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Bury Me In Black

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I wanna save your heart.

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After lunch Adam, Mark, and Ryan walked outside, talking and smoking while letting Molly wander around outside, chasing birds that were already frozen from the snow that had been falling steadily for the past few hours. This gave the boys a chance to talk with out them, something all of them were happy to do. Patrick paced the room, practically hyperventilating as he rushed his words.
"I know what I saw! He was fucking bleeding on the bed! And there were so many holes in his body." He collapsed into one of the couches, his body trembling. "I know it wasn't just my imagination." William sighed, falling next to Patrick before wrapping his arms around the other boy.
"Trick, I know you think that what you saw was real, but it just couldn't have been. I can guarantee it was just your imagination. Why would he get attacked? He didn't even do anything wrong." Patrick shifted in Williams arms, his body continuing to shake.
"I know what I saw!"
Brendon stopped them. "I think he's telling the truth." All of the eyes turned from Patrick and William to the youngest of the group, who sat with his legs crossed on the floor, watching the door to the kitchen thoughtfully.
"What do you mean?" Jon stared at the other boy, crossing his arms as he leaned against the wall, the window next to him showing the wild storm that was happening outside. Spencer shifted in his chair, glancing across the different faces to try and absorb the different emotions that the people in the room were feeling. Patrick looked sick, William looking at him worriedly, Gabe having a confused expression, while Brendon continued to stare blankly at the door.
"I heard him and that messy brown haired boy talking. Their going to do something in the cellar. Maybe there is something going on."
"But it's not like there's any real way for us to be sure." Jon tried to reason.
"One of us should go down there to check. You know, try and figure out what's going on here, if anything." William said.
"I'll go." Everyone stopped their arguing, their eyes moving to Gabe who had been sitting somewhat quietly for the length of the conversation, something that was oddly unusual for him. "I'll go down to the cellar, look in and see what it is their doing."
"I don't think that's the best of ideas." Patrick said as he stared at Gabe.
"It's better than all of us just arguing." Gabe reasoned.
"No, he's right. Just let Gabe go." William said. With that last statement, the room fell silent, waiting for the truth to come out. When Mark came back into the house William and Gabe went outside for a smoke break, leaving the others to distract him as Gabe went to the cellar, William keeping an eye out for him as he let the cancer stick dangle between his lips. William had his doubts that anything at all was going on, but if it would help the rest of the group sleep at night, then might as well try and find out what's happening.

Ryan lead Adam down the corridor, reaching the room that held the pathetic girl. Adam seemed ecstatic as Ryan opened the heavy metal door to reveal a girl covered in blood, rocking back and forth as she held her dead friends unmoving frame. She looked completely dead as she cried and cried, rocking and shaking on the dirt and blood covered floor. Adam smirked at Ryan.
"You did that?" Her head snapped up, her body trembling at the sight of the man who had killed her friend. She knew what she was sure to become, and it didn't at all seem to be a pretty sight. She dropped her friend, backing herself up in a corner where she cowered, Ryan rifling through his bag to find the proper tool for what Adam was sure to want.
"It's not that hard." He mumbled as he found a pair of hedge clippers, the other male giving him a sly grin as Ryan handed them to him.
"You truly love to fuck people up, don't you?" Ryan cracked a grin, smiling right back at Adam as he leaned against the wall.
"She's all yours." Adam made his way over to the girl, bending down next to her, she looked up at him with fear in her eyes, her messy hair making her look like a wild animal. Then again, he didn't know her. For all he knew she could be a wild animal. Aren't all humans animals to begin with? There's a fine line between being crazed and demented to being a perfectly civilized human, one that only those who had crossed it knew of it's existence.
Gabe found the room where faint voices could be heard, pressing his ear to the door before looking through the lock. He couldn't see much of anything, just dirty pants with shoes that had a bag sitting next to them. But he could hear everything, and that was all that really mattered.
"What are you going to do?" Her voice was weak, pathetic and shaky like she thought that if she asked it would giver her some chance at surviving. Adam put his hand under her chin, bringing her face so she had to look in his eyes. He tilted her head, looking at her like she was some kind of prized pet.
"You're a pretty one, aren't you?" He brought her face closer to his own, smirking at her with the lust of a thousand evil men. "I wanna see what your insides look like. I bet you're not so fucking pretty on the inside." He threw her head down, making her slam against the wall before he stabbed her with the hedge clippers, her scream piercing the still air. He opened them inside of her, spreading her skin apart while making her insides tear apart.
Outside the door Gabe's eyes widened in terror as blood started to run close to the pair of dirty shoes standing next to the duffel bag, his heart pounding with the sound of every scream that was made. He kept trying to give it some rational explanation, but he couldn't think of any. The only thing he could think, was that there was an innocent person on the other side of that door, and they were doing something awful to her.
Adam very messily tore her stomach open, breaking the ribs inside her chest while she wailed in pain, her blood pouring out. Ryan knew that it would only take a few more seconds for her to completely bleed out, but Adam wasn't paying attention. He was too busy tearing her organs apart, stabbing and cutting and ripping and tearing. Eventually her screams faltered, before completely stopping, the blood continuing to pour out of her though she stopped breathing. Adam continued hacking at her, his face filled with passion and blood-lust; the slight, in all honesty, was the only thing that could ever frighten Ryan.
"Enough!" Ryan yelled it, watching as Adam continued to do the worst of the worst to the dead body. Gabe ran, knowing that they would be out in only a matter of seconds, and he had to tell the others without getting caught. "I said stop it! She's dead already!" Adam dropped the hedge clippers, turning to face Ryan so the other man could see his blood covered body. He licked some of the blood that had splattered on his face off, a content and demented smile on his face.
Ryan gave him a disgusted look. "Get yourself cleaned up." He tossed the bag at Adam, walking out of the room seconds later.
He was completely unaware of the meeting that was going on in the lounge of his parents hotel, the only thing he could think of being that of Adam's twisted face. He thought back to all of the times he had thoughtlessly killed people, thinking of it as something harmless and natural; after all, people have been killing each other since there were others to kill. But it seemed different. He couldn't help but wonder if he seemed to act the same way Adam did. If when people were to watch him kill someone they would get the same fear that he felt as he watched Adam continuously cut and tear. He had to wonder, for the first time, if what he was doing was right.


I have nothing to say. That is all.

AnotherKnifeInMyHand: Yeah, and it's hopefully going to keep on getting better. I know it's kind of cliche in places, but oh well, it happens.

xxPanicFanxx: Happy to make you happy. I'll update when I can.

TheAnonymous: Brilliant you say? I'm glad you like it, I do try.

Katrina_Adams: Saw? Really? You do know that that francise is completely gore based and the plot was just thrown in to give a reason as to why they were killing people, right?
Oh well, at least I tried. Happy you like it.

-xoxo Pansy.
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