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Gaze Into His Killing Jar

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Gerard Way is a 15, forced into prostitution. Frank Iero is a serial killer The two meet as Frankie patrols for his next victim. When Frank makes a but with a friend, who will be the casualty?

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They roam the streets. Like filthy walking plagues...

Okay I'll cut the shit I have no problem with them. In fact I truly truly enjoy them their easy, few miss em' they disappear all the time. I could kill twice a week if I was smart about it, and it'd go nearly unnoticed.

New Jersey is a dirty place.

I pull up to the side of the curb. A woman walks up leaning into my window.

"Hey there".

She blows a kiss at me. I tell her to scram I'm not a breeder. She walks into an ally and says something to a figure sitting on the ground. They exchange sharp words in low voices and the figure walks towards me. He's tall in high healed boots, leather pants, and a fishnet jacket barely reaches his navel which is pierced. His raven hair reaches past his chin and falls on the hand he's using to hold a small canvas bag over his shoulder. His stride is majestic...until he fall about ten feet from my ride. I lean over to see if he hurt himself.

"You Okay?"

He was getting up and brushing off his ass. He glanced over throwing a big smile at me. One that I've never seen on the face of anyone on this street or on anyone for a long time.

"Yes, thank you for asking most people would just laugh." He scratches the back his head crossing the couple of feet to my car window .

"Uh, Hi...I'm a uh...prostitute. Do you want"

He made a circular gesture with his hand. I almost burst out laughing.

"Get in"

He walked around to the other side of my car and did so.

"Whats your name?" I asked

"Gerard but my frien- my old friends called me Gee"

"I'm Frank.".

We were completely quiet on the way to my place. I put on some Manson. I saw 'Gee' lip-synching the words.

We got back to my flat. The keys jangled as I pulled them out of the lock and flipped on the light switch. The dim fixtures illuminated my dark layer -which only colors came from the ugly orange themed kitchen and the red and gold of the communist flag on my wall. Black sheets covered every window where newspaper didn't.

"Cool place" Gerard said trying to be smooth.

He was limping slightly on his left ankle. Trying to hide it.

"Go sit on my bed"

I said pointing to the far right of the small apartment. I went to the freezer it was empty except for a a few ice packs I'd needed when I got punched in that face by that guy that time... I grabbed one and wrapped it in a cloth. Gerard was sitting with his head in his hand looking down. He looked sad.

"Whats wrong?"

He looked up at me, he clearly hadn't noticed I was here.

"huh' nothing I was just...admiring your carpet."

I knelt down beside him.
"Here we should put this on your ankle"


He sucked in a breath as I slid his boot off over his ankle. His feet were smaller than I expected which only added to his feminine looks. His ankle was definitely swelling but it looked like he'd only twisted it. I got on the bed and flipped on my TV

"Do you play Xbox?"

He looked at me oddly

"Um, is there some kind of roleplaying thing you'd like to do?"

Bwahahahahaha my internal laughometer was going nuts.

"Well of course," I joked.

"Here, I'll be Sephiroth: 'Cloud ! I will give you despair! Anal despair'!'

Gerard covered his hand with his mouth. Trying to stifle his giggle.

"Nah jk, no I mean do you want to play video games or watch a movie or something? Cause I don't want you being too rough with your ankle."

He looked like he was about to cry. Gerard lunged at me grasping me into a tight hug

"No ones been this nice to me since my mom died! Thank you so much."

I hugged him back and for a while we just sat there embracing. I pulled away

"I'm not a nice person, I don't know why I'm doing this. I ju-"

"Thank you"

He smiled at me. I got up and turned on the video game console and stuck in Silent Hill 2 (the first one's boring). I really wasn't a nice person I don't know what it was about Gerard he's one of those whores that I'd like to kill theoretically I could kill him right nnow. So defenseless, wounded.


So easy, but he's just so...sweet. Not hardened by street ready for death. Dammit Frank your feeling empathy. He's too young blah blah blah since when have you respected morals? I kind of wonder how old he is.

" Hey Gerard, how old are you?"


He responded too fast and wouldn't make eye contact with me.


"Yeah right, no, really?"

He looked at me.

"Okay, eighteen"

I still felt like he was lying. But I chose too ignore that

"I'm 17"

He looked at me like he was gonna say something but he changed his mind. He turned to the screen.

"I love Silent Hill two the first ones so lame though."

Mind reader...
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