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I move in.

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After being shipped off to Minnesota to live with his half sane aunt, Frankie moves in.

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"Here we are." Lorna says, parking her car in front of a three story army green house covered in vines. The house is big, for being just off the city. The house also faces the Mississippi river, so I assume it must be expensive.
"Uh, Lorna... Is this the right house?" I ask.
She laughs. "I inherited it from mum, when she died. It's been completely payed off so I just pay the heat and such." She explains. I nod, staring at the giant house looming over me. It's covered with vines the brown shingles look somehow displaced...It's kinda creepy.
Lorna goes to open the door, and realizing she left her keys in the car, goes back to them. I just stare at the house, standing on the front porch. There are a few wood framed windows, and most of the first level windows have closed deep purple shades pulled in. Then Lorna's behind me, a curious expression on her face.
"You think it's creepy, don't you?" She asks.
"Oh! Uh, no, not at all..." I manage. She laughs.
"It's okay, it freaks everyone out at first. Though we are, admittedly one of the best scary houses on Halloween!" She exclaims, while opening the door, obviously excited for the upcoming Halloween. "Oh yeah, that's your birthday, isn't it? This year'll be extra fun!"
She opens the door to a mudroom, and hops up and down, trying to pull her shoes of. I lean against the wall, pulling them off carefully, not scrambled like Aunt Lorna.
"Welcome to our home!" She yells, slightly winded from taking off her shoes in the clumsiest way imaginable.
"Yay..." I say, walking into the hallway that's connected to the mudroom with her.
"I'll shout everyone down from their hiding places!" She says, leading me to a set of stairs. She picks up a megaphone from a table in the hall, and shouts "Frankie's here!" into it.
I hear the rustle of feet and I soon see something fling into my aunt's arms. My aunt staggers back, then hugs this mysteriousness. I realize the mysteriousness is my aunts lover, as they share a quick kiss and stand hand in hand.
"Hi, I'm Donna. Your Aunt's girlfriend." She says. She has brown hair and big, dark eyes.
"Um, hi." I say, as I hear more feet walk down the stairs. She shakes my hand.
"My boys should be coming, oh- there they are!" She says as two pale boys walk into the hall. One has pale skin, dark eyes and raven hair. The other isn't that pale, brown hair, brown eyes hidden behind glasses. Both in black skinnies and band shirts. Let me just say it now. They're hot. I think they know it.
The raven haired one smirks at me. Do I look weird? The glasses boy pushes up his glasses, inspecting me.
"This is Gerard," she says, pointing to the raven haired boy,"and this is Mikey." Donna says. Mikey mutters hello, and Gerard just smirks. Again. A cute little smirk that--I can't be thinking this. Not a good idea to fall in love with your aunt's girlfriend's kids. Is it?
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