excited?" She asks.
"Um..."I say. No, no I am not.
Lorna laughs. "I used to hate school. Wouldn't be where I am without it, though." She smiles, off in another world. Oh yeah, Lorna's a scientist who studies cells and such. She has like 3 degrees. It's not even funny how surprisingly smart she is. She always seems so dreamy, to thin there's something solid in her head is almost unbelievable in its self. Well, that was mean. Sorry, Lorna.
I eat my soup. It is a brown color, and has chopped up carrots potatoes and broccoli in it. There are also O shaped small rings of noodles. They're like the silver lip ring I wear, except tan-ish yellowy and soft. So, not much like my lip ring. That's the best I got though, so you'll have to deal with it.
I cut the mysterious matzo ball in half before plopping it into my mouth. It's hot, but I've burned my tongue so many times it doesn't even register anymore. "How's your ball?" Lorna asks.
"Um...It's really good," I say, swallowing the "ball". Mikey and Donna laugh, but Gerard more... chuckles. In a very sexy manner, but still. I blush again.
"What are you all laughing about?" Lorna asks, her attention now on Donna who is sitting across the table.
"Nothing, honey. You just made a dirty joke." Donna explains. Lorna chuckles a bit. "Did I? Well, it's not like that hasn't happened before." She sighs. "I just wish I would notice when I did it so I could laugh too."
"Of course you can laugh with us, honey!" Donna says, so Lorna starts laughing, even though by now she's the only one. My aunt is weird. A good weird.

Well, I thought I'd write a note today. You should probably know that when I write this story, I stare at the screen until I think of something. Very little forethought, so the plot will be thunk up later. There's a rough outline, aka someone is going to fall in love, but that's it. So, I would appreciate if you continue to read my first draft is only draft whimsical writing. I do expect this story to have at least 5 more chapters. Probably more. I would appreciate if you were to R&R, but I promise I won't hunt you down if you don't. Oops. I just promised you that, now I can't do it. Let's see where this ends up together, shall we?
P.s. I really do hate cabbage noodles. It's really icky, but you might like it. So whatever.
Love, Althea.
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