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WTF, dude

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Frankie moves to Minnesota with his half sane aunt. Little does he know about his aunt's lover's kids, two brothers...

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I look out of the car window, bored, staring across the lush wheat fields. I don't really want to move to this place. They say it's cold here, too close to Canada. It's fall, and you can feel a chill in the air already. Maybe there's always a chill here. I wouldn't know. I was just shipped off to live with my half sane aunt, after my parents went to jail. I could really care less about my parents, though. They were never around, anyway. Always at the bars, getting drunk, or in an alleyway, passed out. Or high, getting into dumb fights and cheating on each other. I was, quite frankly, glad to be rid of them.
I gaze out of the car into the never ending wheat fields. Soon the gold is replaced by green, forests all around the highway.
"So, Frankie, how is life?" My aunt Lorna asks.
"How do you feel about living with me? I mean, it can't be that bad, after living with my sister and her awful husband so long. O r maybe you liked it, I dunno, I sure wouldn't like living with drunk whores if I were you..."Lorna trails off, laughing.
"I, uh, don't really think it'll be that bad. I always liked you when you came to visit." She laughs at this.
"Did you? Your parents were always screaming at me, I'm sure that must've been upsetting for you. I just can't understand how my sister turned into such a homophobic bitch. She was fine with me being bi when we were teens..." Lorna sighs. I almost laugh with her. She should be alright with me, then. I'll tell her.
"Hey, Aunt Lorna?" I ask.
"I'm gay." She squeals, and almost runs off the road as she tries to hug me. Then she remembers she's driving, and focuses back on the road.
"I've always wanted a gay son! Or a daughter. That sounds wrong, doesn't it? Ah, well, Minnesota has I think the first or second largest gay populations, you know." She says. She looks lost in thought.
"Lorna!" I yell as she swerves into the wrong lane.
"Oh. Oops." She says, getting back into the right lane. As I first stated. She's only half sane. "Oh, I forgot to tell you this, but my girlfriend has kids your age. The oldest one's Gerard, he's seventeen, and the sixteen year old is named Mikey. They're both bi, and curiously enough, I think they might be a bit incestuous. I'm not sure."
"Oh." Is all I can think of to say. Well, that's kinky.
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