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Cycles of Time

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"I think you've grown soft."

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Gabe ran into the room, spewing jumbled words at the boys who sat in there. He was so busy ranting about how they were all going to die that he didn't notice Mark sitting in a chair next to William. "Ohmygod, ohmygod! Their killers! Their fucking killers!"
"Gabe honey, calm down. What are you going on about?" William looked at him with a worried face, staring at the boy who paced back and forth, repeating the same phrases over and over as he pulled at his short black hair.
"William! They had a girl down there! There was screaming and pleading and and...fucking blood everywhere! They killed her Bill! They said so themselves! They killed her!" William got up, rushing over to Gabe. He took him in his arms, rubbing the shorter boys back soothingly.
"Shh, Gabe. Just calm down and breathe." Gabe took a few deep breaths.
"They killed her." He latched onto William, wrapping his arms around his waist. "They fucking killed her." Mark crossed his legs, tilting his head at the two.
"I'm sorry, did you just say that MY Ryan and MY Adam killed someone?" Gabe turned to face him, staring at him for a few moments before nodding.
"I know they did." Mark laughed a little at Gabe's pathetic voice.
"That's like saying Brendon fucks on the first date. It's stupid. I mean, yeah sometimes Adam can be a little mean, and Ryan always comes off a little harsh the first few times you talk to them, but their actually really sweet once you get to know them. And trust me, their not going to hurt you. They couldn't kill if their lives depended on it." The rest of the boys all looked at him, Gabe finally calming down. He knew Mark was never one to lie. If he knew the truth, he would say it. They all knew it.
"But...If he didn't kill a person, then what was the blood coming from?" Gabe continued to speak, trying to make absolutely sure that what Mark was saying was true.
"It was probably dinner. Just calm down, okay? There isn't any killing of people in our around this hotel." Gabe finally shut up, and the rest of the group seemed to decide that Mark had to be telling the truth. Because if it were lies, then they would all be dead soon.

"You know what I think Ryan?" The younger boy looked away from Adam's piercing gaze, trying to move out of his grasp. Adam moved his face closer to the younger boys, his lips practically on Ryan's turned cheek. "I think you've grown soft." Ryan's head quickly shot back so his eyes met Adam's, the older boy smirking down at him.
"What makes you say that?" Adam pulled him closer, tugging at his belt loops as he pressed his lips against the others ear.
"Say it, you're growing soft and you know it?" Ryan shook his head no, making Adam's smirk widen. He stared into the younger boys eyes, dark brown eyes boring into bright honey orbs. "You know what? I think you just need a little rough love to get you back to the blood thirsty monster you used to be." He laughed a little. "Why don't you let me be that person?" Ryan smirked, crashing his lips to Adam's.
"I've missed you so much." His arms quickly moved around the older boys neck, his fingers tangling in Adam's light brown hair. Adam smirked against his lips, pulling away as he pushed Ryan back up against the wall.
"You know I've never been one for foreplay." He stared at Ryan, looking in his large honey eyes. "But I'm guessing you're willing to do what I love." He smirked. Ryan blushed. Two pills were brought out from a small bag in Ryan's back pocket, one being placed on his tongue while the other was swallowed by Adam. The older boy put his lips to Ryan's neck, kissing and biting and sucking.
"Mmmm, you know I'm always willing to do what you love~" Ryan breathed the words, his eyelids fluttering at the feeling of Adam's teeth sinking into his weak spot.

Dinner was an awkward thing. Patrick and Gabe seemed scared out of their wits, the other boys giving furtive glances at Ryan through the whole meal. Adam seemed to be overly content with something, and Mark was being, well, Mark. Ryan seemed to be lost in his own world, a blissful smile over his face for the duration of the meal. When everyone was finished, he cleaned the kitchen, getting help from the only person that seemed interested in doing anything for him.
He and Brendon cleaned the kitchen, Ryan humming as he washed dishes while Brendon stared at the large bruise on the space that connected his collar bone and neck. He licked his lips nervously as he stared at it, knowing that it was a love bite. And who it came from.

Brendon sat with Spencer and Jon, watching the two play chess. It was silent, the other two boys to wrapped up in ways to beat the other while Brendon thought about Him. Patrick was having nightmares about Him, Gabe kept ranting to William about Him, and in all honesty, he was starting to worry that maybe Mark was wrong. That there was a chance of Him being a murderer. He didn't want to think it. He wanted to believe that the boy was just misunderstood. That he was perfectly kind an innocent like Mark said. But the more he thought about it, the more he worried that the ones who weren't panicking were wrong. That maybe Gabe and Patrick were right to be worried.
No matter how he was supposed to feel about Ryan, he found that his feelings were closer to affection than anything. He wanted to be the person to hold Ryan in his arms, to sing him to sleep, whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Or maybe he was just so starved for affection that he wanted to fuck. That couldn't be it either. Brendon had felt that way before, and it was completely different from what he was feeling now.
He was confused, to say the least. It was the first time he ever wanted a guy, and it was the first time he wanted anyone while hardly knowing them. On top of that, there was the sense that something bad was going to happen, and that it was going to be because of Ryan.
"Brendon?" Spencer was snapping his fingers in front of Brendon's face.
"What?" Brendon came out of his own little world, looking at the other two boys.
"Our game of chess ended five minutes ago. You've just been staring blankly at the board. Is something wrong?" Jon asked as he looked at the younger boy.
"What's running through your head Brenny?" Spencer asked as he looked at him. Brendon stared at him for a few seconds before responding.
"I don't know..." Brendon sighed. "I just... How did you two confess your love for each other?" Spencer stared at him for a minute, Jon blushing as he looked away.
"B, what's going on?" Spencer asked as his brows furrowed. Brendon waited for a few moments.
"I-I think I like...Ryan." Jon looked up at him and he smiled.
"Spence, our little Bdon has a crush!" Jon squealed. Spencer smirked, and Brendon blushed like mad.
"Darling, just go ask his close friends how to get close to him." Spencer smiled at Brendon, the other boy still blushing a bright red.
"I'm afraid of looking like a fool." Brendon whispered. The other two laughed.
"I'm sorry to say that that ship has already sailed." Jon said as he shook his head.
"Just go talk to them idiot." Spencer said with a laugh. Brendon nodded, and Spencer and Jon left, saying they were going to go to bed. Brendon stayed still for a moment, just taking a little time to think about what he was going to do. With a sigh, he stood, and made his way tot he living room.
Mark and Adam sat in the living room, the fire being their only source of light. They talked as the rest of the boys slept, both drinking from brown bottles as they laughed at all of the mistakes Ryan used to make. Molly slept close to the fire, her fur coat shinning in the fire light. Brendon shuffled into the room, already feeling embarrassed about what he was going to ask. He sat on the floor, pulling his legs to his chest as he looked at the other two males.
"What's up Brennybear?" Mark asked with a small grin. Brendon fumbled with his hands, toying with his fingers as he spoke.
"I was I could get Ryan to like me?" Mark's grin grew, and Adam smirked at the younger boy.
"Meaning you want to know what he likes?" Brendon nodded at Mark's comment, blushing ever so slightly. "He likes it when your nice to him. Just let him talk and get comfortable around you. Eventually he might end up falling for you." Adam rolled his eyes, giving a loud sigh.
"That's not going to work at all. Trust me. Ryan is the type of boy who only likes it rough. He's only happy if someone's in pain. It doesn't matter if it's you, or him, or some bystander, he will only like you if you know how to bring out the bad side in yourself."
"That is not true! Ryan's a good kid, he's always nice and likes to be treated with respect." Adam shook his head at Marks words.
"If that's true, then why did he let me fuck him earlier today?" Adam had the smallest of smirks as Mark's face went pale. "Look kid, if you really want Ryan, for more than just a play toy, then give subtle hints. Hurt yourself in front of him, pretend it's on accident; I can guarantee he'll go crazy once he sees you in pain. He loves that shit. And you know what else?" Adam glanced over at Molly. "If you get his dog to like you and listen to you, the man will be sold."
"You make him sound easy to win over." Mark said as he rolled his eyes. Adam raised an eyebrow. Brendon watched the two, his legs close to his chest as he tried to take in what they were saying. According to Adam, Ryan liked pain. That wasn't to unusual, was it?
"Didn't you notice that mark on his neck earlier?" Adam sounded almost as if he was bragging at this point.
"Yeah, of course I did. It was fucking huge and looked like teeth marks." Mark said in an annoyed voice.
"Guess who did that and how. You know what he did after I made that mark? He fucking blew me. You can't honestly say that he doesn't get turned on by pain, or that he's easy to get."
"Adam, there's a difference between fucking and actually, ya know, dating someone." Adam rolled his eyes.
"Whatever." Adam got up and started to walk out of the room.
"Just where are you going?" Adam smirked, turning around to look at Mark.
"Going to fuck my little play thing." Mark sighed.
"Please tell me you at least love him a little." Adam stared at Mark for a few seconds.
"Are you actually telling me that I DON'T love Ryan?" He shook his head. "Screw you Mark." Adam stormed out of the room.
"I'm sorry Brendon." Mark looked at Brendon, who was petting Molly's head.
"It's fine. Not like you could really do anything about it." Brendon said with a sigh. "Romances never really worked for me anyway." Brendon stood and made his way out of the room, Molly following him close behind.


I feel like this chapter was kind of a dissapointment, but I don't really care that much. Because I'm hoping the next one will make up for it.

PanicAtTheDiscoLover: Awesome you say? What kind words. Thank you very much.

patdfan01: Yeah, we should raise that bar to about...12? Or something? It's gonna get A LOT more graphic than it was.
I like both, but I do believe that horro movies where there's less gore is sometimes better than the stuff that's just..pure slasher. I like plot, and, ya know, things like logic and stuff that most slashers leave out.
I don't know if I've said this before, but there's only like, three graphic things that really REALLY bug me, and those are 1) anything to do with the mouth and teeth, 2) bones jutting out of skin and, 3) anything that has to do with the eyes.
Everything else I can sit through without squirming.

PartyPoison: I missed your reviews. I think that Ryan might start changing because of the people that he's surrounded with. Then again, maybe he will stay the same and they'll all end up dead. I don't know, it just depends.

-xoxo Pansy.
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